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  1. fasteddie42

    So I have the choice between THESE two...

    sunburst, every time pay in full, every time.
  2. fasteddie42

    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    dude.. would you rather your guitar be made in mexico by a mexican or in america... by a mexican? guitars produced in America simply cost more.. because of a larger overhead not a discernable quality difference. both factories pull from the same pool and level of talent I went through...
  3. fasteddie42

    Little one here very first

    peppers are pretty easy, most things are really. main things: good soil good nutrients (I use organic dry amendments which are various blends of bat guano and bird droppings) good grow light make sure to "top" your peppers check and balance your water's PH (I use citric acid to bring...
  4. fasteddie42

    Little one here very first

    I grow outdoor organic using a mixture of dry amendments and compost teas: habanero jalapeño carolina reapers artichokes bell peppers tomatoes marijuana ask away!
  5. fasteddie42

    Bee box cab, should I glue this crack?

    if you have to ask.... just do what you already clearly know needs to be done. it only needs to be done right once. okay.... I'm done quoting my dad.
  6. fasteddie42

    best finish for slightly flamed Alder Body?

    the answer is always sunburst
  7. fasteddie42

    Just watched Ricky Gervais’ Super Natural

    Because he addressed this exact thing, read his own words. Pryor was known and quoted the he believed that comedy was meant to lessen peoples hatred of others.
  8. fasteddie42

    Just watched Ricky Gervais’ Super Natural

    I liked ricky. I liked his past work I loved his golden globes rant about self serving and virtue signaling rich people. his new special sucks. for those who invoke the name of pryor and carlin, they would have a field day with him. he is clearly a very threatened edgy boomer. It's going...
  9. fasteddie42

    Fender American Classic Series (AO Replacement?)

    welp I'm a big fan of the AO series speccs, looks like I'll be keeping an eye out for them as they get phased out.
  10. fasteddie42

    Songs full of "whoah oh whoah oh whoah oh oh whoah..."

    this just in.... old man doesn't like stuff... yells about it.... claims it's the kids, is shown a long established history of the exact same thing.... old guys doubles down :lol:
  11. fasteddie42

    Is this decal right?

    not a real custom shop.
  12. fasteddie42

    what´s the "magic 6" on fender amps about?

    listen to @Wally louder is more good when volume is low, boost the eq when the volume is cooking, cut the eq (even down to zero if need be) this is how fender amps work
  13. fasteddie42

    "Perfect" gigging amp

    super reverb reissue and put it in a head cab.
  14. fasteddie42

    Sleeps with the fishes... til, uh, climate change...

    don't worry, we're doing a fine job of that ourselves. or maybe worry.
  15. fasteddie42

    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    contact me for I.B.D.B.C.D.I.I.C.T. bracelets if brook dale bill can do it, I can too.
  16. fasteddie42

    the dissapointment of it all

  17. fasteddie42

    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    *cringe* sure dude.
  18. fasteddie42

    Guitar Center Trade-In Experiences

    just take the time to sell the other guitars. you'll have more money to put towards your new instrument, no need to let GC make easy money off of you.
  19. fasteddie42

    Are necks with circular wood grain stable?

    the wood grain you see is entirely about how it was cut. different cuts of wood reveal different wood patterns. flat sawn is when grain is horizontal, rift sawn is when it's diagonal, and quartersawn is when the wood grain is vertical. long story short, no, this type of wood grain pattern...
  20. fasteddie42

    Classic Vibe 50s Tele - Good Project Guitar?

    imo the beauty of a good squire classic vibe is no mods are needed until they are needed. the great thing about them is you're ready to get to making music.
  21. fasteddie42

    Tuff Dog Tele: Real or fake?

    color looks off and the back should have more figuring.
  22. fasteddie42

    Have i bought a fake?

    normal Fender MiM from that period.
  23. fasteddie42

    At least 65% of guitar players I see are completely unaware of how volume and tone controls work.

    so this is an "old guys ranting" moment and not a teaching moment?