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  1. Macrogats


    Brilliant movie imo. Still have my own copy - need to watch it again now! :D
  2. Macrogats

    Blond Tele Build is Complete (Success!)

    Sah-weeeet dude! That is one mighty fine looking guitar. Fantastic job you’ve done there. I’d love to hear it - especially with that Strat neck pup, as I’ve been tinkering with a similar combination for ages on a long stalled project.
  3. Macrogats

    My last name is Cash, I live in Texas, I think I need a tele!!!

    Welcome to TDPRI. Sounds like a good plan you have in your head. You may want to head over to the Tele Home Depot sub forum in here. Or perhaps the Partscasters and other T-types forum. That’s where all the builders and assemblers hang out. You should get a ton of good info at either of those.
  4. Macrogats

    Almost finished

    I’ve got the exact same control plate with matching bridge. Thought they looked cool in the pictures when I bought them, but have never felt the vibe to use them on anything since I got them. Thought they’d look best on either a straight black or white guitar, but that didn’t float my boat either.
  5. Macrogats

    Advice on an old build i messed up. Might just have to keep it.

    Dude - I love the body and hs shapes. Very sleek and ultra cool!
  6. Macrogats

    NGD .... OMG, It's the Paranormal!

    Good score. That is one nice looking guitar. Congrats
  7. Macrogats

    1959 replica Les Paul build - my take with modern engineering

    This is one very cool and interesting thread. As I said, all the high tech stuff is way over my head, but watching the process is fascinating. FB looks great, as does the first stage of that neck.
  8. Macrogats

    24.75” Tele love!

    Wow, yes - me too! I’m loving that! Never seen that style before, but now I’m lusting after one! Absolutely brilliant looking guitar!
  9. Macrogats

    NGD Fender American Professional Stratocaster II in Miami Blue

    Awesome looking guitar. Congrats on a great purchase. Although his is LPB and minus the hb, it just screams Jimmy Page to me.
  10. Macrogats

    NGD... Gypsy Jazz

    Wow man, what a great wife - and a fantastic guitar to boot! I quite like the Godin style. Played one in a shop once - similar, but not the same as yours - and was very intrigued and impressed with it.
  11. Macrogats

    10-46 vs. 9-42

    I used to use nothing but 9-42’s, but during our first lockdown back in March, all I could get online was a 10 pack of 10-46’s, so that’s what’s on most of my guitars atm. I really like that little extra feel, and they sound great, so I think I’m converted. :p
  12. Macrogats

    NGD with pretty epic way how I got the guitar!

    Wow man. That is one fantastic story, and a very unique and cool looking guitar. Many congrats.
  13. Macrogats

    New and Improved Precision Router/Planer Jig

    Amen to all that. What a brilliant router/planer jig. I’ll definitely keep something like this in mind for when I (one day) get to set up a proper shop.
  14. Macrogats

    RIP Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers.

    As a long time Liverpool fan - You’ll Never Walk Alone. RIP Gerry.
  15. Macrogats

    New Build - Blue Flame Tele

    I sometimes like to tie things in. Although not quite complete, this is how my Redwood burl Tele looks. Sorry, not the best pic, but you get the idea.
  16. Macrogats

    New Build - Blue Flame Tele

    MuleHead - I absolutely love what you’ve done with that guitar. But pleeeeese - don’t put a pg on it...??
  17. Macrogats

    OH NO - AcousteleBaum - Gonna do it.

    I too have been tinkering with ideas for another acoustic type electric style guitar, and the rejuvenation of Moods thread got me to thinking about it again. I’m not really in a position to start building anything atm, but will be watching this with interest.
  18. Macrogats

    1959 replica Les Paul build - my take with modern engineering

    It’s all totally over my head (computer design), but an exciting looking project. I’ll be watching.
  19. Macrogats

    Guitar body blanks

    Dude - that is soooooo cool. Reminds me of the pallet wood I used for my Route 66 Tele build. I sandwiched 16mm strips together (after jointing and glueing strips together), then used a 9mm ply top from an old shield. Kept it looking really rustic around the sides with nail holes etc. You can...
  20. Macrogats

    Guitar body blanks

    Cypress is my go to for guitar bodies! It has a beautiful ring to it, and easy to work with. Just like Pine, but a better wood all round imo. One of my next projects is to glue a bunch of 30mm x 20mm sticks I got from packaging around an oven imported from England. Not sure what the wood is...
  21. Macrogats

    Smooth arm contour?

    Personally I’d leave it alone and start with another body. I hear where you’re coming from - I hate “jabby” guitars, but I just can’t picture it with a missing section of binding. If it were me, I’d remove all the binding front and back, rasp in the required arm and (possibly) belly cuts, do a...
  22. Macrogats

    RIP Mary Ann

    I was pointing at this post.
  23. Macrogats

    RIP Mary Ann

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes, just totally uncalled for. Such a shame - she was my favourite. :(
  24. Macrogats

    Was bored so I installed a new bridge

    Yeah man, it looks right now. But as Garbo mentioned, if the intonation bugs ya, go for the compensated saddles.
  25. Macrogats

    NGD for Me - 1968 Telecaster Blonde with a Rosewood Neck

    Very nice Tele, and what a fantastic wife! It kinda reminds me of this guy, only his is an Esquire.

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