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  1. codamedia

    Why do people pay more than they should for reissues?

    I don't know all the amps, but the DSL(20/40)CR line is nowhere near the quality of the RI Fenders. If you really want to make some comparisons, compare them to the HOT ROD line, not the RI line.
  2. codamedia

    Why do people pay more than they should for reissues?

    That is a very difficult notion for a forum full of vintage enthusiasts. I would also suggest that not everybody is buying amps as an investment... they are just toys for some, and tools for others. The new RI is going to sound good and be trouble free for many years, the vintage amp may still...
  3. codamedia

    NMD - New Modeler Day

    Congrats on the new modeler. These latest gen modelers really have changed the landscape. I bought into the Helix platform about 4 years ago and absolutely love it, but I know I would have been just as happy with the GT-1000, a Fractal or a Kemper. Dig in, learn how to get the most out of it...
  4. codamedia

    Riddle me this Batman....

    It's impossible to know for certain without hearing the melody that comes with it... or where it actually resolves. however... That's exactly how I imagine those chords in that pattern.... so in that case, the Key would be C
  5. codamedia

    Hiwatt Lead 50 Speaker Choice

    I guess I can't say for certain, but I am pretty sure they kept with those speakers for the the entire 80's.... Biacrown and Turntone era's.
  6. codamedia

    Hiwatt Lead 50 Speaker Choice

    Outside of an added gain stage, it is very much a classic Hiwatt tone. In the 80's, those amps cabinets sold with "Hiwatt Legend Series" speakers... which are an OEM version of a FANE Medusa. I've owned two Hiwatts (late 70's 2 input models) and ran them through EV loaded cabs, but I can't...
  7. codamedia

    Recommendations for budget FRFR bare speakers?

    I wish I could delete a post... sorry people, wrong info.
  8. codamedia

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    This thread has reached ridiculous levels of hyperbole... It's pretty simple... if you don't like it, or don't trust it.... DON'T BUY IT! I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I needed an amp. I'm 100% confident it would cover my needs (tone and reliability) for the time I would need it.
  9. codamedia

    going amp-less?

    The Modeling Amp sub forum would be a good place for this topic... That's pretty common in the modeling world... Or... send to a powered cabinet or a pair of powered cabinets and do away with separate power amps/cabs. There is...
  10. codamedia

    I guess I am finally done seeking the perfect amp

    Congrats... that's how you do it! Forget the hype and forget chasing the latest and greatest. A well designed SS amp with a lot of headroom is a perfect compliment for a pedal board.
  11. codamedia

    Sideman Stories

    Back in '86 I had the chance to play guitar with a 20 year old girl that loved to sing honky tonk country. It was a small dingy club in her hometown in Northern Ontario... she had a ridiculously powerful voice, impeccable pitch and was loaded with stage persona. It was just a few shows... but I...
  12. codamedia

    GenX-ish with some more modern covers too Setlist (submitted for approval)

    Here in Canada it's a Gen X anthem... The hit of the snare and the chug of the guitar fills a dance floor in any venue instantly. Do it right, and it's a fun tune to play. @blowtorch ... I love the tunes your putting together... I'd be pitching to add this one to the list.
  13. codamedia

    Still Rocking Peavey Gear?

    I've still got a Peavey Special 130 among my amps. I used it nightly in the 80's and early 90's... today it's old reliable when I need a grab n' go. I've also got a Peavey Blazer 158 but I can't rock that little thing, it's what I grab for low volume rehearsals. One group I play with has a...
  14. codamedia

    UAFX Dream 65, Woodrow, Ruby. Are they really that good?

    The term is used by many to describe odd "crackling" overtones.... often in modelers. However, those same sounds exists in tube amps but they are often masked by a speaker and cab placement/direction. Put a mic on that amp and listen through studio monitors... there is it, to varying degrees...
  15. codamedia

    I’ve got the itch again…

    That is correct... the teal stripe bandit already included the transtube circuitry, they just didn't give it a marketing name yet. I'm the opposite of you... I really like the bold tones from the SOLO series. Mind you, I don't have experience with the Bandit 65 of that era... I've always owned...
  16. codamedia

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    First, your understanding of "watts" between the two amps is not correct... that's been addressed by the post above already. Second, you are judging a value of an amp solely on it's wattage without considering the build quality, materials or tone.
  17. codamedia

    Fender tonemaster gut pics?

    Thinking ahead? That's actually thinking "back"... to the late 90's. Tonemaster updates are much easier than that. Just like most others (including newer POD's since you mention them) they simply release a new firmware version and you update the product via USB. Fender could easily give users...
  18. codamedia

    what songs taught you the most?

    For me it wasn't a song, it was a style. A style I don't actually play. Like most here... music came to me in bits and pieces with every song I learned over the years. The epiphany came when I was immersed in a Bluegrass camp for a week. The secrets to music completely unveiled themselves and...
  19. codamedia

    Ever Buy A Pedal/Effect Even Though It's Not Your Style Because Of Hype/GAS?

    "Ever Buy A Pedal/Effect Even Though It's Not Your Style Because Of Hype/GAS?" Yes, quite a few over the years. Do I still own any of them? No! Do I still fall for hype... no! I've learned to see through all of that - with pretty much everything in life.
  20. codamedia

    Marshall in the 1970s...what was their flagship amp for that decade?

    The 4 hole 1959 and the 1987 ruled the early to mid 70's... Those are often referred to as a "Super Lead" but I think that name only truly applied to the 100 watt model. They are also referred to as a "plexi" by many but technically that is incorrect. When someone say's PLEXI, they are often...
  21. codamedia

    Never playing another gig without a flat-response cabinet.

    You have to be comfortable on stage... and learning how to "monitor" your modeler is an important step that many overlook or dismiss. I'm glad you found something that works well for you. I'm good with stage monitors... but they can be hit or miss depending on the quality of the gear and the...
  22. codamedia

    GLX-D Wireless system...

    It's actually 2.4g... and yes, it has been getting very congested. However, something to keep in mind is that as more and more items move to 5.8g, 2.4g is going to start becoming less congested again. The best thing you can do it take interest in all the wireless units on your stage. Find the...
  23. codamedia

    DSL40CR - Bass control not working

    FIXED.... My initial hunch was correct.... C52 was completely dead. Once I replaced that cap the low end came to life.
  24. codamedia

    DSL40CR - Bass control not working

    Can you explain how that might be possible? On a healthy DLS40CR the positions of all switch options have plenty of low end and a functioning bass control. If that switch was failing I would expect it to still lock into open or closed... so I'm not visualizing how C53 would completely eliminate...
  25. codamedia

    DSL40CR - Bass control not working

    I am in possession of a DSL40CR in which the bass control does not function. The rest of the tone stack is fine (treble/middle), it is just the bass that appears to be stuck at 0 (off). A different preamp plugged into the effect return of the DSL has lots of lows, so I believe the PI/Power...