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  1. Sconnie

    Please explain why Ian is a historic hurricane

    Nailed it! Sounds like "Historical" is being conflated with "unprecedented". It's almost like people think the Earth is only as old as recorded history...
  2. Sconnie

    It's *all* folk music

    If the semantic argument is that all music is folk music, I think you're being a bit redundant "folk" and should just call it all "music."
  3. Sconnie

    Another Musikraft Warning!!!😏

    MK rocks, I love the boatneck on my main tele!
  4. Sconnie

    My MIM tele is super bass heavy and muddy, even after replacing the pickups to fender 52 reissue pickups

    It's not the wood. Make sure your pickup heights are in the sweet spot, because this is free to do. Try raising the treble side and lowering the bass side. For the bridge pickup I've found my teles really like the treble side pretty darn close to the strings. Tone circuit next as others have...
  5. Sconnie

    Specific Guitars. The Length of Time You Owned Them?

    '03 Behringer Starter Box, gifted to a friend who was starting out in high school. Austin LP Copy bought used in '04, still owned (out of commission since ~2015) '05 Gibson SG Standard owned since new. '07 Takamine acoustic owned since new. '09 Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat owned since new. '15...
  6. Sconnie

    NGD - Gretsch G6120TG

    I've spent some time in Austin with my former job, and once since then for fun. I much prefer being there for fun haha! I'll put the Hole in the Wall on my list for my next visit. I've been to the Moontower once, years ago now, thanks for the reminder cause I forgot the name!
  7. Sconnie

    NGD - Gretsch G6120TG

    Thanks Bill, I'm stoked! And wow yours looks great too! I dig the flame! Ever play the Whip In? Your first two photos kinda almost look like their stage.
  8. Sconnie

    NGD - Gretsch G6120TG

    Friday was the day, but I really only visit this site during my coffee/lunch breaks at work so here ya go. This is a dream come true! After getting my tax return last spring and discussing with my then girlfriend, now fiance, what I was going to do with it, I said "probably just save it since...
  9. Sconnie

    My dream car.

    I'm sure you've seen the Top Gear where Jeremy "puts one through its paces" hahahaha... Mine is a Toyota Tacoma, which I own, and I feel the same way you do. I've had it over a year now and I still get really excited to drive it, every time.
  10. Sconnie

    Fooled by old strings again.

    I use coated strings on my acoustic too, but it's my noodling guitar so I change strings maybe once every 18 months. IME my humbucking electrics like old dead strings, and my teles like new strings. Still, neither get fresh strings all that often anymore, my playing doesn't merit such luxury haha!
  11. Sconnie

    cartoon sitcoms.

    Solar Opposites is great, more great voice acting like Rick and Morty, particularly from Thomas Middleditch. Big Mouth is another great one, IMO.
  12. Sconnie

    How would you describe and dial in this guitar tone? (At ~4:20 in video)

    That amp is cranked! So crank yours up and see what ya find! Great tone at bedroom levels is a bit of a myth IME. Choose the right room, turn the amp way way up beyond what you think you're comfortable with, take a few steps back, and let er rip!
  13. Sconnie

    I have a problem with formulas & schematics (warning, long post)

    Another thing! The math that governs electronics is eerily similar to the math of fluids. The best analogies to circuit flow is water flowing in a pipe. Voltage is analogous to pressure, current to flow, resistance to drag, transistors to valves, the list goes on. I'm sure the internet is...
  14. Sconnie

    I have a problem with formulas & schematics (warning, long post)

    He was one of the most gifted physicists in history! He did it all on paper too, he was not an experimentalist. I could go on about that guy, he's one of my favorites. Anyway, addressing the OP now. Going from a schematic to an actual layout is one of the first challenges of stepping into...
  15. Sconnie

    Stuff they could have invented a long time ago, but didn't

    I guess I could have been more specific to built-in cupholders in cars, cause those aftermarket solutions were dismal I'm sure. The thought of a magnetic snap cupholder on the dash of my car makes me cringe haha, no way. But mmm Bob Evans biscuits and gravy would hit the spot right about now...
  16. Sconnie

    Stuff they could have invented a long time ago, but didn't

    Rolling suitcases are simply the worst, people back then had the common decency not to impede everyone around them for their own minor convenience. Pick up your stuff and get moving! My contribution would be car cupholders. My first car was a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder, which had zero cupholders...
  17. Sconnie

    Country Music Theory

    You need a "Peaty" corner, Laphroaig is not smoky at all!
  18. Sconnie

    had to buy this

    I got lucky during my one visit to London, a 36-hr weekend, and wandered into that corner of Denmark Street when I had a few hours to myself. I saw a 1958 Burst for sale, super cool! The offset tele you played is rad for sure!
  19. Sconnie

    Momentum is the key

    p=mv for the win! We should all take a moment out of our day to reflect on the sheer brilliance of Isaac Newton and his momentum-focused formulation of classical mechanics. That dude changed the world. Seriously though, I think I'm in a musical rut. I haven't had lessons in a dozen years, a...
  20. Sconnie

    Should or Shouldn't?? Modify my CS 63

    Oh by the way, that tele is freaking gorgeous!
  21. Sconnie

    Should or Shouldn't?? Modify my CS 63

    I think you made the right call OP, the only "mods" I'd ever do to a CS guitar would be pickup or electronics swaps since they're fully reversible. Get a cheap one and cut it up, throw a Filter'Tron in the neck and a high output tele bridge pickup in the, er, bridge (my take on your desired...
  22. Sconnie

    Who is buying them?

    Unless you live in a condo with plain white walls, a single set of dishes, and a cot, you indulge yourself in something that a different flavor of frugal person would say is a waste of money. I would ask myself "who is spending $100,000 on a Cadillac Escalade?" But that's the going rate for the...
  23. Sconnie

    Need help identifying metal, and how to clean it.

    Is that candle wax on top of the big one? I agree with the others thus far, I wouldn't use a cleaner or polish at all. I'd use a small plastic scraper to gently remove the gunk from the top of the big one, then a dry toothbrush and dry microfiber rag to remove the dust and grime from the rest...
  24. Sconnie

    NGD - Les Paul Gold Top 50's

    It was maybe the one typical complaint that I could believe, I've only played one and I don't really remember it. I've always found Gibson guitars to be nicer than Fender but I'm not about to say that here. ...uh oh...
  25. Sconnie

    NGD - Les Paul Gold Top 50's

    Gibson criticism has always been way over-blown, especially on this forum (with the exception of boat anchor 70s LPs). Good for you for taking care of all your business and putting yourself in the position to do this for yourself, that's great! Enjoy that beauty of an LP, I bet it rips!