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  1. Maricopa

    Steelin' Away

    Finally finished this one up 22.5" scale Alder body Ash neck Koa top and overlay Rosewood fretboard and Ivoroid binding Nitro finish Bone nut and brass saddle Lollar 'Chicago Steel' pickup and dual concentric controls
  2. Maricopa


  3. Maricopa

    Long Time Coming

    Don't even know how long it's been in the works. Bought the body wood (Catalpa) from a guy here on the Forum years ago. Top is 3 pieces (2 flatsawn, 1 Q-sawn) Wenge with birch veneer. Maple/Wenge/Birch neck w/ Maple board and overlay and Wenge markers. Matt nitro finish. Lollar 'Low-Wind'...
  4. Maricopa

    Fabulous T-Birds at Rockpalast 1980

    The Kings of Tone!
  5. Maricopa

    Definitely NOT a Tele...

    Here's a oddball one. I started this a hundred years ago when I was a staff member at the forum. Bill Moll, noted archtop maker, offered an on-line violin class so I thought what the hell, that might be fun. I got as far as joining the top and back and bending up the ribs when I...
  6. Maricopa

    Gotta Put 'Em Somewhere

    Walnut and oak 8 holer. Not big enough though, still have 5 more scattered around the house...LOL
  7. Maricopa

    Ash Grain Fill

    Got this sweet-ash (heh-heh) flamed ash top and back and would like to add a touch of color when I fill it. What's your favorite product to use with ash? It'll be a nitro finish.
  8. Maricopa

    DVD Players

    Just went to Best Buy to look at the offerings and they go from @ $50 :) to mid $200s :confused: to $1400. :lol: I have a really nice, but older hi-fi with a 3cu ft subwoofer and satellite speakers. I'm not interested in surround but need a player with RCA audio outputs...which my super cheap...
  9. Maricopa

    Pickguard Retrofit

    My friend Bob Cooper has done a bunch of cool mods to this Agile single cut. Custom P-90, a blend pot, etc. now he wants a pick guard fitted to it. I didn't want to pull it apart and the pickup route wasn't very clean to begin with so I started with some strips of manilla folder taped together...
  10. Maricopa

    This is nuts!
  11. Maricopa

    Tedeschi-Trucks TDC Series

    Sorry, there is just no better band on Earth right now. 11 people crammed into a little room with electric guitars, keys, horns and drums and they still sound this great. Speaks to the amazing professionalism and great ears on every member of the group....and whoever was recording this.
  12. Maricopa

    Thinline finally done

    Started this one 5-6 years ago but it's finally done. Sapele body and neck, RW board and backstrap, flamed Eucalyptus top, P-90s by Nashville's Clint Searcy. 500K pots, 3-way switch, Safe-T-Post tuners, half bridge with compensated saddles. Normal 25.5" scale. Nitro finish. The body was arched...
  13. Maricopa

    Cool Looking Pickups

    Got a new one coming together and want some distinctive looking (and good sounding of course) pickups for it. Plan right now is for a matt black/blackburst finish with the metal parts (louvered steel back is shown) finished somewhat like this National resonator. Surface mount are OK if they're...
  14. Maricopa

    Kid Ramos and the 44s

    Da Kid playing a Tele-style guitar I built a few years back. The guitar belongs to my friend Bob Cooper who's a long-time buddy of Ramos'. Always nice to see your work being used by a master.
  15. Maricopa

    Small Thickness Sander

    I saw one of these ages ago at Roberto-Venn and kept promising myself I'd build one...but never did, then I lucked onto this a couple weeks ago, built by an old guy who died and left it and whole bunch of other really crazy Rube Goldberg type woodworking machines in a shed behind his house. As...
  16. Maricopa

    When Life...or the router table....Gives You lemons

    Walnut (not lemon wood) to the rescue! ;) Pushed my luck too far and tore out a chunk of some really nice maple yesterday. I had tossed the neck into the scrap bin (after uttering some words that should NOT come out of the mouth I kiss my mother with) when I thought, "Hmm...maybe this will...
  17. Maricopa

    Lowered Tremolo Output on a Brown Deluxe

    Just what the description says, not nearly as much 'wiggle' as it's had for the last few years. Tube issue?
  18. Maricopa

    Well, we all knew it didn't we.....

  19. Maricopa

    Ampeg J-20 Issue

    At a gig Saturday my J-20 suddenly stopped making noise. The jewel is still lit and all the tubes are in the sockets, just no output at all. Going to pop off the back tonight and take a look but am looking for suggestions as to what to look for.
  20. Maricopa

    5F1 Chassis

    Does anyone make a 'head' style 5F1 chassis? I have a project that's been languishing because of some technical issues I've decided I can't overcome and I want to change up and make a separate chassis with a mesh cage over the tubes. I suppose I can make up my own but thought I'd check first and...
  21. Maricopa

    Gig Transport

    When you absolutely, positively have to be at the gig on time... :wink:
  22. Maricopa

    Big Jon Atkinson

    Just discovered this guy on a buddy's YouTube page. Holy cow, talk about authentic Chicago style! Here's two but there's a bunch of 'em.
  23. Maricopa


    Haven't bought a guitar in years but this one was too cool to pass up. It's a late'40s/early '50s 'Galiano' archtop. Most likely a re-branded Harmony made by Gibson. Solid pressed mahogany top and back, mahogany sides and a gigantic mahogany V-neck. Solid truss rod, BRW fingerboard. Neck is dead...
  24. Maricopa

    Muddy's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mr.Morganfield, wherever you are! The Real Thing And the pale (literally) imitation. :mrgreen:
  25. Maricopa

    We Missed The Boat Here

    Carlos Santana recently took a bath on his 7K + sq ft. Las Vegas pad. We could have pooled TDPRI money and scored a sweet time share.

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