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  1. Matt G

    Australian Members Club

    Go on!
  2. Matt G

    I'm not gonna crap on the quality of the majority of popular music today...

    In fairness, that too is true. They skim the top 1% and play it to oblivion. Happily I missed so much good stuff the first time around that I can always find great 'new' music from the old days. (And in fairness there's a lot of great new stuff, too - but no one ever went hunting seriously for...
  3. Matt G

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    I may have posted this at some point, but here you go again just in case. Waylon and Buddy, 1959.
  4. Matt G

    A ‘necessity’ at the time but……………..

    I have a terrible habit of getting stuff for projects and then moving on to other projects. The good news is that when I do finally need something, I often have one. Talking about you, solo pedals. . . .
  5. Matt G


    And greetings to you, too, @RetiredUnit1!
  6. Matt G

    I have to wonder what the story is here!

    We were warned this would happen, and most of us didn't listen.
  7. Matt G

    I'm not gonna crap on the quality of the majority of popular music today...

    True, no need, Rick Beato's got that covered. ;-)
  8. Matt G

    Your Oldest Working Computer?

    That Telecaster-in-a-bag looks like a genius travel idea. Ah! At midnight, the blazing sun . . .
  9. Matt G

    Your Oldest Working Computer?

    I'm writing on a 2015 desktop replacement laptop that's still running fine. One replacement battery, that's it. It was an absolute beast when I got it, and I've never needed to update the memory. I'm no technophobe; it does everything I need as well as I need it done, and you simply can't buy...
  10. Matt G

    Everyone wants my phone number and I'm sick of it

    "Uhhhh . . . my phone number? . . . let's just be friends."
  11. Matt G

    Would you drive 2 hours to buy a used solid state amp because you crave the tone?

    My first impulse was, no, I probably wouldn't. Vintage tube amp? Sure. Solid state . . . nah, don't think so. Then I remembered THIS:
  12. Matt G

    Watching John Prine on ACL

    John's words, things like 'illegal smile', have long since made their way into the family vocabulary. He lives on.
  13. Matt G

    2022 London TDPRI Jam

    It would be epic fun and I'd love to go, but . . . ah, well, you understand the tyranny of distance.
  14. Matt G

    “Relic”, “T-type” and some other helpful tips and tricks to I learned visiting the Chinese guitar market.

    There's always been a strong element of slick and stupid in the world of used guitars, but the volume of weaselry coming out of Our Favourite Mass Supplier is something to behold. Lucky it can't happen with replacement parts for aircraft or electrical infrastructure. The value of "one owner...
  15. Matt G

    Forum reader from Oz saying hello

    Here's a belated welcome and G'day from someone else in NSW. Like you, I lurked here a good long while (a couple of years) before signing on. If you haven't spotted it yet, there's also the Australian Members Forum.
  16. Matt G


    G'day, @Badger2424 - greetings from Down Under!
  17. Matt G

    DI Straight Into Computer?

    At risk of making this a zombie thread, it occurred to me that since I opened it with a question, and then took most of the advice you fellows gave me, I ought to post an update. The strong recommendation to just buy an audio interface was spot-on. It is, as @T Prior said, the one missing...
  18. Matt G

    Do you miss your hometown?

    Military family, so no home town as most people understand it. Or, many home towns. I still have friends from them, and would gladly help anyone from the old days. More than wanting to go back to those places, though, I have a strong urge to go back to the hills, pines and trout streams where...
  19. Matt G

    Been a visitor for years, finally joined.

    Welcome, from not so very far down the road.
  20. Matt G

    The Beatles "Revolver" Remixed Box Set Slated For Release

    Mixed feelings about this. There was nothing wrong with the original, and certainly nothing to be fixed by someone who wasn't part of it at the time. However, unreleased versions are always welcome, and a re-release might bring it to people who haven't listened yet. Guess we'll see.
  21. Matt G

    Cheap guitars are getting scary good

    Just wanted to second what everyone says. In younger days, I got through a lot of cheap garbage guitars before I found something that played well. These days, no such problem. One example: a few years back I tried a Squier fretless Jazz Bass which was just preposterously good. Not far off my...
  22. Matt G

    Modified my Evans Pull Spring Fender "Mando Strat"

    @Silverface, you need to send a photo of that thing to Gene Parsons in Mendocino. . . . ;-)
  23. Matt G

    What is the coolest gear you've ever played?

    Late to the party here. I don't think many TDPRI'ers will know how cool this is, but those of us who do know how cool it is envy you the experience.
  24. Matt G

    What is the coolest gear you've ever played?

    Nothing of famous provenance, but as a lucky schoolboy my local guitar store let me take lessons on things like an original Flying V, back when those could scarcely be given away. Great sound, great neck, great look but forget playing it while sitting down. The '72 Gibson Crest, I still have. . . .
  25. Matt G

    Do You Play Solo Electric Guitar?

    I'm not gigging, but am very happy playing solo electric. Fingerpicking helps, so there's some low end to balance things out. If I were gigging, I expect I'd work the looper in a low-key way to keep things interesting for listeners. Whether electric's more interesting than breaking out the...

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