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  1. Nubs


    New Shaker Day A couple of months ago I started jamming with some local guys, mostly acoustic. Since then, I have been experimenting with different percussion setups to suit the environment. A shaker has been a key piece the whole time and I decided it was time to upgrade from the egg shakers I...
  2. Nubs

    Plug in pest repellants

    Do these things work or no? My parents just sent me a bunch of them and claim they work great. They look like they were bought in the 90s. I'm extremely skeptical of them. What say you?
  3. Nubs

    Yellow Watermelon

    Anyone try it? I had no idea it was a thing until Tuesday when I picked some up from a local farm. When I cut into it, I thought it wasn't ripe yet. It's not bad, although I prefer the traditional type.
  4. Nubs

    What do you do?

    When you're done eating your take-out and you have to decide what to do with those plastic containers. Do you wash them and reuse them for something else, or just toss them out? I wash them and reuse them. I think they're pretty nice containers.
  5. Nubs

    One thing I love about summer

    Starting to grow a greater appreciation for the summer fruit!! Cherries, watermelon,'s all fantastic stuff!
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    Thingee, Doohickey, etc.

    What do you call that thing? You know...that thingamabob somethinorother...
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    New Concrete Pad Day Finally after waiting for weeks and having it bumped a few times, it's in! They poured it this past Friday: Now the waiting begins. In the meantime, I'd like to ask a couple of questions for those who know: 1. How long must I wait until I can put the cars in? Dude...
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    Unwanted, Unsolicited Mail

    Why does it exist nowadays? Over 99% of the mail I receive is junk. They're totally worthless sheets of paper which go straight to the shred bin without even opening them. Quite frankly it has soured me from regular mail altogether and I don't open it anymore. Does anyone actually reply to...
  9. Nubs

    Low Down & Dirty

    Decided to give bass a try, so I got a VERY nice Squier Jazz Bass and a Rumble 40. I really like the 70s vibe the bass has with the all black body, vintage tint maple neck, block inlays, and black neck binding:
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    A gig!!! I suffer from severe attrition due to a lack of jamming with others. so you can imagine my elation when I had the opportunity to play with my brother's band this past Sunday. I took a stripped down version of my drum kit there and used a cajon as a bass drum and shakers for a few...
  11. Nubs

    My New Hobby

    I have been starting a collection of cheap, small, old solid state amps. My latest acquision is a 63 Regal to go with my 75 Univox:
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    New Garage Day. I've been waiting since the beginning of the year to have it done. Finally, progress! Concrete gets poured in a couple of weeks, then we wire it up!
  13. Nubs

    Thinking about a car lift for the new garage.

    I have a standard jack and jack lifts, but I'm talking about something more heavy duty. I've been researching 2 and 4 post lifts, but really know very little about them. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Nubs

    Need wall art for the home office

    I'm nearing completion of my home office and need some wall decor. I'm partial to the demotivational pictures, but anything humorous will do. Any suggestions?
  15. Nubs

    Mom's got stage 4

    She has been battling various rounds of cancer for years now and has previously come out on top. Speaking with my father this evening, they have diagnosed my mother with stage 4 cancer. The doctors are going to do everything they can, but we all know how this turns out. I don't think the full...
  16. Nubs

    House Water Filter Systems

    Does anyone have a full house water filtration system installed? I would think the reverse osmosis style would be the most popular and I have been considering installing one in my place in MD. Pros and cons from those who have them? Thanks!
  17. Nubs

    Well that just sucks

    So I packed up at the end of last year and headed out of a 10 year stay in Texas to a promising new position in MD. Long story short, I was just let go today. Simply amazing...after all of the effort to pack up & move, find a new house, sell my existing house, I was told I "just wasn't what...
  18. Nubs

    Need a new wireless provider

    When I lived in TX, I had Xfinity internet and phone. Having recently moved from TX to MD, Comcast/Xfinity does not provide internet service to my new home. As a result, they apparently had no choice but to increase my wireless phone bill by $25/month. I called them and explained the situation...
  19. Nubs

    Liquid Drain Cleaner

    Does anyone have any experiences with drain cleaners like Drano, Liquid Plumber, etc. that have actually worked? Time and time again, I have tried variations of this product & followed the instructions exactly, only to end up with a nice smelling, clogged drain. I end up either snaking the drain...
  20. Nubs

    Olive Juice

    I am an olive fanatic. I prefer the darker ones like kalamata and plain black, but green ones are OK too. This morning when making lunch (salad), I finished off the olives and chugged the remaining juice. Soooo good!! Anyone else dig olive juice? Or any other unusual juice?
  21. Nubs

    Probably moving to Maryland next month

    After 10 years of living down here, the time has finally come to pack up and head back north. I received an offer from a bank and will be taking it. A little town on the Chesapeake called Chestertown is my destination. From the pics and videos I have seen, it looks like a great little town! I...
  22. Nubs

    Spotify Shuffle Play

    When I use Spotify, I always shuffle my playlists. I don't want to know what song is coming next. Although in most cases it works well, there are a few instances where some songs are played way more often than others. I have a playlist that contains nearly every song I like. 1114 songs, 80...
  23. Nubs

    12 seconds

    Not bad for a draggin' noob. 11.6 was my best yesterday...
  24. Nubs

    Friday Afternoon...

    Warning: this isn't a happy thread. My apologies in advance, as this is one of the few places I feel I can come to vent. Happens every Friday without fail. This weekend in particular... Sun's out, 3 day weekend, got things planned and looking forward to them...but I'm depressed. Usually I...
  25. Nubs

    Wrapping a Guitar Body

    I recently had the mirrors on my car wrapped in carbon fiber black. The guy did an excellent job with them, so I'm wondering if you could do the same thing with a guitar body. Instead of sanding the thing down, smoothing it, applying primer, color, drying, etc. whatever else the process is to...