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  1. theprofessor

    What is the advantage of a pine Telecaster?

    One advantage is that they can look awesome. This one is chambered - maple on top and a pine back.
  2. theprofessor

    SOLD Cavalier 51/52 Lion Tele/Esquire bridge pickup

    For sale is one (1) Cavalier 51/52 Lion Telecaster bridge pickup in excellent condition. 9500 turns of 42 AWG over A3 magnets. Parchment string wrap. This one is north top polarity and wound clockwise. DCR is ca. 7.8k. Leads are 5-1/2"-6" long. $50 shipped and paypal in lower 48 states. Would...
  3. theprofessor

    My review of Eminence JS-1250 in a Deluxe Reverb

    I have not used the combination you are envisioning, but I have had both of those speakers individually. I would imagine they would complement one another well. But know that they will be a lot louder than the speakers that were in there. There is something great about those old Oxfords when...
  4. theprofessor

    New tube day!

    Those look like some good ones! A few of my favorites in there. Congratulations!
  5. theprofessor

    Restored the old Princeton Reverb

    Magnificent! Would love to see pics, if you have any!
  6. theprofessor

    1964 Vibrolux Reverb Price

    That seems quite high to me. More than I would pay for sure (I decided to build a VR rather than buy one). I'd look around for another blackface VR for less. But as @corliss1 says, it's worth what you're willing to pay.
  7. theprofessor

    Wonky pickguard horn alignment

    I took these photos of a 3-tone SB Esquire for this very reason when it was displayed at Songbirds in Chattanooga. Can’t recall the exact date. I think mid-60’s.
  8. theprofessor

    Nobels ODR-1?

    I play Telecasters and a Strat into bright Fender amps, and I love the sound of the ODR mini with that setup. I use it as a kind of foundational, always on sound, and then if I want a little hair on it, I use an Analogman Astro Tone. And when I want it to cut, I hit it with a Tubescreamer type.
  9. theprofessor

    Decode GE 6L6GC Dot-type date codes

    I haven't looked back to make sense of this again in a long time. But I've attached a document here that I made up once when I was trying to figure out the same thing. It is based on my interpretation of the description given on the website that @AntonyB cited above, I believe.
  10. theprofessor

    Sylvania tube box insert - insights

    Floofenschmidt-matched pair! Love it, @dsutton24 !
  11. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    Thank you very much! That is too kind!
  12. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    I agree. Again, it's not that there is anything wrong with Hoffman's layout. The layout is probably the reason it's quiet. But it's not ideal for a first-time builder, and you can still get a quiet PR build with the traditional layout.
  13. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    Thank you! Let me say first that I've built at least four Princeton Reverbs on this Hoffman layout. There's a reason I've done that: they sound great and are _very_ quiet. There is nothing _wrong_ with the Hoffman layout. But there are some things that annoy. For example, the main things that...
  14. theprofessor

    Eatman Juliet - new guitar design

    This is amazing. And true.
  15. theprofessor

    Surprised by a new Taylor GS Mini

    Thank you! I’d appreciate it!
  16. theprofessor

    Surprised by a new Taylor GS Mini

    Agreed! These things are great!
  17. theprofessor

    Surprised by a new Taylor GS Mini

    That’s gorgeous!
  18. theprofessor

    What's a good soundhole pickup?

    I quite enjoyed the L.R. Baggs M1A when I had a guitar with it. They also make a passive version.
  19. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    Thank you very much! I get my chassis from Zach Hunter in Little Rock. He has an ebay store. The faceplate is from Sandy Henry at Precision Design. Most of the components are from Doug Hoffman and from Tube Depot.
  20. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    Thank you! Yes, it’s a mid pot. Works very well.
  21. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    Here's the final pic of the inside of the working amp. I ended up taking the chassis out one more time to replace a 1M resistor in the tremolo oscillator string headed to V4, pin 1, with a 470k one to increase the tremolo intensity. Worked a treat!
  22. theprofessor

    Surprised by a new Taylor GS Mini

    FYI: Here are two pictures of bridge pins on this GS Mini. Taylor ebony pins on strings 1-3 and stock black plastic pins in strings 4-6.
  23. theprofessor

    Another Princeton Reverb Build

    Hahaha! Well I don’t mind you challenging me to do so!

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