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  1. bblumentritt

    320Hz Hum in JTM45

    Turned out to be leaky cap.
  2. bblumentritt

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    MXR Phase 90. I know some people love it, but after buying it, in the early 1980s, I considered it a one trick pony. I used it on one song. The best part is that I traded it to a band mate for an all-original tweed Fender Champ. I used that Champ with brand-new early '80s Strat to back...
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    My first Dylan album was "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits". It's essential listening. However, even before that, my Dad, who was a folkie, had Dylan's albums, including his first, "Bob Dylan" and "Bringing it All Back Home" and "Highway 61 Revisited." Starting with "Another Side of Bob Dylan", many...
  4. bblumentritt

    320Hz Hum in JTM45

    A friend in Maryland (I'm in Texas) has a JTM45 type build with a pronounced 320Hz hum. Turning down the Treble kills it, suggesting in the preamp section and pre-LTPI. When he removes V2 the cathode follower tone stack driver, the hum stops. This could be either in V2 or before. Putting a...
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    Amp Goes Ksssh only on One Note

    Y'all should love this... I found the source... LOL
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    Your Pure Stock Electric Guitars. Bought New. Zero Alterations.

    Only once. A brand new 1976 Telecaster Custom -the one the six individual saddles and the Micro-Tilt 3-bolt neck. I played it in a Hank Williams tribute band, and at church. It sounded good, and I really liked the Wide Range Humbucker, but it wasn't a very good guitar, mostly because of the...
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    Amp Goes Ksssh only on One Note

    I had already tried the chopstick on the tubes and moved a couple of leads feeding the volume control, to eliminate a bit of noise. So... I tried it again today, with two different guitars... no 'kssh'. There are a lot of things to rattle in my workshop, especially the toolbox and table...
  8. bblumentritt

    Amp Goes Ksssh only on One Note

    5F6a amp sounds great... well except for one little thing. The "E" on the 3rd string 9th fret goes ksssh... Noise
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    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    Who has heard an actual JTM45 in person, a 5F6a, or any number of classic amps that ceased production over 50 years ago. A friend of mine wrote a "Lucky Charms" article about the Fender Deluxe. In this case Leo kept changing the Deluxe, and then so did CBS, and it continues to this day. Check...
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    Modeling vs Tubes After 10 Years of Modeling

    Fender4Life: "Modeling IMO has not come real close at all to either cranked vintage style tube amp tones or clean tube tones." I concur. I build (tube) amps, and there's no way a model can duplicate them. I can't even make modules or plug-ins because I don't use the circuits they build on...
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    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    This is my gigging rig. I built the amp and the pedal, and the only thing original about the Tele is the wood and frets and tuning keys.
  12. bblumentritt

    Early vs. Mid. vs Late 5E3 Amps?

    As previously noted, capacitors are +/- 20% at best, resistors +/- 10%, and parts were subject to availability and price, and there was no "one" transformer to rule them all. Also, the carbon composition resistors used in the 1950s are notorious for drift. Add to that that household voltage...
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    What makes your Telecaster "Yours"?

    The only original items on this guitar are the body, the neck, and the tuners.
  14. bblumentritt

    1977 Telecaster on CL, is it legit or not?

    Whatever that is, it's not an original 1977 Fender Telecaster. The neck may be; we don't know about the tuners. The body does not appear to be a '77 Fender. At the very least, the string trees, neck plate, and pots are not 1977 Fender Telecaster. Appears to me to be a parts-caster.
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    Shock mount tube sockets? Yet another thing I didn't know...

    I always shock mount V1 in my combo amps.
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    The big WEAKNESS of MODELLING...

    Modelers are convenient, handy, easy. With the flick of a button, you can sound like a _____ amp. However, have you actually played through a ______ amp, for example a 'Beano' Plexi or 5F6a Bassman or BF Twin? One of the glories of tube amps is the famous sweet spot, wherby you can control...
  17. bblumentritt

    - Your words to live by -

    If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else. See below:
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    Looking for footmen -- you know, the metal loop mounts for dogbone handles

    Will this work? or this "Foorman's loop" on Amazon
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    Bogen amplifier

    My first guitar amp was a Bogen 50W school PA amp, my little brother's amp actually, what W.L.Weller posted above, and we played through our home console Hi-Fi 12" extentsion cabinet. It sounded pretty good.
  20. bblumentritt

    Plexi clone Biasing problems

    The Light Bulb Current Limiter is useful. I use it for first power up and checking to make sure nothing it awry in the wiring. However, as you have seen, you won't get correct voltage readings while using the LBCL. Once the initial power up testing is complete, I use a variable AC transformer...
  21. bblumentritt

    Plexi clone Biasing problems

    This gave ne -48.8V from a 50V bias tap. 442V on the 6L6 plates, 42mA (61%), from a 325-0-325 tranny and a 5AR4 rectifier. This gave me -40V fron a 50V bias tap. 437V on the EL34s, 34.5mA (61%), from 330-0-330 tranny and solid state diode rectifier.
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    String trees

    I put a G and D string tree on my Tele, because the G was ringing between the nut and the tuner.
  23. bblumentritt

    Louder Speaker for 5E3 tweed deluxe?

    IDK the your Hellatone treated Italian alnico jensen. but the Jensen P12Q (94.4dB) is 141.6mm (5-5/8 in) deep, with a 70mm (2-3/4in) diameter magnet, and weighs 1.9kg (4.19 lbs). 1. Size and weight must be considered, the size for a physical fit. 2. As an amp builder, the Eminence GB128 is my...
  24. bblumentritt

    Music Man Amps

    I gigged and recorded with an original 210-MusicMan 65 (the ones with the 12AX7 phase splitter. The power switch broke at a gig once, so I opened the amp and hotwired it, and then replaced the switch when I got home. My experience was that it was way loud and way clean. Too loud and too...
  25. bblumentritt

    Valve stocking

    With the shutdown of the Chinese plant and the restrictions on Russian tubes from New Sensor leaving only JJ, which is at full production. At least New Sensor is now able to ship, albeit at a 35% price increase. I place orders for a year's supply, and then small batches if I need more.