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  1. Steerforth

    My Horse

    My horse is a big Appaloosa gelding, around 16.1 hands or better, and he always looks like a sorrel who got caught in a snow storm. The big moose is a confrontational lout, and won’t back down from anything. He’s far too bold and cocky for an herbivore. And he thinks he’s a comedian. Anyway...
  2. Steerforth

    Zombie Apocalypse In Chicago

    Well, apparently the zombie apocalypse siren is sounding up in Chicago. So, what next? That’s right! I said it! I spoke the forbidden phrase! What next? They’d all be freaking out if I was still on active duty, but I don’t care! Hahahahahahahahaha! Yeeeeeeeehaw! What next, eh? Cannibal...
  3. Steerforth

    A Note On the Operation of Aeroplanes

    Take note that when landing back at your home aerodrome in the Sopwith Pup, coming in too hot leads to suboptimal results. This is definitely not one of my more noteworthy landings. But it’s my own fault. I knew I was too fast. This picture perfectly symbolizes the sort of weekend that I’ve...
  4. Steerforth


    The human species is in a state of devolution. For those of you who have not seen the movie Idiocracy, the film gives an excellent overview of why this is happening and is essential to understanding where we are in this era of human history. The devolvement of the human species is readily...
  5. Steerforth

    Dating Advice Sequel: Brass Tacks

    The dating advice thread was very popular. But let’s face it, all of the opinions expressed are just our opinions. They’re very much subject to bias and distortion. What really would point more accurately in the general direction of the truth would be the opinions of those who have deemed us...
  6. Steerforth

    Star Wars

    I think it’s time that I watch the, “Star Wars” movies. I’ve waited forty-four years since the first one came out. It’s time for me to see what all the hoopla is about. Should I watch them in release order, or chronological order according to the storyline?
  7. Steerforth

    Barn Story

    This morning I went out to feed the animals as always, and as the barn cats swarmed on me, over me, and under me, my horse, a big Appaloosa gelding who looks like it snowed all over him, was having an even more exuberant, more vocal stroke than usual about the urgency of getting his breakfast...
  8. Steerforth

    Unusual Guitars

    The thread about the Parker Fly by @burntfrijoles got me thinking about guitars other than the usual suspects. I wouldn’t mind one of these: Erlewine Lazer Or one of these, maybe in, “Outfield Ivy”: Reverend Jetstream 390 So, are there any unusual guitars on your GAS radar, or already in...
  9. Steerforth

    What’s Better, Cats or Dogs? (And Why?)

    What’s better, cats or dogs? Why? I have no opinion. They’re all just entries on the list of things that I have to feed in the morning before I’m even fully awake. And they all like me, so I have no favorites. But I’m sure that many people do have an opinion, and I thought that it might be...
  10. Steerforth

    The Happy Song!

    In the thread, “The Torture Song”, @buster poser astutely pointed out that there are also songs that can put you in a good mood the instant that you hear the first few notes of the intro. So, what’s your ultimate happy song? Which one makes you reach over and turn the volume up immediately if...
  11. Steerforth

    The Torture Song

    If you were to be locked in an escape-proof room, and subjected to torture by having one song played over and over and over again, what song would most quickly bring about your total psychological collapse?
  12. Steerforth

    Word Games

    Yesterday, I installed a Scrabble-like word game on my iPad. I was just playing it, against the AI. I’m not very impressed, to be honest. It won’t give me credit for, “stoverly” or “glintzle”. How the heck do they expect you to win, with the deck stacked against you like that?
  13. Steerforth

    A Comedy of Errors...

    In the world of medical stuff, a lot of “urgent” type things happen, and they can severely upset the apple cart in the lives of anybody associated with the medical community. The other day, something came up and Mrs. Steerforth packed up her gear and accoutrements and flew out the door in a big...
  14. Steerforth

    Cottage Country

    Mrs. Steerforth and I just watched, “Cottage Country”, a Canadian film starring one of the guys from, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”. It’s definitely the uplifting, feel-good movie of the year. :D
  15. Steerforth

    New Years Resolutions

    Well, New Year’s Day is coming, and as I do every year on January 1st, I’ll be completely reversing my position on absolutely everything in life. It keeps things interesting. Got any New Year’s resolutions?
  16. Steerforth


    Mrs. Steerforth and I are watching Pumpkinhead. Truly, a classic of 80s horror cinema. I’ve had Delbert McClinton’s, “Giving It Up for Your Love” stuck in my head all day. I’m not sure what to make of all this, following hard on the heels of a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. That is all...
  17. Steerforth


    After a career in the military, I’m completely sick of “black guns”. I can’t think of anything more boring. They’re like the firearm equivalent of pre-packaged, orange American Cheese slices. I might work up a little more enthusiasm for a beautifully engraved over-and-under shotgun, or a nice...
  18. Steerforth

    Washing the Dishes

    Mrs. Steerforth has been out of town, doing her medical thing on the front lines of current events. So the dogs, cats, horses and I have been holding down the fort here at home. She’ll be home this evening and while she was away working, the dishes may have got a little backed up. So this...
  19. Steerforth

    If They Remade, “The Andy Griffith Show”?

    Many people still like, “The Andy Griffith Show”. And lots of stuff is getting refilmed or rerecorded these days. So if they made a new version of it, who would play... Andy Taylor? Barney Fife? Aunt Bea? Opie? Helen Crump? Thelma Lou? Floyd? Emmett? Goober? Gomer? Otis? Briscoe...
  20. Steerforth

    Favorite Hemingway Short Story?

    What’s your favorite Ernest Hemingway short story? For me, it’s “Big Two-Hearted River”. What’s yours?
  21. Steerforth

    Long, Cool Woman In a Black Dress

    The Hollies from 1972. EDIT: Better cut, more Telecaster scenery. :D
  22. Steerforth

    Woolly Mammoth Revival?

    So, Harvard has a, “Woolly Mammoth Revival Team” and they’re working on bringing back the extinct Woolly Mammoth. Take a look here: The Woolly Mammoth Revival There’s a lot of talk about bringing back all sorts of extinct creatures in the genetics community. What do you think? Should we do it?
  23. Steerforth

    Albums Or Singles?

    In this age of a la carte digital music, do you choose entire albums or individual songs? I always go with entire albums, and listen to music albums-at-a-time. I always figure that maybe there’s an overall point to the whole thing that the artist had in mind. And even if there isn’t, I get...
  24. Steerforth


    I was poking around in the fridge a few minutes ago, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a jar of artisanal sauerkraut. I have no idea where it came from, but somebody must have bought it. Imagine! Somewhere out there is a group of highly skilled craftsmen, hand-shredding carefully...
  25. Steerforth


    Hit it, Bob. Let’s hear your favorite Dylan song.

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