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  1. Mark the Moose

    Songwriting - A rant

    I’ve composed for film, symphonic works, loads of chamber music, choral music, wind ensemble music, jazz…the gambit. I have a doctorate in music composition. I say that not to brag or inflate myself, but so that you can hear the weight of this: good song writing is the most difficult area of...
  2. Mark the Moose

    5F11 Tweed Vibrolux build

    Hi Kurt, just now seeing this. Mine worked correctly from the get go. Have you gone through Rob Robinette's trouble shooting process? That might reveal the issue.
  3. Mark the Moose

    Very Dry Climate, Recommend Maple Fingerboard Only?

    I live in Colorado, dry as a bone. No problem with rosewood fingerboards.
  4. Mark the Moose

    best new music you discovered in 2021?

    Elchin Shirinov & András Dés: Maiden Tower. It was new to me.
  5. Mark the Moose

    LOL, how do *you* like to remove / install a tweed chassis?

    Glue two short pieces of 1x1 to the cabinet sides under the chassis. Henceforth, when you remove the mounting bolts the chassis will just rest on those blocks.
  6. Mark the Moose

    Roasted swamp ash

    If you can find a piece of swamp ash, put it in the oven at 350˚ for three hours. Turn the oven off and let it cool down slowly.
  7. Mark the Moose

    Workout Apps?

    I have put together a hodgepodge of gym equipment over the years but I'm looking for more variety. Anybody know of an app that will let me select the gear I have available and put together a plan?
  8. Mark the Moose

    Colorado Fires

    You may have heard of the fires in Superior and Louisville, Colorado over New Years. Roughly 1000 homes were lost. I live just outside the burn zone and was never in any danger, but dozens of friends were evacuated and many folks lost everything but their lives. if you have means or margin...
  9. Mark the Moose

    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    Boss DD-500. You can accomplish almost any delay-related sound with it.
  10. Mark the Moose

    Good Mic to Hang Over an Amp

    I never liked hanging an sm57 or a vocal mic such that the sound hit the capsule at a 90˚ angle, though many players do it. If you don't use a stand or an amp grabber to get the mic just of axis, then I would use a flat face mic. Sennheiser e609 is a favorite and the e906 is very similar...
  11. Mark the Moose

    Telecaster - Roasted Ash body & maple neck - 1st Build

    Check out decoboom pickguards. Also, consider some micro mesh sanding pads. They go as fine as 12000 and leave you with an unbelievably smooth neck.
  12. Mark the Moose

    Radio when reverb past 1 on Fender amp

    It’s Leo reaching out from beyond. Try a different cable. Try a different amp. Try a different single coil guitar into the same amp. Since it only occurs when turning up the verb I would look at the reverb pan cables, tube driver and tube shield. If none of those things resolve the issue, it...
  13. Mark the Moose

    Favorite Small Bands?

    The Lollipop Guild? Small band...I'll see myself out.
  14. Mark the Moose

    Pedals this or that

    Multi units are great for clean boosts, modulations, delays, & reverbs. For overdrives I like analog pedals. Multi units are super functional for getting lots of variety and switching patches, but I find the actual pedals to be more fun. YMMV.
  15. Mark the Moose

    Recommend me a delay pedal.

    Boss DD500 or DD200 seem to do everything. TC Flashback is good if you are exploring variety to see what you like. Then there are hundreds of delay pedals that do a few specific things very well.
  16. Mark the Moose

    9v output plug for shared power

    I have a Joyo tuner that is a Korg Pitch-black knock-off which has a 9v out. I've also used one 9v jack to power multiple independent circuits housed within a larger enclosure...slightly different but same concept. Yep, simple jumper from one jack to the other.
  17. Mark the Moose

    Does this progression have a name?

    The first example: I - V/V - V - I The second example: I - bVII - IV - I The first example is common across many genres and predates Bach. It’s a tonal function called a secondary dominant and is unrelated to modality, though you could use a Lydian construct help know how to improvise over the...
  18. Mark the Moose

    I've quit smoking

    Good on you, mate. Look for other interests and activities to replace its place in your life, so you're not just quitting something and creating a void, you're making a choice for something better. Build a life you don't need to escape from.
  19. Mark the Moose

    Shellac as a tint/basecoat. Wondering where to go next...

    Do not wet sand shellac, it tends to cloud up and you'll never get it back to where it was. I used micro-mesh pads on my shellac then applied 12-15 (20?) coats of tru-oil. Micro-mesh again then wax.
  20. Mark the Moose

    Learning to be happy with what you’ve got.

    This is the American Condition. Or maybe just the human condition, I don't know, but I'm working it out too. I'm focusing on making more music and getting rid of what doesn't get used, also working on gratitude practices to focus on contentment.
  21. Mark the Moose

    My wife wants a drumset.

    Let's assume, for the sake of discussion, that you are getting here a drum set. If you go with electronic drums, get mesh heads. They are more like actual drum heads than rubber pads which are more likely to cause wrist/elbow injury. The Alesis Nitro Mesh kit can be had new for around $300. If...
  22. Mark the Moose

    New JOYO King of Tone Clone?

    This is screaming for some religious jokes that will get me in trouble with the moderators.
  23. Mark the Moose

    Tomorrow...I go.

    Do you listen to music when you ride? What goes on the playlist for a 400 mile ride?