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  1. LocoTex

    Mountain - Mississippi Queen live 2-24-70

    A band that should have been much, much bigger.
  2. LocoTex

    Mystery volunteer plant

    Get out the Gallagher hammer!
  3. LocoTex

    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    Not even. No.
  4. LocoTex

    Things That Get On Your Nerves

    How much time ya got?
  5. LocoTex

    cartoon sitcoms.

    I agree with all these. Unfortunately, "Squidbillies" was killed by the Woke Police. Shame.
  6. LocoTex

    cartoon sitcoms.

    "Duckman" was the one with the duck character, voiced by Jason Alexander. Good show. Living in Texas my favorite has got to be "King of the Hill". I've actually known or met some of those people. I even have a cousin who talks like Boomhauer.
  7. LocoTex

    Why has Gibson successfully done this but not Fender ?

    I really liked the Faded series from Gibson. Could kick myself now for not getting one at the time.
  8. LocoTex

    Is "Mash" the worst highly rated TV show?

    I hated it! Hawkeye was the most smug, sanctimonious character on the air. What a douchebag.
  9. LocoTex

    Aliens came to Wisconsin in 1961 and served Eagle River resident Joe Simonton some bizarre extraterrestrial pancakes from their UFO.

    It all makes sense now! All the stuff that goes down in Waffle Houses........alien infiltration!
  10. LocoTex

    Noisy Vintera Tele

  11. LocoTex

    They're growing houses in the fields between the towns

    I can relate. We moved to here in the country to get away from the city stuff (traffic, noise, yuppies, etc.) and now several years later we have.....traffic, noise and yuppies. Can't move out far enough here.
  12. LocoTex

    I received the nicest tip today

    That's what she said....
  13. LocoTex

    How Many People Were Really at Woodstock?

    About a billion if you believe the people who said they were there.
  14. LocoTex

    Music Documentaries

  15. LocoTex

    Is rolling down the tone standard Tele operating procedure?

    Yes, use the tone control for the bridge pickup. Anyone who doesn't with a Tele is looking for upper frequency hearing loss. Leave the amp alone. I'm surprised by players who always leave their tone full up. It's there for a reason.....use it.
  16. LocoTex

    Most comedians aren't funny.

    I don't think you gave enough credit to Richard Pryor. He was one of the best ever. Hands down.
  17. LocoTex

    I quit smoking. Experiencing nausea.

    It'll pass. I quit over 20 years ago after being a heavy smoker for years. Best decision I ever made.
  18. LocoTex

    It Only Lasted 4 Weeks (little long, but thanks for reading)

    I wouldn't want to attempt to teach anything to middle school age kids. They're animals at that point.
  19. LocoTex


    You guys look great! Congratulations!
  20. LocoTex

    New guard

    Tort looks great with sunburst.