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    DIY Attenuator: Use Thermal Paste on Aluminum Wirewound Resistors?

    The idea is to have the thinnest possible smear across the surface. I spread a really small amount and squish the resistor down firmly, moving it side to side so the grease oozes out and the contact is as close to metal to metal as possible, but the grease fills any small voids. I practised...
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    DIY Attenuator: Use Thermal Paste on Aluminum Wirewound Resistors?

    Hello, I'm JohnH from the Marshall forum. It is good to use a thermal paste under the resistors , but I don't think the type of thermal paste is too critical. But I've been using the type with aluminium in it which I think is the most conductive For the inductors, if possible, use a spacer...
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    Post your awesome wristwatch

    This is my Tag-Heuer 1000, given to me new in 1990 and worn every day since.
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    Exactly how much wattage can a Two Notes Captor 8 support?

    Hang on! Tbe Captor is reducing the power to the speaker by 20dB, a factor of 100. That means that with 100W, 1W goes through and Captor absorbs 99W! I don't like this scenario, it could get hot and smoky and is very bad for an SS amp.
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    Recommendations for DIY attenuator build

    Hi @alberto2000 You should build our Marshall forum design (but I'm biased, I designed it!). It's been built many times including for Amps like yours. Unlike others, and due to its design, it reduces volume with no change in tone or feel. All the key info is in the first post, but also read...
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    P&P attenuator?

    Ive been designing attenuators too, so I can imagine how this might work. The following is my guess: it sounds like a resistive circuit, no reactive components or else they'd be mentioned. But a resistive attenuator can still sound good if you keep consistent input and output impedance. For...
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    Name these volume knobs, please (Bassman Micro)

    If its from that Marshall forum, it'll be this: My design, with a lots of great input from others. All the key info is in the first post, plus there's a good build layout by Gene @The Ballzz on p111 and one I...
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    Tips for reducing recorded amp hum in low volume situation?

    If its the base hum that's always there, due to the output power stage even when at low volume, then recording louder if you can, will swamp it out. Or, a good attenuator will cut down tbe hum as well as the volume you hear. This is a nice benefit of an attenuator, as well as being able to run...
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    Which fretboard oil?

    I've been using Howard's Orange Oil on my rosewood and ebony boards for the last few years, on the recommendation of the main Fender dealer in Sydney. Its a fine mineral oil with essential orange oil in it.
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    Now you can listen to all of the John Peel sessions for free!

    This is great! I used to listen to these late at night in my teens. Such perfect stripped-back 'live' studio recordings. " 'allo, moi names Jom Peel and these are the Undertones...."
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    Did you know birds had an accent ? post your own did you knows.

    Hurray for Cork! Cork is the only natural material with a negative Poissons ratio. This is related to its elastic material properties. That is, when you squash it down , it also shrinks inwards. This is due to its unique cellular structure. Hence, it's possible to push a Cork into a wine bottle...
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    What 3 strings and how would you tune them

    Seasick Steve is another great reference for a 3 string guitar. Not sure what his tuning is but it'd be worth finding out.
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    Bought for me (I was about 4), the Beatles 'Twist and Shout' EP. The first I bought with my own money was 'Cum on feel the noize' by The Slade.
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    Bought a 6 Sting Banjo, am I a bad person?

    I think it's a great idea, and it may help you be a better person!
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    pick options

    I also like Dunlop Tortex, the orange and yellow ones I think are 0 65mm and 0.7mm, They do fine for me acoustic and electric, if I'm not playing finger-style.
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    Fender Atomic humbuckers-- a love letter for fender stock pickups

    I've also got an HSS Am Special Strat (2010), with the Bridge Atomic and two TX specials. I really like this combo and it's my daily player. But it's not super hot. The Atomic is 8.4k and the two TX Sp's are 6.2k. Just nicely on the slightly hotter side but not to the max. I've heard of other...
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    Anyone remember Captain Scarlet? Thunderbirds? Joe 90? Stingray? Supercar?

    As a kid, I watched Stingray, then Thunderbirds, then Captain Scarlet. Thunderbirds impressed me the most and I had a full set of plastic models, Thunderbirds1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ! My whole school class came round for my Thunderbirds birthday party, with hats made by my Mum, Thunderbirds...
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    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    "The people in the cheaper seats, clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you'd just rattle your jewelry." John Lennon, November 1963
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    Rob's 1/4 power mod - in a box?

    hi @Jewellworks , Ive been designing attenuators too, and I agree with the power distribution. Id allow a factor x2 on wattage spec for the resistors, or x3 if you want to crank it up for extended periods. How hot these tings get is mainly about the size of the case, which could be pretty...
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    Do all attenuators cut treble?

    An attenuator need not muffle your treble if it is designed right! Most passive attenuator designs use some form of L-pad circuit as the final stage, as a volume control, or maybe it is the whole attenuator. These inherently add damping to the speaker at low volume by putting a low impedance...
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    Help with Treble Bleed circuit?

    Id say there is something wrong. A 150k resistor does slow the taper, but not that much.
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    The "Feel" is in the Volume

    I've been thinking around these things for the last few years, designing attenuators. There are good ones and there are those that aren't so. My view is that a good attenuator, or a good smaller amp, should mimic exactly the response and dynamics of a full-volume rig but at lower decibels...
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    Rob's 1/4 power mod - in a box?

    That 10% circuit is obviously just a fixed resistive step. But it is well configured in terms of the values used to do a good job at preserving tone. Well worth a try, but if you want to build something that preserves all your tone, and dynamics, take a look at our design on the Marshall forum...
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    testing a range of tone cap values

    Here's my contribution to assessing tone cap values. There's a range if analysed frequency charts so you can see how they sound:
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    Dating in your 30’s

    I'm happily married pre-internet But, my close friend found love at age about 40. He's a British Sikh, respectful of his family and religion but wanted to break out. His first arranged marriage did not work. His current wife is from Serbia. They are happy and in love and have a daughter now...

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