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  1. rcole_sooner

    Hefty Trash Bags

    Wife has punkin spice air fresheners. I try to think of it as jerk spice and it hurts less. :lol:
  2. rcole_sooner

    Trying To Get Back To My Old Self

    Good news!!!
  3. rcole_sooner

    Your Oldest Possession?

    Probably a New Testament that was given to me, maybe when I was born, or maybe when I was baptized ... way before I even can remember things really. Can't really handle it, the pages fall out.
  4. rcole_sooner

    College football

    We blew it last night. Oh well, playing for scraps now.
  5. rcole_sooner

    Your Coffee Mug

  6. rcole_sooner


    Always had it as a pudding as a kid. I've had the boba and it was okay. Can take or leave either.
  7. rcole_sooner

    What do you call this?

    We like to put the basalmic and vinegar on the crusts and eat em.
  8. rcole_sooner

    Putting rubber rings as strap locks

    A plug from the end of a tube in a shelf kit. Sorta permanent, but I have straps for all my guitars. This is the only one I've done this on, but going on probably 12 years or so.
  9. rcole_sooner

    New Guitar Room! Guitarsenal 2021!

    Nicely done!
  10. rcole_sooner

    Stereo Or Mono?

  11. rcole_sooner

    My Doctor's Office just went to a Phone Answering System!

    Well sometimes, but they do return calls. And I like the online app ... no need to call. Positive vibes sent for your visit.
  12. rcole_sooner

    I hate renting...

    That number is not high. It may be above average, but many homes sell for that much (our's did) and up ... double that and up. Huge neighborhoods in many towns. $184K looks to be the average price in OK.
  13. rcole_sooner

    You Know You Love Mexican Food When . . . . .

    The cilantro thing is genetic, like asparagus pee smell which I have the gene. But I loves me some cilantro.
  14. rcole_sooner

    You Know You Love Mexican Food When . . . . .

    It's the damn crack in the chips and dip. :lol:
  15. rcole_sooner

    My Doctor's Office just went to a Phone Answering System!

    I've been using Integris Physician's Center for ... ever. I love them. They are across the country too, so even on travel if I need medical attention, they got me covererd.
  16. rcole_sooner

    Your Oldest Working Computer?

    2014 home built gutted media case to hold larger power supply and full sized video card. Don't remember the specs, but I believe an i5 and nividia 880 or close. Still plays Borderlands and Rocksmith just fine. Jus slower than heck booting up, but simply putting an SSD vs the HD would speed...
  17. rcole_sooner

    In Que

    "And there's a score of harebrained children They're all locked in the nursery They got earphone heads they got dirty necks They're so 20th century Well they queue up for the bathroom 'Round about 7: 35 Don'cha think we need a woman's touch to make it come alive?"
  18. rcole_sooner

    Blackberry Cobbler?

    Been long, long time, but we used to love the Meer's peach cobbler and ice cream.
  19. rcole_sooner

    Blackberry Cobbler?

    Earl's Rib Palace makes a pretty decent cobbler.
  20. rcole_sooner

    When you mow your lawn don't be that guy who....

    Our neighbors used to love to mow when we had company. Especially if the wind was blowing the dust our way. I don't miss that.
  21. rcole_sooner

    A working Walmart Canoo van.

    Walmart is supposed to start doing key delivery like Amazon too. That would be cool, since Walmart delivered our first and last order to the wrong house. They'd have to get the right house with key delivery.
  22. rcole_sooner

    "Was the [guitar, amp, etc.] stored in a non-smoking environment?"

    A good cleaning and repeat applications of Febreze does a decent job, but still I've had to leave things out in the garage for up to a couple of months before I can bring them into the house. But some of those old amps, cabinets, and cases have so much mojo, if they are decently priced I can't...
  23. rcole_sooner

    Thirty-three years around the sun with THIS woman!

    Happy anniversary!

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