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  1. J-man

    My 2017 Gibson ES-335

    Same finish! Faded Light burst was also an option in 2017. You know, I almost bought a 2018 black 335 instead but couldn't justify paying a few hundred more for it. I do love the faded light burst though.
  2. J-man

    My 2017 Gibson ES-335

    The pickups sound great to me. I did weigh up going for a year with 57 Classics, or the 2018 model which comes with MHS pickups but I have no regrets at all. It's a joy to play!
  3. J-man

    My 2017 Gibson ES-335

    I just see it as another layer of protection. I've owned the guitar for over a year, at this point. One day I might remove it..
  4. J-man

    My 2017 Gibson ES-335

  5. J-man

    I'm not dead..

    The audience has.. aged a bit. I called it quits after an adult diaper hit me in the face.
  6. J-man

    I'm not dead..

    I'd expect nothing less. When I truly go, I like to think there will be some kind of large explosion and possibly a fireball.
  7. J-man

    I'm not dead..

    I do smell a little funky though.
  8. J-man

    Adding Music From iTunes to iPhone

    With the device connected, open iTunes and go to the device, and on the first page: "Summary", the bottom tickbox should say "manually manage music and videos", or at least it does for me.
  9. J-man

    Adding Music From iTunes to iPhone

    Sounds like you need to enable "manually manage music" within iTunes when the device is connected. This will allow you to drag and drop music onto the device through iTunes, without affecting anything that is already on the device. It is an old issue that I believe was fixed a few years ago, but...
  10. J-man

    A Moon Shaped Pool - new album from Radiohead

    As for their new album.. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. But I'm going to listen to it for a while longer before broadcasting any strong opinions on it. :)
  11. J-man

    A Moon Shaped Pool - new album from Radiohead

    A big +1 on this. TKoL is far better as a live performance than as a studio album. The "From The Basement" rendition of it is what sold me on that album. To anyone who is a fan of Radiohead but not a big fan of TKoL, I highly recommend you check it out:
  12. J-man

    Amazon Customer Service

    Amazon have great customer service, IME. I've had orders screwed up a few times over the years, but never once have I had even the slightest trouble sorting out those screw ups.
  13. J-man

    Taming the dynamic range of Mac audio output (and why)

    VLC media player has a built in compressor.
  14. J-man

    Most Underrated Songs of Overrated Musicians

    Bob Dylan - Dark Eyes Don't get me wrong, I love Dylan and think he's worthy of a lot of praise. But because he gets/has gotten so damn much I also think he gets more than he's due.
  15. J-man

    Whiplash - the movie

    Well, to be fair it doesn't fly in the film, in the end.
  16. J-man

    Whiplash - the movie

    I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the plot wasn't so great (not bad either), but JK Simmons, the music and the visuals more than made up for it. The ending was predictable, yes.. But it was awesome nonetheless.
  17. J-man


    Could someone else have been messing with it without consent?
  18. J-man


    Episodes 1, 2 & 4 were mediocre. Episode 3 was good. Episode 5 was a piece of crap. JMO.
  19. J-man

    Minecraft: Good or bad?

    Have you ever played Minecraft? I ask because your post doesn't seem to have much connection to the game.
  20. J-man

    Minecraft: Good or bad?

    I don't think people lose their grip on reality due to the fault of any game, film, book, etc specifically. I think it's something that happens when a person immerses themself in any one thing too much. Minecraft encourages creativity, collaboration and can even be used to learn some aspects of...
  21. J-man

    Adobe flash player

    Youtube actually uses HTML5 now, a vastly superior alternative to Flash. However, when people on here post videos using tags, it seems to embed a version that requires Flash. What has been a feature for a loooong time, but many people seem to overlook is that you can just post the youtube URL...
  22. J-man

    The movie gave you spoilers throughout the movie...

    Every episode of Columbo. :grin:
  23. J-man

    Do you want to leave this page ?

    Which is exactly what that dialog window is supposed to do. Which is why it asks if you want to leave the page to start with. But that should not be happening on the TDPRI - I don't encounter that prompt at all here.
  24. J-man

    Building a custom PC gaming rig - having SATA issues

    Gigabyte's mobos have a good reputation in general. I'm not questioning Ironwolf's experience with their products, but I know many people who use and swear by them.

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