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  1. boxocrap

    GAS Hamer double-cut - Korean. Talk me into or out of it.

    what a nice looking guitar..if it sounds half of what it looks
  2. boxocrap

    Tell me which guitars I should sell

    post all the pics if you can..please.. i just wanna look at the pics🤪
  3. boxocrap

    regarding 6L6 very early 1970's silverface super reverb amp tubes

    i had a master put in shortly after buying the was a start..tried all sorts of different preamp tubes and power tubes..( did a lot of rebiasing)..still not there's loud but in it's hehe twilight years sill sounds really nice..i won't take it out seems to like...
  4. boxocrap

    Power for the machine

    do they have a return policy?..look like more than a few pennies for that one
  5. boxocrap

    Kudos To The Members And Of Course...The Admins/Mods

    hahaha...😂 😂🤣🤣
  6. boxocrap

    New to TDPRI

    here is..a good place to be..welcome
  7. boxocrap

    It's my birthday today.

    have a blast:)
  8. boxocrap

    Bought a '59 Bassman LTD from a lawyer...

    hope you read the contract..hehe..and congrats
  9. boxocrap

    NGD Custom Tele

    i know this thread is dated..i was just wondering if you still like your fishman greg koch gristle pickups..and if you have played them thru a super reverb..i ask because at some point i'm going to finally use the tele body for something other than a dust magnet and am looking for good tone...
  10. boxocrap


    good terms are the best terms
  11. boxocrap

    Why does the hamburger packaged at the grocery store ….

    that makes sense
  12. boxocrap

    RIP Don Wilson

    loved the ventures..started out doing or trying to do their stuff...and the other bands back then of that don..😢
  13. boxocrap


    you have a choice..put up..and hope for a change..or engineer a change..and hope it works..or get happens a lot with players.. you get kinda tired of the "same old thing" and you want something new and different..if they don't respect you ( it kinda sounds a bit that way..with they don't...
  14. boxocrap

    Random Daily Photos Jan 2022 Edition

  15. boxocrap

    Confession: A new rabbit hole (TikTok).

    And If TDPRI isn’t a rabbit hole, I don’t know what is. i.. 2nd that one
  16. boxocrap


    those things got a high rating...i have an mpx-550..yours is very suited to a guitar rig from my understanding..i use mine for studio stuff...enjoy your mpx:)
  17. boxocrap

    What if I have two pedals that need to be first?

    put em in the ring and let em duke it out?
  18. boxocrap

    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Anything you'd like to forget?..ahh..i think i already did
  19. boxocrap

    Stop your panic buying.

    amen to that
  20. boxocrap

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    well i guess sometimes it's like eating too much and you burp right?...but it also make more room too..hehe but seriously..i get what your saying..i did that with a strat for a very long time..i could get most of what i wanted from it..but later much just wasn't enough anymore
  21. boxocrap

    Musicians who use made up first names!