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  1. Davecam48

    Building your own guitar case?

    I built a case months ago to send an old school friend and band member a guitar I made him about 8 -10 months ago. I made it from thin plywood with foam which was all secured by about ten million wood screws, with a note to please return to sender (which he did!) The cost of building this one...
  2. Davecam48

    I forgot to drill a hole between pickup cavities for wires. Solution/s?

    A few years ago I did something similar and forgot to make a wiring access path from neck pickup cavity to the rear pickup position. I ended up using a new welding rod which I flattened the end of and shaped and filed it into a crude drill bit at the end. Using a speed controlled drill I...
  3. Davecam48

    Ukrainian refugees update - loooooooong post!

    You people are doing great work!!!! Do the Russian military try to hinder you from removing the locals or do they not give a damn??? DC
  4. Davecam48

    Crazydave's 2021 Brotherhood Build: My Design

    Ah the tried and true "Pull saw!" I have two of them one short blade and a long which seems to be used the most. Great tools and mine have aged well, they'd both probably be close to 10 to 12 years old! Don't know about sharpening them but so far has not been required in the time I've had...
  5. Davecam48

    Processing/Dimensioning Lumber

    This morning I used my 6" jointer to process a piece of timber to make a bridge for a small acoustic unit I'm making for a very good friend of mine. The jointer doesn't get used a lot, but when a job requires a perfectly smooth surface and very accurate overall thickness, you can't beat a...
  6. Davecam48

    Triton or Dewalt Plunge Router?

    I have about 3 hand held router and I always try to get them with a well built case that allows a decent range of depth control. Just today I used one to trim the top and back of a small acoustic unit I'm building for an ex school mate/ band member and best friend who lives quite a fair...
  7. Davecam48

    New idea for a guitar spray rack

    Will the over-spray be a problem with your drive-way or will you actually spray them over the grassed area? DC
  8. Davecam48

    What five people in the history of guitar would you most like to personally thank if you could?

    I suppose you'll tell us that Jesus played Gospel? DC
  9. Davecam48

    Scale length, nut and fret position question

    For several years now I have only made necks using a ZERO FRET arrangement and using my Stew Mac fret ruler. There is a white plastic thing ( or aluminium) that looks like a nut, but in reality is a string spacer which sits closely behind what looks like the first fret but in reality is the...
  10. Davecam48

    Greetings from Brisbane

    Welcome from Dave in Bundy!!! DC
  11. Davecam48

    R.I.P Les Moore welcome Les Paul

    Hell Dave you're just a baby, wait until you really get old!!!!!! DC
  12. Davecam48

    R.I.P Les Moore welcome Les Paul

    Doing not too bad for an old Fart Dave! A few left over minor problems after the surgery I had last year but the Doc tells me it's fairly normal after what I had for old dudes like us! You OK Dave??? It's a P. I.T.A. getting old isn't it. DC
  13. Davecam48

    R.I.P Les Moore welcome Les Paul

    Here lies Les Moore Four shots from a 44 No Less No More! DC
  14. Davecam48

    Thingee, Doohickey, etc.

    The real term is "Doover" "Over here in some parts anyway!" DC
  15. Davecam48


    Similar thing happened when I retired from my last job of many years which involved calibrating electronic medical equipment which I did all over Australia for several years. One of the big wheels from head office rang me at home asking me how to do something on a particular machine, and I...
  16. Davecam48

    Finessing that binding high E slot

    You'll probably poo-hoo what I'm going to say but have you tried a zero fret arrangement??? That's all I do now where the nut is actually a fret and the thing that looks like a nut is a string spacer with the slots lower than the top of the first fret which is the nut. You may think its...
  17. Davecam48

    Grinder recommendation?

    Regarding the battery operated units.........don't waste your money!! I bought one a few years for the convenience factor but it nearly broke me replacing the batteries quite often. My advice is to only use mains operated hand tools...........much easier to maintain and they don't flatten...
  18. Davecam48

    New Shop Building Project...

    Hi Jim! It's going to be a big plus for your property when done!!! Just a small point...........Is the machine in this pic the "big orange machine??? To me it looks bright red!!! DC
  19. Davecam48

    Beginning My Guitar Journey - Telecaster #1

    Are the magnets on that pick-up in the last picture adjustable in height? You may find that the D and G open strings will have a different gain to the other four which could be a problem. DC
  20. Davecam48

    Beginning My Guitar Journey - Telecaster #1

    Very nice job! You can check for correct neck/fret and bridge position accuracy by lightly touching each string in turn on the position of the 7th 12th and 19th fret lightly and plucking once on it without pressing it to the neck. Each string should ring with a clean harmonic of that note...
  21. Davecam48

    Back and forearm cut/relief w/jigsaw?

    I have built a couple of bodies and used a farrier's file to produce the desired shape and depth of cut but the surface it leaves will always require dressing to a smooth surface with increasing grit value sandpaper. It takes a bit longer but the results are excellent. (usually) I also keep...
  22. Davecam48

    Nut Files

    With regards to cow/bovine bones, Years ago in China I bought some small articles at a road-side market stall to bring back to OZ as gifts for some family members. Among them was a large hair comb made from the horns of a wild buffalo which I had seen lots of on a touristy trip into a...
  23. Davecam48

    Nut Files

  24. Davecam48

    Nut Files

    Stuff up!!! I shall try to post again a post which cheaply and physically remedy the wobbly nut file syndrome!
  25. Davecam48

    Nut Files

    I have posted this previously! I have the StewMac files but had difficulties with the very thin ones which were hard to hold and make cuts without damaging the very thin ones! Regards DC