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    Tua Tagovailoa's injury last night was difficult to watch. What were they thinking?

    As a life long football player (well, until high school ended 4.543 yeas ago) and life long football lover, its hard to see this happen. Back when I played, if it wasn't a compound fracture (ala Joe Thiesmann) you were good to go and somewhat of a weenie if you didn't man up and go back in...
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    Spooktator Jr amp

    Simply killer. WOW! Does it sound as good as it looks?
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    The best country singer . . .

    They are all the best! Don't forget Keith Whitley! Lefty left a great legacy in that many of the greats state their love, appreciation and inspiration from Lefty. We all have our fav's....for me, it's Merle. I sure dig many of the ones listed here, but for me, Merle is the man.
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    Jackie made an apple pie today

    MMMMNNNN! Rum cake! Will she ship? Once in a while, my wife will make a rum cake or (equally freakin' KILLER) Sherry cake. One of those things I have to pretend it's just "OK".....when in reality, I want to use my fork to stab anyone thinking of taking a bite! I WANT IT ALL! So, so, so good.
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    Jazz guys: Why do I like Julian Lage?

    Great playing is great playing and great music is great music. When the two collide, look's absolute magic!
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    The Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man - 11/2/1972

    Dickie.....what a player. Beautiful tone, touch, taste, technique, phrasing, etc, etc.......such emotion.
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    WHERE DO YOU KEEP ALL YOUR LUTHIER STUFF. (Long post!) hero! You are the man bro
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    Have you ever accidentally tatooed yourself?

    Well, I've been screwed and blued, but never tatooed......ok, just once.
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    Hail to bill Kirchen.

    "Born at the junction of form and function" that's not only a great line, it perfectly describes a telecaster.
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    Picked up a Crate Vintage Club 20. I'm very impressed.

    I've come across two of them for a very good price, Unfortunate that I was el broko both times. Great, great little amps.
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    Badlands Biker Bad Boy!

    Gitcher motor runnin'.....head out on the highway....or, to Wall Drug....
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    NGD! Custom K-Line Truxton

    So cool! Congrats. Great looking guitar.
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    Football again!

    Welcome back Russ! Thanks for 10 great years. Best to you and your legacy wish. Good luck for the season.....starting next week of course! Go Seahawks!!!! Here's hoping Penny can keep the "Henryish" running going. Geno to DK for the win! (Aerosmith's Dream On just came to mind...Hmmm)
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    Driving rant - Stoned or On the Phone

    Yep, that's my thinking....cause if I recall correctly, "When Gidget went Hawaiian, she went Hawaiian all the way!" Lord...I am OLD!
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    Thirty-three years around the sun with THIS woman!

    That is AWESOME P-nutz. Congrats to you and the Misses. Still crazy after all these years!
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    Share your best "Dad joke"

    My dads version: How do you catch a polar bear? Dig a big hole in the ice and line it with frozen peas. When the bear comes to take a pea, kick it in the ice hole..... Another from dear ol dad: What's the best way to cook kidney? Boil the piss of it!
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    Songs about jail/prison

    Has anyone mentioned The Green Green Grass Of Home yet?
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    Need Some Plumbing Advice

    Now that's what I call a bidet!
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    "My '59!"

    I used to call my girlfriend My Sharona. However, she soon left me as her name is Lucy.
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    Sweetest Songs About Pure Horndoggin'

    Why don't we do it in the road?
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    RIP Kelly Joe Phelps

    Just found out a few weeks ago bout his death. I knew Kelly back in the day. He was teaching guitar at a little music store. At 16-17 years of age, he could play Chet Atkins/Merle Travis style so well your jaw would drop. He was born with a true musical gift. What he did with the lap slide...
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    New Benbo Pickups

    So glad to hear you are winding! A broadcaster pickup you wound for me (plus several other pickups) was a special one. Cool to see you back.
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    I'll wait for the Waza craft version....'The Shart'.....much juicier tones and an explosive vibe with a surprise in store.
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    Johnny Winter- Mean Mistreater - Be Careful With A Fool

    Out On A Limb......Baby! Or, Memory Pain. Classic, classy blues. I owe much of my lust to play the guitar to John Dawson Winter. For me, he was it back in the day. Nice to have reminders of how great he was.
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    How to describe the distortion in looking for...

    Vox Percussive Repeat is what you need! Electric Prunes and more. plugs right into your guitar! If I wasn't ready for bed, I'd post a pic, but suffice t say. it does the trick!