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  1. Buckocaster51

    Home and vehicle to grid.

    Go for it. :wink:
  2. Buckocaster51

    Paint & Primer

    The way cars are painted today is base coat- clear coat. You’re in NY. You should be able to find a place that caters to auto collision repair shops. PPG Universal Base is where you get the color. Clear with two-part automotive urethane. A gallon of urethane will cost you in excess of 2...
  3. Buckocaster51

    1975 Cold Case Solved In Our County!

    I have an ex-coworker who visibly pales anytime DNA testing and services like 23AndMe are mentioned. Sort of makes a person wonder.
  4. Buckocaster51

    So what's going on with daylight savings time?

    My thoughts? It is Daylight Saving Time. We are “saving” time not “savings” time. I love it here in the Midwest
  5. Buckocaster51

    A question for astronomy folks

  6. Buckocaster51

    Lacquer supply question: Highland Green?

    Go get a pint of Universal Base. Coat it with the clear of your choice.
  7. Buckocaster51

    What's The Best Book You've Read Recently?
  8. Buckocaster51

    Visible scratches after primer...should I be concerned?

    Ge5 your body work done before you apply the color.
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    Moose Fights

    In another life I was sleeping on the ground in Nat Forest in Idaho or Montana. I woke up with a round tongue licking my face. I looked up and there Bullwinkle in all of his glory standing over me. That fellow was BIG I tell you. BIG
  10. Buckocaster51

    New to me 1976 Martin HD-28

    I have a 73 D-28 and as far as I can tell, the bridge/saddle is/are in the correct place. I am sure that there were many sets of "templates" to assist in bridge placement with varying degrees of "wear". Martin produced 20,000 or so guitars in 1973, most of them D-sized. That's a hundred or so...
  11. Buckocaster51

    Another Candy Sparkle Jaguar

    I think it is something I bought at the airbrush store. It is dialed way back. It doesn’t puff… it huffs. I covered the cavities with CA glue and tape prior to flaking. They will be shielded with copper foil during assembly.
  12. Buckocaster51

    Another Candy Sparkle Jaguar

    5-10 lbs/in^2 lower seems to waste less flake
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    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    Collings Clarence White Adirondack over straight-grained Brazilian One of the 5 best sounding flattops I have played
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    Another Candy Sparkle Jaguar

    Once the last coat of clear has “cured” for a few weeks, I sand it flat with 1000 grit on a small Ingersal-Rand air-powered tool. 6” discs Then run through the grits - 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000. The last three are films rather than gritted paper. Then I buff it with two different...
  15. Buckocaster51

    MLB Part Deux

    So… What exactly is a Golden Sombrero? Three strikeouts in a game? Or Three strikeouts taking the third strike?
  16. Buckocaster51

    Farewell to the World's Queen

    The last thread about QE2 was closed because people couldn’t avoid pontificating from a soapbox. Just like this thread. Closed
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    My car and your car are like dull blades cutting through the air

    Wind resistance varies as the cube of the velocity. Going fast takes more energy than going less fast.
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    Western Wear

    Look here
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    Nortriptyline for Tinnitus

    This is in our rules: MEDICAL/QUASI-MEDICAL OR HOMEOPATHIC DRUGS/SUPPLEMENTS: You cannot use the TDPRI to provide medical advice for others to use specific drugs or supplements. Offering specific medical advice and/or the recommendation of specific doctors, treatments, drugs or supplements will...
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    Great Live Country Albums?

    Flatt and Scruggs at Carnegie Hall Buck Owens at Carnegie Hall Charlie Pride at Panther Hall Jim Reeves In Stage
  21. Buckocaster51

    New to me 1976 Martin HD-28

    you are talking about a D-76.
  22. Buckocaster51

    Thirty-three years around the sun with THIS woman!

    Congrats! We are celebrating 83 … months … this weekend.
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    RIP Queen Elizabeth

    We have a rule on TDPRI banning politics. Because the Queen was a nice, elderly lady who lived her dogs, we have let this thread continue. But you boneheads that have insisted upon standing in your own personal soapbox and yapping away have taken this away from apolitical mourning thread is...
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    New VW electric van progress.

    You can grouse about stuff all day long. Or you can do something about it. This is one of the things we have done. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. But do something. ;) Our system(s) will pay for themselves in a bit less than 7 years. We have 2 (two) of them, one residential and one...