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  1. raysachs

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    I really like the Marshall voicing in my Blues Cube. Not at all sure the Princeton TM would replace it - it may coexist with it. I’ll have to play them both for a while to decide… -Ray
  2. raysachs

    iPod - anyone still using one?

    Nope. I remember when I had an MP3 player, a palm pilot, and a Nokia phone with me pretty much all the time. I said then that it wouldn’t be long until all of those functions would be combined into one small device. It didn’t take long - first a BlackBerry, then (and now) iPhones. And with...
  3. raysachs

    Sis Turned Me On To Good Music

    I was born in 59, with a sister and brother who were 13 & 12 years older than me. My sister listened to the Beatles all the time so I got into the Beatles as a REALLY little kid kind of by osmosis. My brother NEVER liked anything that rocked at all - still doesn’t - so I never got anything from...
  4. raysachs

    Which Telecaster Exceeded Your Expectations?

    I had a roadworn (I think it was 2016, maybe 2017) for the better part of a year. Best playing tele I ever played and sounded at least as good as any, better than most. It was such a nice guitar I was SURE it would get me past my 40+ year strat obsession and earn a permanent place in my small...
  5. raysachs

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    This is the amp I’ve been waiting for Fender to build. I have very limited space in my spare bedroom / man cave. The Deluxe is too big, I’m playing a Blues Cube Hot now, but a Princeton is small enough to fit great. Just slightly larger than the Blues Cube. The attenuator and XLR out are just...
  6. raysachs

    Saw Richard Thompson this afternoon

    I’ve been into him since Shoot Out The Lights in the early 80s, but didn’t see him until the early 90’s. I’ve seen him 8-10 times since, more than anyone but the Dead and Robert Cray (we were in the PNW when he was coming up and saw him a LOT) and about the same as Bruce. We most recently saw...
  7. raysachs

    supro delta king10

    No, I recently took one home for a few days. I liked it a lot, but it doesn’t sound much like any Fender amp, despite being built around a 6V6 power tube. I still like my Marshall voiced Blues Cube Hot more, but I liked the Delta King 10 quite a bit. -Ray
  8. raysachs

    3 Cheap Delays, 1 Winner

    I know bupkis about delay. I remember playing around with an actual tape echoplex back around 1980 - I think I was using it almost more like a looper than a delay, but I remember having a lot of fun with it for the week or so a friend let me borrow it. When I got back into playing about six...
  9. raysachs

    Fender is about to issue a Jerry Garcia signature strat.

    A very very small percentage of Deadheads are trustafarians. But there are a LOT of Deadheads, and even a very small percentage of them is waaaay more than the 100 who could buy up all of these guitars. I’m a Deadhead. I even inherited a bit of money through a trust (when I was in my 40s - not...
  10. raysachs

    Most comedians aren't funny.

    Doesn’t mean he’s not a comedian, even a really highly regarded one among most of his peers. Just not one you like…
  11. raysachs

    Most comedians aren't funny.

    We all get to have opinions and mine are not in line with this. I agree Chris Rock is fantastic, Eddie Murphy was, but to my preferences Pryor and Carlin were the all time greatest, including, maybe especially, Carlin’s late stuff. I saw him a year or two before he died and he’d never been...
  12. raysachs

    Do you miss your hometown?

    -Ray i left that area 30 years ago. I loved it, but family pulled us back east. I love where we are now too, but still miss Seattle. I’ve seen some of the changes, heard about others. I couldn’t afford to move back there now, so I’m not devastated to hear about the stuff that’s worse, but sad...
  13. raysachs

    Do you miss your hometown?

    I grew up in Tucson, loved the place, still have a few really tight friends there. I’ve been back to visit several times but haven’t spent any serious time there since about 1982, which seems to be 40 years ago. Since then, I’ve lived in the Colorado Rockies briefly, the Puget Sound for about...
  14. raysachs

    Getting into Molly Tuttle

    He’s played a lot with Molly Tuttle, which takes boatloads of confidence! They’re quite a pair, probably the two best young acoustic pickers around… -Ray
  15. raysachs

    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    True, I don’t claim any special medical knowledge - my daughter is a doc, but I’m not. But I’ve known enough folks with clinical depression and they all needed much stronger stuff than the lack of weed to learn to manage it. I don’t doubt that quitting weed may be one essential step, but I doubt...
  16. raysachs

    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    Weed may well make it worse in SOME people, possibly makes it somewhat better in others. But the bottom line is quitting weed is not the primary thing someone should do to manage depression. Maybe something that can help around the edges, but shouldn't be the focus... -Ray
  17. raysachs

    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    Man, treat your depression as the totally separate thing it is - weed may make it worse, but it’s it’s own thing. My brother is one of the sober-est guys I know but he’s been dealing with depression most of his adult life. He’s 75 now and is doing better than he ever has, but it still jumps up...
  18. raysachs

    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    I imbibe less than anyone I’ve ever known OTHER than you good folks who are in recovery and don’t drink or take ANYTHING. I’m talking a glass of wine with dinner every 2-3 months, maybe a couple beers a few times a year. Sometimes if my wife feels it’s been tooooo long, I’ll find a shot of...
  19. raysachs

    Bedroom Players? what Amp or fx unit do you use?

    I have two man-caves where I do almost all of my playing these days. One at home in Pennsylvania, where I spend 8-9 months per year, has a Roland Blues Cube Hot that I play either on 0.5 watts or 5 watts. And we spend winters in North Carolina in a rental unit near our daughter’s family - there...
  20. raysachs

    Wnen was the last time you wore a tie?

    Pretty sure it was my daughter’s wedding, in October 2019, just before the pandemic started. -Ray
  21. raysachs

    Expecting my first kid, surname conundrum

    I’d start with the “H” so your kid won’t have to sit at the back of every classroom growing up. I’ve always had an S last name and I got into a lot more trouble near the back of the classroom than I suspect I would have if my nam had started with H, and I was in the front third of the class… -Ray
  22. raysachs

    "Oh what a lucky man he was" - Telecasters and Guitars

    I’m younger, still in my early 60’s, and I’m much more of a Strat guy than a tele guy, and I’m playing more acoustic than electric these days anyway, but otherwise I could have written this exact post. I’m a guy with no chops to speak of, and just a bit of taste on a good day. But after loving...
  23. raysachs

    Jorma Kaukonen - Genesis (live)

    Quah has been, remains, and probably always will be my favorite acoustic album. About 40 years ago I had a good friend who I used to play a lot of electric music with who was also a fantastic acoustic player and had pretty much mastered Jorma’s finger style sound. I used to just sit there and...
  24. raysachs

    Santana.... Tele.. winning

    Wow, I had absolutely NO memory of this thread or writing that.
  25. raysachs

    Wait a minute, you met who?

    No musicians of note, but I shot hoops with David “Skywalker” Thompson for about 20 minutes one day. He was the guy who inspired Michael Jordan as a kid. Played for NC State when they knocked off UCLA in the NCAA semi-finals (1974) and went on to win the title. Was the first pick in the NBA and...