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  1. John C

    Help with identifying the model of this Telecaster

    Sometimes the AVRI '52 Teles don't show up on Fender's lookup tool but as everyone says this one looks 100% legit from all the photos. I'll echo @TwangerWannabe's suggestion of contacting Fender's Consumer Relations ([email protected]) to see about the COA. The AVRI '52 Tele was...
  2. John C

    NGD - amazing Ernie Ball Valentine Trem

    As part of the active electronics there is a buffered output amp that is always on - it raises all settings to the same output level and is independent of the boost circuit. EBMM has that circuit on the Majesty/JP models, Cutlass models and the Luke III models.
  3. John C

    NGD - amazing Ernie Ball Valentine Trem

    Congrats!! Valentines are great guitars (as are all EBMMs); the natural finish really brings out the grain on yours.
  4. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Hmm - everything I've read says mid 1971.
  5. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    No; the first 3-bolts show up about the fall of 1971, so the first full year was 1972.
  6. John C

    Figuring out fender part numbers.

    What kind of MIM Jaguar? Player series? Classic series? Vintera series? Something else? Current models have the "Service Manual" - which includes the parts list - linked on their product page. There's a line of buttons that say "Highlights", "Specs" and "Support" under the "Features" bullet...
  7. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    It appears so - particularly for the 70s-model Tele Deluxes and Customs which were all introduced in 1972. I have no idea why they picked these particular years since they're evidently going to use the actual year of introduction (1972) for the Thinline model. I suspect they chose these years...
  8. John C

    (Now with photos) Convert Fender Telecaster American Pro II from 3 to 6 saddles, help

    Which does not fit the American Pro II Tele - or any American Standard/American Series/American Professional 1st generation Tele. The holes for the strings are in a different spot closer to the saddles than they are on other Teles that use the vintage-spec bridge dimensions.
  9. John C


    I agree - basically to the spec of an MIJ Standard assembled in the USA and sold as an export-only model, which is why they have an MIJ-style serial number decal. I've heard a couple of rumors that these might have even been made during the training of the assembly workers for the Ensenada...
  10. John C

    Dating an 1980s 52 AVRI Telecaster

    Given the serial number is 4 digits I suspect it would be 1988, but that's just a guess.
  11. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Looks like Fender's policing their information embargo on the new series; we'll have to wait another week - the announcement is set for October 4.
  12. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    I never was able to play a '66 from that series; the closest I got was '69 Time Machine NOS with a rosewood fingerboard that I got in trade for a PRS. Very nice guitar but at that time I was more into set necks and sold it to fund a Collings 290.
  13. John C

    NGD - 2022 Fender American Pro II Strat

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm enjoying it so far - over the weekend I decked the tremolo and swapped in Fender locking tuners (just for convenience because I hate trying to get good winds on the Fender short post tuners - I thought hard about putting on the Classicgear vintage split...
  14. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Agreed; that was always a Custom Shop model in the old Time Machine series - they had a '66 with the transition logo and a '69. You could even get the '69 maple board version with either a maple cap or the full maple neck w/skunk stripe for a while. The '66s were either rosewood or a maple cap.
  15. John C

    NGD: Bill Asher Custom T-Deluxe Translucent White w/ Biltoft Blade Pickups & Varitone Knob

    Congrats! What a beautiful guitar; Bill does some very cool variations on the classic instruments.
  16. John C

    NGD - 2022 Fender American Pro II Strat

    I've been seeking a Strat to replace the Schecter Nick Johnston that I've had since last September - the NJs a great guitar, super value, but it also has a thinner neck with a flatter radius than what works best for me. The NJ was sold a few weeks ago, but I've been "auditioning" since June...
  17. John C

    American Vintage II - coming October

    Unfortunately I can't get to any of these here in the USA - I've tried a few different google combinations and still come up empty. I agree, some of these years are unusual choices. I suppose they're using 51 for the blackguard Tele just to differentiate it from previous versions - I know...
  18. John C

    Tele Serial Number Question

    Glad the mystery is solved; I should have said "not a USA Fender" instead of "not a Fender"; I freely admit to not knowing all the MIJ models. And it's a shame that someone tried to make a really nice MIJ into a counterfeit USA.
  19. John C

    43mm nut but thicker neck?

    I don't think so - the "Deep C" is .820" at the first fret and .920" at the 12th fret. Here are the alternatives: The AO 60s Tele has a thicker neck - .835" at the first fret and .975" at the 12 fret but it's 42mm nut width The AO 70s Tele Custom also has a thicker neck - .850" at the first...
  20. John C

    2009 American Standard Tele Locking Tuners?

    If you want locking tuners Fender Deluxe Locking Tuners are a quick and easy swap. They currently come 2 ways - staggered (3 tall, 3 short) or all short post. The standard tuners are 2 tall/4 short but there won't be any issues with using the 3/3 staggered or the all short. Otherwise there...
  21. John C

    Serial Number / Colour Discrepancy

    I did the lookup on and the OPs Tele does indeed come back as a maple board BSB that was entered into Fender's database in 5/2018. Considering the American Pro bridge is unique to that model and won't fit on an MIM body, an American Performer body or an AV/AO body without...
  22. John C

    G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy…cord barely stays in the input jack

    That's probably what I was thinking of - I read a post years ago where someone mentioned they had that tool and they thought it made it easier to remove that type of jack.
  23. John C

    G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy…cord barely stays in the input jack

    Maybe I'm wrong but I thought I read on the guitarsbyleo forum something about needing a special tool to remove these - is that correct? At least G&L finally quit using these and went to using a mounting plate several years ago.
  24. John C

    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    I had forgotten all about it, but I believe all American Original bodies and necks have these stickers that read "American Classic" - I suspect that at some point just prior to the introduction of the series Fender changed the name, but they kept these stickers because they already had the bar...
  25. John C

    Tele Serial Number Question

    Many of those serial number lookup sites only recognize the format - and that would be a legit serial number format for either 1999 (but most 1999s would have 6 numbers after the "N9" part) or 1990 (those were mistakes due to how the decals were printed) - but the 1990 serial numbers were on the...