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  1. ndcaster

    Post the awesome coffee mug you're using this morning

    made by some nameless college kid in a pottery class
  2. ndcaster

    Your Oldest Possession?

    I bet you have a level of disgust lying around in the back of a drawer that's probably older my musical non-compliance dates to the early 70s when Mrs Hudak told me to use less pedal on her crappy piano in fourth grade
  3. ndcaster

    books you didn't finish

    Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury it was assigned in high school, I tried to get through the first ten pages, I then threw it out of the kitchen into the living room, aiming for the fireplace ten years later, someone told me the first chapter was narrated by a boy named Benjy with mental problems
  4. ndcaster

    Van Halen "Jump"- but no keys

    so much personality in that vocal love Dave
  5. ndcaster

    Your Oldest Possession?

    one of those knit neckties, a maroon one, from the late 1970s I'm not counting the box of mementos from my childhood that my mom sent me a few years ago, because they haven't been in my possession the last several decades oh, a Buck pocketknife I've had with me continuously since 1976 I think...
  6. ndcaster

    Find a pic of Chet Atkins playing a Telecaster

    another AI production
  7. ndcaster

    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    all I know is U2 sounded GREAT live Edge sounded great beautiful hi-fi sound, like it was coming from out of the clouds the whole is more than the sum of its parts
  8. ndcaster

    Would You Relocate To Mars If Given The Opportunity?

    dude there's no wifi on Mars
  9. ndcaster

    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    what's the "etc" is he threatening seriously to kill himself if not, I'm with @elihu
  10. ndcaster

    Advice on delay/echo

    this and this Tavo has great ears
  11. ndcaster

    So I finished my Viking 'Odincaster'

    All dressed up and ready for RagnaRock
  12. ndcaster

    Jojo Mayer

    anybody digging this
  13. ndcaster

    name the guitar and its owner.

    ah, Richard Thompson
  14. ndcaster

    name the guitar and its owner.

    Rory Gallagher
  15. ndcaster

    name the guitar and its owner.

  16. ndcaster

    name the guitar and its owner.

    John Lee Hooker?
  17. ndcaster

    name the guitar and its owner.

    this would be Andy Summers UPDATE: er, 28 pages later here's one we need the serial number
  18. ndcaster

    Which is worse: perceived arrogance or false humility?

    I think false humility is worse, because if you're perceived to be arrogant, you're already paying a cost. With false humility, you don't know yet. It's probably best to know what you're doing. You never know who's married to whom.
  19. ndcaster

    How did Nickelback become the butt of so many jokes?

    I don't know Nickleback, but is this question answerable? Search for the early reviews by date and do some fancy databasin'?
  20. ndcaster

    My dream car.

    I have three dreams a fuel-efficient Model T or an (electrical-harness-reliable) MGB for town my F-150 for country and a great fuel-efficient and auto-driving-capable larger vehicle with flight capability for trips
  21. ndcaster

    GOAT - Best Live Blues Performance

    this one that's the blues
  22. ndcaster

    What Do You Use When You Want to go Bare Minimum???

    playing completely dry depends entirely on the room, so my minimum is something that would give me enough time to react to my playing, like reverb so where does THAT desire come from? I think it comes from wanting to be able to edit on the fly and where does THAT desire come from? I think it...
  23. ndcaster

    Let's Be Honest Performers...What is your range?

    7 to around 16k in headphones I feel sheltered
  24. ndcaster

    GenX-ish with some more modern covers too Setlist (submitted for approval)

    so what's the list so far I always liked this one