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    Building a rickenbacker style guitar

    Top work Nathan. That walnut stripe looks great, it's like a guitar version of the 4001 Bass. My sister had a 4001 style Ruby / Wine RIC guitar she brought back from LA years ago, is it model 480? I didn't realise you were going for a 325 vibe, there's some plans here...
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    Building a rickenbacker style guitar

    I've 2 Rickys, a 330 '88 which is very easy to play & an '02 360 / 12 which was not as easy. So that one got a wider string spaced nut, I think it was the 330 12 string nut. I'm looking to buy one of Rickysounds wider spaced 12 string nuts but they are out of stock, unless you want brass. On my...
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    Need a way to shim the bridge

    Looks good Demitree. There are actually some old vintage archtop guitars with the necks & bridges further away from the body than yours. Hofner Senators & Presidents for example.
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    First semi build project

    I forgot to put the finished pics up from all all those years back! Geetar on the right is my auld Ricky 360 / 12.
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    Building a rickenbacker style guitar

    There are some previous builds on the Tele Home Depot, complete with information. Good Luck Nathan, any advice you need just ask here.
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    Where do our UK builders buy their hardwood?
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    Earliest Marshall speaker configurations

    The earliest Marshalls had Celestion Alnico speakers the same type as used in Vox AC30 & AC15's. Early 30W JTM45's had a Mullard GZ34 valve rectifier & used 6L6GC output valves. So they were not as loud as the later transistor rectifier circuits using KT66 / EL34 output valves. With the later...
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    Where do our UK builders buy their hardwood?

    I've bought some blank fretboards online from the first supplier. Im sure you could ask them if they cut down to your required size.
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    Replacing rotted binding...

    I've got an auld October '67 Gretsch Country Gentleman 6122, like many of 'em the binding is rotting, it's not as bad as others so I'll just leave it. The gold hardware is fine, I've seen many that are worn away / the gold finish is gone. It's a lovely guitar to play, it really has a great...
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    Speakers for Roland JC-120?

    I had a Roland Jazz Chorus JC77 2 x 10" combo for 10 years, I tried a pair of Eminence Legend 105 10" speakers instead of the stock Roland ones. The Legends made the amp unusable as they exaggerated the hiss from the chorus effect compared to the originals so the Roland speakers went back in...
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    Transformers - the how, why, when and where!

    I knew CJ had more tranny teardowns in the META transformer thread & was going to add a few more but forgot when editing my post! :D That is impressive work as is the data specs! That 50W Marshall OT spec sheet is manufactured by Drake, I believe we've had requests previously on...
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    Transformers - the how, why, when and where!

    Some more guitar amp output transformer teardown / rebuilds by CJ on the forum.
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    Anyone Built a Casino?

    I'm sure the laminated sides for the Gibson ES-335 ES-330 EB-2 bass, Epiphone Casino & Rivoli Bass are the same dimensions, 16" x 19.5" or similar. It's then just of matter of different scale length / body fret locations for the bridge / neck body block joint for the Bass & Casino / ES-330...
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    whafedale speakers - no longer made??

    Wharfdale was an English loudspeaker company from Yorkshire. They made HiFi & PA / monitor speakers, I'm not sure if they ever did Guitar speakers, although they might have during the 1950's / 1960's. Their HiFi speakers were good sounding without being too expensive. Recently the brand has...
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    Synching Daw with Boss recorder according to roland manual

    MTC is time based sync, hours minutes & seconds, similar to that used in films & video. Designed to be sent via MIDI connectors & cables. MIDI clock is position AKA 96ticks per 1/4 note based sync as used on drum machines. Does your Keystation generate MTC or just MIDI clock?
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    Speakers for a '63 Vibroverb 2X10

    They weigh a lot LOL, I only tried one in the cab with a Emi 1028 alnico which still sounded good but I knew 2 of em would be too seriously heavy to manage. So the E110 pair live in their own cab. They still have the original cones, I've tried these speakers with many old amps, Deluxe Reverb...
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    Speakers for a '63 Vibroverb 2X10

    Emi 1028 c/w Emi 1058 or Emi Copperhead works well on the '63 Vibroverb circuit. I've also got a pair of JBL E110's ceramics which sound cleaner & probably won't break up as easy at a louder club gig.
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    The Slow Death of a Shopping Mall

    I assume these lot are the same crowd who moved an American Football team from St Louis to Los Angeles despite the fans protesting against the move & the NFL issuing a fine of $600million for breaking regulations. I live 12 minutes walk from the local stadium & have refused to give any cash to...
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    Advice for transferring Atari MIDI files to Reaper

    If someone has an old windows computer with floppy disk drive, they can easily transfer the files to their hard disk & then to a USB drive for use with modern software. If you saved your C-Lab Creator / songs or MIDI files on 3.5" floppy disks they should be readable by old windows versions...
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    Metric dimensions

    Just use both, with a ruler / measure indicating both measurement units, if you get a plan in metric or imperial, converting back & forth usually leads to problems. The plans are in imperial so I'd use that, but converting anything more than 32nd fractions in inches is a pain, I'd rather have...
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    my first build: Rick 330-6

    That's fantastic Dimitree! The maple is really subtle grain & the Amber stain really suits it! I don't think the neck width at the nut is the problem, as many Fenders & Gibsons were also made with similar "narrow" necks during the 1960's. I reckon the RIC nuts need wider string spacing...
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    Twin Reverb (AB763) Eyelet Board Layout

    Maybe this will help? TR AB763 boards c/w component layout. Author of the layout is Barry, that's all the details I have, I found the layout years ago. So credit to Barry.
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    Repro Fender Faceplates

    I've got old Silverface SR & TR chassis which both line up OK with SolandFa repro faceplates. Some FP's & chassis are not 100% the same measurements / hole locations as the originals especially the back panels. It's quite difficult to design a faceplate afterwards to fit a given chassis by just...
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    Beatles- Get Back Documentary

    The Beatles played hundreds of gigs at home & abroad as a group of musicians playing their instruments before they eventually got a recording contract. Just because some Svengali music industry Mogul who selects the band members, chooses material & image & manufactures "Boy bands" tries to...