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  1. Skyhook

    speaking of art... what is your favourite?

    Carl Larsson ranks pretty high up for me.
  2. Skyhook

    Seriously? This has to be a joke

    I could see that happening, yeah... I've heard of cooks betting to see if they can make a guest eat a dishrag and like it.
  3. Skyhook

    What is your favorite overdrive/distortion pedal into a clean amp?

    Tried a bunch but I ended up with the Marshall Shred Master. It's been my drive-into-clean-amp -device for decades.
  4. Skyhook

    NG-F-KD, sort of

    I'm sure it is! Beautiful RG btw! I've got nothing against Floyds so long as my guitar tech sets them up and hands them to me. They're great fun to use. Only thing is... I don't have a guitar tech! Until the day I do, I play hardtails(Strat-type bridges qualify as hardtails for me). I compensate...
  5. Skyhook

    NG-F-KD, sort of

    I'd actually prefer that to having to set up a 12-string Floyd Rose. That's why I haven't bought anything floatier than a Strat bridge since 1994.
  6. Skyhook

    Shecter Omen Extreme 6 review: the great, good, bad, and ugly

    Forgot to mention... mine also had fret ends you could grate cheddar with out of the box. Luthier fixed that as well. One day when the troubles subside... make sure you do! People think Finland is like that. True, but that's just in the winter though. Look at what it's like in the summer...
  7. Skyhook

    Shecter Omen Extreme 6 review: the great, good, bad, and ugly

    Funnily enough, the guitar I acquired before my Telecaster was a Schecter. It's an Omen Diamond Extreme 7-string BCH. The action was rather painful out of the box, but I took it to a luthier for a general setup and that fixed it. I've gigged and recorded with that thing.
  8. Skyhook

    harley benton twoface

    My American Sound is branded Harley Benton(as opposed to Joyo). It works so far. 🙃
  9. Skyhook

    GenX-ish with some more modern covers too Setlist (submitted for approval)

    Here's a couple of staples from my setlist when we did covers. These should tick your specs: - Let Me Entertain You(Robbie Williams) - Oblivion(Terrorvision)
  10. Skyhook

    Help me to choose a second guitar...

    Of those I'd get the Les Paul Studio. It's a full-fat Les Paul(all the features), just missing some icing on the cake. Also, Les Pauls have through time carved themselves an impressive spot in both blues and classic rock.
  11. Skyhook

    Original 1978?

    See... this is why I don't buy used Fenders! Got nothing at all against them and would love to have some used Fenders but this... I mean, the only thing remotely raising a red flag for me was the placement of the Custom Shop logo. I am far too oblivious about the details and variations on...
  12. Skyhook

    Don't be like Stanley

    His parents must be so proud.
  13. Skyhook

    Putting rubber rings as strap locks

    Always! Don't you?! :oops:
  14. Skyhook

    Which other modulation or effect is most common in rock music?

    Yeah... some rotary speaker sim might be nice considering what you already have. If you play a hardtail you might also want to consider a whammy pedal. Set for moderate whammage it can simulate all kinds of wang bars quite nicely.
  15. Skyhook

    Paging Dr. Frankenstein, Paging Dr. Frankenstein ...

    Hell yeah it does! Great job! Now you know why I GAS for that thing! ;)
  16. Skyhook

    Paging Dr. Frankenstein, Paging Dr. Frankenstein ...

    Ayup... close is an understatement. I think I'll have to be mentally prepared to cut a piece from the pickguard.
  17. Skyhook


    Envious right here!
  18. Skyhook

    National Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Arrr... Ye scurvy dogs! Man the Telecast-arrrs! There be pointy guit-arrrs in these waters! Pictured: Arrrrrr!!!
  19. Skyhook

    Great guitarists who are far more interesting to watch than to listen to.

    Yeah... he can play guitar for sure. It's not his fault per se that Tattooed Millionaire was sub-standard as a whole. Although, guilty pleasure, I do like the title track. :twisted: However... Gers is no Adrian Smith! Neither as a guitarist nor as a song writer. This was painfully obvious when...
  20. Skyhook

    Guitars that "play like buttah" VS. ones you have to fight

    I use mostly .010's but I need the action to be as low as possible without buzzing and dead spots. You shouldn't have to "fight" your tools. Tools should be extensions of yourself when you create. Not obstacles to overcome to be able to create.
  21. Skyhook

    My passion for music is greater than my skill but...

    Welcome aboard! We need more posts about musical passion! Also: Cool guitars! :cool:
  22. Skyhook

    Paging Dr. Frankenstein, Paging Dr. Frankenstein ...

    So... one of my unattainable "when-I-win-the-lottery" -guitars is a Telecaster Custom with a thinline body. For some reason they do not exist. So... when I win the lottery I'll have Fender CS make me one. All good. However... on the off chance it might be a while before I win the lottery, I'd...
  23. Skyhook

    Should your rig fight with you a little, or help you out?

    [...] it keeps you keen in your hunt for a replacement. :lol: Ken Rockwell said this about cameras and it applies well to this situation also(paraphrased): "The job of the camera is to get out of the way so that the photographer can take his picture". His point is that as soon as you need to...
  24. Skyhook

    Have You Found Your Electric Guitar Gas-X. Something That Truly Remedied You G.A.S.?

    I don't think I'll ever be rid of GAS. I've had it in all areas all my life. That said, I'd need to win the lottery for the guitar-things that either got away from me or weren't even on the table due to meager finances. So, without further ado... my when-I-win-the-lottery -list: - Gibson Les...