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    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    Well put. It’s functional artwork- if u have the room for it . What a cool gretsch with the p 90
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    Need help deciding: a guitar that complements the Telecaster

    I love my les Paul jr. But I also always thought , as others have mentioned , jazzmaster, 335 , strat- which u have . I would lean towards the Gibson side if u have a few fenders already . U mentioned the 335 being pricey . There are some great les Paul jr and specials to be had in the low...
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    Free heat

    I thought of this years ago, and tried it for a week . It got moldy in my basement unfortunately. But I’ve been thinking about trying it again. It’s super dry in my house this time of year . I think I tried in fall last time . Wasnt dry enough yet
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    Jethro Tull live in 77

    Did he really do these performances without drugs?? Man he is hopped up. Great stuff though
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    World's Ugliest And Best Looking Bands

    They are ugly and pretty in one- I think Johnny thunders put his pocketbook in his pants ?
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    World's Ugliest And Best Looking Bands

    You nailed it here . I bet the dude in the headhunters with the huge pork chops gets all the chicks
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    We have a new Jaguar fan

    Adorable. I miss my kids being little
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    We have a new Jaguar fan

    That gadget was definitely in my household as a child .
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    Red house....

    This song really blew my mind for many years , when I was young . I still have it in my playlist now , and hear it occasionally, but sadly , it doesn’t have the same impact on me . Amazing soloing over a simple blues though . That may be why I liked it so much as a kid . It was one of the few...
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    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    Big Gibson, or a big jazz master , as someone earlier suggested . Especially if u prefer the longer scale .also with the strat , I know u said u can’t unsee it , but if it feels good, who cares ? Maybe the color was weird
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    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    Pretty sure he made it home safe
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    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    He sold a lot of records , that’s for sure . Not my taste , but there was the late 70’s early 80’s meatloaf, then the early/mid-90’s meatloaf when he was once again all over the tv and airwaves with “ I would do anything for love”… hard for me not to remember, and not in a good way . Though I do...
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    Hardtails are so rare

    That’s exactly what I would like to find , when funds are right. I never see those custom shop hardtails , in a store at least . Funny , my home made hardtail strat , is absolutely the loudest electric guitar I’ve ever heard, unplugged. The nut came out to narrow , I would play it a lot more...
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    Hardtails are so rare

    I did ending building a hardtail. My only partscaster to date . I was looking for a reissue, 1950’s custom shop . And I couldn’t find one . Ron wood is quite keen on them and has a few vintage ones , and I always loved his tone, and the look of em. Had to have one . Very resonant and tele - like...
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    Man stole an $8000 LP by stuffing it in his pants

    They refuse to look at you. Might as well!
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    If you were one of the best amp repair people in the nation,

    Sweet strat. Sherwood green?
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    Zippo! Who still has one?

    I just got one with a Rolling Stones emblem on it… haven’t used one in 30 yrs . And I keep forgetting to get the fluid . Making a note for tomorrow
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    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    Me too , I thought I discovered something new and cool when I found the war on drugs a few years back . I guess I need to rethink that . But the guy writing this is just trying to be cool, by putting music down he doesn’t like or understand. I wonder what he’s into??
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    Thick Plastic Finishes on Guitars is a Buzzkill

    I hate thick plastic finish in my guitars too. I’m with you , 100% . I get why they do it on cheaper models though. I think it’s about preventing beginner guitarist’s bringing from in their instruments for a warranty claim to get fixed every time they get a little chip or ding . Just...
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    I just read a Stephen king book called insomnia. Bad things started to happen to the man in the book when he started getting less than 4 hrs , so I’m really trying to stay above that… in my partying days , Sometimes I would get no sleep. Once or twice a week . I’m glad that’s behind me now . I...
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    Olympic white tele, thinking about changing the pickguard, what ya got?

    I also was thinking black Bakelite … not parchment . On the esquire . The old style Bakelite ones are sweet
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    Olympic white tele, thinking about changing the pickguard, what ya got?

    I meant to say- I wouldn’t change a thing on the esquire
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    Olympic white tele, thinking about changing the pickguard, what ya got?

    I Seoul’s t change a thing on that esquire . But maybe get a black parchment as a sometimes pick guard. I would go mint green on the Olympic white , with rosewood board
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    Brownface Princetons

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    Martin CEO 7

    Thx , I didn’t get that far on time I guess

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