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  1. 62 Jazzmaster

    NGD. Gotta be the end of the Semi-Hollow era for me.

    I'm in the same camp, installed black pickguards on my Casino Coupe & Dot Royale.
  2. 62 Jazzmaster

    The first new edition of the Vintage guitar fair in Veenendaal, The Netherlands will be held tomorrow. So NGD impending.

    Thank you for the pics, Blazer My Cousin & I used to take a truckload of guitars & parts to the local guitar show. It was always an exhausting, long day, but we always looked forward to it.
  3. 62 Jazzmaster

    14 Years in the Making! Long Scale Les Paul Content

    I also had some serious health issues, that caused me to lose fine motor skills in my right hand. It's very frustrating to lose the ability to do fine work, but it is good to have skilled friends to help complete your project.
  4. 62 Jazzmaster

    Danelectro baritone to 6 string bass conversion?

    I had a D63 Baritone a few years ago, definitely got that low-down twang.
  5. 62 Jazzmaster

    Jazzmaster - Best all around strings choice - Flatwounds or something else?

    I've been using GHS Rollerwound Nickel strings on my Jazzmasters for years & years, very happy with them.
  6. 62 Jazzmaster

    Left field question of the day…

    Squier Tom DeLonge model.
  7. 62 Jazzmaster

    Jaguars and Jazzmasters

    Obligatory couch shot of my stock Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar & modded Vintage Modified Jazzmaster:
  8. 62 Jazzmaster

    Out of nostalgic reasons NGD coming up.

    I hope this scammer steps onto a LEGO barefoot every single morning for the rest of his life.
  9. 62 Jazzmaster

    Grote Jazz Guitar (Single P90) - String Gauge

    I've got a set of Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Bebop on mine now.
  10. 62 Jazzmaster

    NGD Kay Vanguard

    Here's a bevy of Vanguard pickguards. The 3rd from the left is rusted solid, but the pickups give ~5K or so readings. I'm going to transfer the pickups from the 2nd to the one on the far left, as it is the smoothest and the circuit looks complete. (there's a cap missing on the 2nd)...
  11. 62 Jazzmaster

    NGD Kay Vanguard

    Yes, but the pots could use another shot of Nu-Trol. I'm going to apply copper tape to the underside of the pickguard & control cavity, to reduce noise.
  12. 62 Jazzmaster

    NGD Kay Vanguard

    I've got a Kay Vanguard project waiting for me to button up.
  13. 62 Jazzmaster

    The Bill Lawrence Controversy and Swampkaster Guitars

    It's sad that Wajcman has so little trust in his own name that he has to steal Bill Lawrence's.
  14. 62 Jazzmaster

    Gibson Theodore <insert puke emoji>

    Trogly review. Me, I'll wait for the Epiphone version.
  15. 62 Jazzmaster

    Wanting a hollow/semi hollow. Big dude i want a bigger guitar

    Popa Chubby is a large guy that plays a Strat.
  16. 62 Jazzmaster

    IVY MUSTANG GUITARS - Under The Radar

    No, it's probably just the lighting. Here it is right after the unboxing: Different light: Mine was a Return at a discount, due to some very minor cosmetic flaws.
  17. 62 Jazzmaster

    Alden branded Harmony H45

    Here is the pair of Stratotones I've been working on:
  18. 62 Jazzmaster

    IVY MUSTANG GUITARS - Under The Radar

    It is thicker than any of my solid bodies, even thicker than some of my semi-hollow bodies. The thickness gives the smaller body a surprising heft. It's no boat anchor though, it's just that you expect such a compact guitar to be a featherweight, like the Squier Bullet Mustang. Mine weighs ~...
  19. 62 Jazzmaster

    Alden branded Harmony H45

    I need to revisit this project. I got a dead DeArmond double moustache pickup re-wound, would be a better match instead of the Gold Foil:
  20. 62 Jazzmaster

    Alden branded Harmony H45

    It's the same as a Fender, ~648 mm.
  21. 62 Jazzmaster

    Alden branded Harmony H45

    To continue with the threadjack of cool old projects, I was looking for something else, and found this Kay project that I'd forgotten all about. It looks like the only thing missing is a Kay truss rod cover (and me getting a Round Tuit) ;-)
  22. 62 Jazzmaster

    Alden branded Harmony H45

    The H59 is the prettiest, due to the beautiful sunburst my Cousin did, but the very best player is the 2 pickup H54. It has the best neck, best action & 2 killer pickups.
  23. 62 Jazzmaster

    Alden branded Harmony H45

    My trio of Harmony Rockets: H59, H54 & H53. Two were restored from guitars that had been stripped down and parted out. Certainly not the most inexpensive way to buy guitars, but it's one of my hobbies. The H59 on the left I bought used in the early '80s. It had been painted blue and the neck...

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