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  1. Jimmy Dean

    If firearm discussion is not to be allowed, make that an explicit part of the posting rules and regulations

    Gun discussions belong on, "gun forums", not guitar forums. When I come on this forum I don't want to hear about guns, period.
  2. Jimmy Dean

    Looking for a cheap compressor.

    I love compressors. My favorite is Keeley Compressor Mini.
  3. Jimmy Dean

    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    I always seek financial advice from some schmo on a guitar forum, yeah right.
  4. Jimmy Dean

    Reverb vs Delay

    My last 3 amps have had no onboard reverb. I am someone, if given the choice of only one pedal, would choose reverb. I've used a lot of different delay & reverb pedals over the last 12 years. I currently have 3 reverb pedals & 1 delay. Anyway, my favorite is, Strymon Flint. It is on the...
  5. Jimmy Dean

    GAS'ing for a 1978 birth year guitar.. Which one for such a weird year?

    I would definitely go for a pre-lawsuit Ibanez.
  6. Jimmy Dean

    Pedal tuner recommendations?

    Peterson Strobostomp.
  7. Jimmy Dean

    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    Headline on, Huffington Post, this afternoon, crypto has lost 70% of it value since peak in 2021. Good luck, junior.
  8. Jimmy Dean

    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    Don't sell the farm!
  9. Jimmy Dean

    I think I want another jazz guitar

    Ibanez all the way. I have a 2004 AF-85 that I picked up used $400, not a scratch on it. Had an AF-100 (pre-lawsuit) back in the early 80's. Both beautiful guitars. George Benson uses them exclusively. You can get them new, at a reasonable price.
  10. Jimmy Dean

    Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

    Criminals like it because it's harder to track.
  11. Jimmy Dean

    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    I don't like Les Pauls so I would never play it. I would rather have a Strat & a 335 to go with my Tele.
  12. Jimmy Dean

    Best albums to learn completely?

    Eagles, Desperado.
  13. Jimmy Dean

    Guitar Center Trade-In Experiences

    I seem to do a lot of trading, especially pedals. I really hate trying to sell online. I realize that if I trade I will take a much bigger loss than selling it. In Portland, OR, Guitar Center trading policy is pretty much the same as the independent music stores in the area. I shop at a lot of...
  14. Jimmy Dean

    My depressing open mic pity party.

    Last open mic I went to was about 4 years ago. Went in & signed up for spot #5 to give myself a little time to check out the venue & the crowd. Everyone who came in after signed up behind me. When it started, #5 became #1 & I was not ready. I rushed up there & completely blew all 3 of my songs...
  15. Jimmy Dean

    1 pedal that has never left your board?

    Strymon Flint.
  16. Jimmy Dean

    Does anyone have a 'no-drive', or 'single-drive' pedalboard?

    I only use a Keeley Compressor+ & a Wampler Tumnus.
  17. Jimmy Dean

    Going down the bass cabinet rabbit hole - 8" vs 10" vs 12" vs 15" speakers.

    I use a single 10 cab for practice at home. A single 12 cab at band practice. Both if needed for a gig. Using a 10 year old Eden WTX500. Just picked up a used Darkglass Vintage Deluxe pre-amp for $175. Sounds great.
  18. Jimmy Dean

    I had no idea they made a Jazz Chorus stack

    I had the JC120 head in the mid-80's, but not the stack. I used a couple single 15" cabs that I built. Also doubled as a bass amp. I had no complaints about the way it sounded.
  19. Jimmy Dean

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    So what does being a stoner have to do with the OP's question? You make it sound as if PF fans are losers.
  20. Jimmy Dean

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    So what?

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