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  1. hepular

    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    it takes the dude 30-40 guitars to get through a set. that and all of the effects that go with them. meanwhile, the dude hasn't learned to play anything else. ever. uh. am i supposed to be impressed by that? not as bad as a current clip of the rolled stones, but bordering on unlistenable.
  2. hepular

    JJ cap cans in a Fender Champ

    it's also not necessary . . . there are other places to ground to. But we gotta do the silly thing just cuz it was done oncetaponatime
  3. hepular

    Fender tonemaster gut pics?

    uh, Melville scholar, here. Mocha Dick was a 'minnow' around 1750ish or earlier and made it to the 1838. The Essex was sunk in 1820. Show me the digital effects pedal from then.
  4. hepular

    Are guitar hobbyist gullible morons??? Glenn makes the case as to why it may be true.

    nope: it's like having your divorce attorney on speed dial at the wedding. or a fly in the chardonnay the whole "i'm only in this for what i can make on the re-sale" is frankly horrifying to me.
  5. hepular

    I Used One of These the Other Day and I Liked It

    invented might be too strong a claim: adapted the original:
  6. hepular

    New Aerodyne line?

    hmm. high gloss lipstick on the same old pigs. but built in Japan where the pass-through rate is better, but at prices charged for usedta be 'american' product. The only problem solved here (leaving aside the ones raised for marketing hacks and pay-to-play pseudo-reviewers) is the lame...
  7. hepular

    Musikraft Warning!

    remember molly ivins's first rule of holes.
  8. hepular

    Musikraft Warning!

    if you didn't use the correct tool, it's on you.
  9. hepular

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    why does OP or anyone care what someone who isn't them uses? experiment, find what works for YOU. and then become a little more you, not a little less you by being a copy of someone else.
  10. hepular

    Small Tube Amps (~5w) with 6v6 pre-amps (old or young) recommendations?

    for a couple years Riley B used a Gibson SS cuz they paid him to. But it t'weren't his golden age. Fender Twins.
  11. hepular

    Jazz guys: Why do I like Julian Lage?

    aside from his mentorship from jim hall . . . Lage can, but doesn't really play jazz. he plays pop that occasionally goes 'out.' in that sense, he's closer to jerry garcia and trey anastasio than you might think . . .
  12. hepular

    1981 Vibrolux Reverb

    Think Rivera comes on board 82.
  13. hepular

    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    The sarcasm and condescendence dripping from your comments makes me glad I will never have to deal with you. a 'technical' difference does not necessarily equate to functional difference. Once you get past the made-up stuff about things that do not make a difference in playability it comes...
  14. hepular

    Tele blend wiring

    same. and same. iirc, no resistor, no cap, so the pots (250) are doing all the tone work. and. remembered: switched the blend, so that bridge is blended with neck, not vice-versa . . .
  15. hepular

    Pau ferro

    marketing will say whatever it takes. now, for the fretboard wood making the induced electro-magnetic signal from the pickups sound different. REALLY? are you playing fretless? possibly, POSSIBLY, the characteristics of the wood might affect at some infinitesimal level, how the fret and...
  16. hepular

    Sometimes I swear he’s almost human.

  17. hepular

    Just got a 1975 Twin Reverb. Got some questions...

    1. experiment & go with what you like. Be cautious about accepting "expert" advice. They don't live in your head or environment. 2. Does 'good shape' mean re-capped? If not, replacing the filter caps matters way more than what transformer. 3. if you like the way it plays now, i wouldn't...
  18. hepular

    The importance of wood and scale length for sound.

    then y'all are gonna need a snakeskin boogie, dumble, & bludotone & a f-ton of studio compression . . .
  19. hepular

    Squier or Sire..... What Do You Think ?

    neither. I have no desire to encourage zombie brands like Fender, who are literally throwing sub-standard product on the market, charging a brand premium established by a company that hasn't existed since 1965, and deconstructing the myth that brand premium's allegedly based on by treating...
  20. hepular

    This Finger Is Temporarily Not Available

    lost my left middle finger-tip to a dog jumping my dogs t-giving 2019. index is a whole nother proposition though! (but I can do single finger double-stops now . . .)
  21. hepular

    Layoffs in Corona factory

    read Fender's Indeed page. dumpster fire workplace by most accounts, & oddly a lot of the 'good' reviews came from people who got fired 2 months in. But read through it & you'll get a pretty good idea why that 50% rework rate exists. Buy a new Fender, Charvel, EVH and you're sending $$ to...
  22. hepular

    My new Quad Reverb

    derek trucks and susan tedeschi too, iirc nope. supers / / /
  23. hepular

    Trying to get closer to a sound.

    yup. also: what's the signal processing chain from mic to recording medium? mastering?