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  1. nedorama

    New garage 2nd floor studio soundproofing

    Belt-driven door openers are quiet and less vibration. We installed a Marentec 15 years ago and it's still working great. Ensure the rollers are in good shape on the side and lithium grease helps to quiet them down. Other thing is are you feeling the vibration, or is it the noise of the...
  2. nedorama

    DIY Home studio Furniture

    I'm no Norm Abram, but in my home studio, the corner with my Tremolux was always kind of a mess; the wooden box to the right of the amp is actually a bookcase with my younger daughter's piano music, which she can't really get to. Now, she's got access to her music, my amp is right there, and I...
  3. nedorama

    SS vs Tube PA System?

    There, fixed it for you. I've seen too many people demanding to run stereo with either two much space inbetween the speakers, or they're too close and it's comb filtering. Mono works well for lots of spaces, and especially thinking about moving a speaker to keep it away from the bar. If they...
  4. nedorama

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Here's my latest version, which swapped out 2 delay pedals for the El Capistan and a Favorite button. I had previously been using a TC Flashback Delay set on tape to 350-450ms, and an Ibanez mini Analog Delay for slap. With the favorite switch, I can have both longer and slap at the press of a...
  5. nedorama

    SS vs Tube PA System?

    I love tubes, but 100 tube watts for a PA is not a lot. If you want it for vocals at a coffee shop, maybe, but for bars, etc. you want a lot more wattage for clean headroom. My QSC K-10 has 500 watts and it's clean and clear and reproduces whatever comes into it. I've also owned powered speakers...
  6. nedorama

    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Hot Rod Deluxe or Blues Deluxe, just tell him never to try the overdrive on the amp. Used by plenty as house backline. Hard to mess up. Depending on venue size, PA and monitors, I gig with either: 65 Tremolux with 2x10 cab (35 watts) - easiest to bring in case I don't know monitors, PA size...
  7. nedorama

    Why didn't my Fender Blues Junior IV cut it live?

    Should I be surprised at how may responses are "mic your amp through the PA" when the OP mentioned it's a tiny 300 watt PA? Always helpful to give suggestions based on the gear the OP has, not what would be great.😠😡 Just like how we used to tell newbies to Read The Fancy Manual, please read what...
  8. nedorama

    Seeking advice for outdoor gig

    Sounds like a fun gig! Singing and playing can be tough, and figure out what you can play vs. worrying about nailing the leads. Missing parts of the vocals is always more noticeable to people at shows like this vs. you nailing exactly the lead. Where will you be playing? If it's on asphalt...
  9. nedorama

    Fender Tweed Bronco before/after pics

    Nicely done! I had one for a while when I was going back from rack to amps. Fun SS amp for home practice.
  10. nedorama

    Comment by 'nedorama' in media 'IMG_0388.JPG'

    Your chiropractor thanks you. Hope you have a hand truck!
  11. nedorama

    What song do you usually open with?

    Tulsa Time - gives a chance to check levels, and ensure all vocalists have the right balance out front and on monitors, and guitar and keyboard solos for levels. Plus it's a fun song to get stuff started. Think more like Clapton's version on "Just One Night" but with 4 vocalists on the chorus...
  12. nedorama

    What Treble Booster?

    Used Keeley Java Boost? Has the OC44 transistor and some options on tone as well as level...
  13. nedorama

    Clean, High Fidelity, Low Noise 50-100 Watt Tube Amp

    What kind of places are you playing where you still need 50-100 watts, or is it more about the headroom? For a pedal platform, hard to beat a Showman head, regardless of condition as they're easy to work on and you can pair with the cab you want. Or buy a Twin Reverb - others are selling them at...
  14. nedorama

    NPD - Barber Gain Changer

    I've had my Direct Drive since 2000, but may need to add a Gain Changer as well!
  15. nedorama

    tweed super 2x10 speaker solution required

    If you're looking at a Celestion Gold 10, look at the Kendrick Black Frame 10. Great speaker and a great upgrade to my Princeton Reverb. Louder and more authentic than the stuff the Italian company that bought the Jensen name is producing. I'd also look at what WGS has.
  16. nedorama

    Pulling out my speakers on my Tone Master Twin Reverb.

    Have you checked that the tweed cabinet your getting fits your Tonemaster circuitry and speakers? Most repro cabs are built for the tube versions. Double check so you don't get a cabinet you can't use.
  17. nedorama

    $150 a lot of money to ship a used Fender '68 Princeton Reverb domestically.

    I've sold and shipped amps on eBay and Reverb. Never again. I had to use so much packing, double box method, and still you're at the mercy of UPS. Tip - if you're shipping an amp, put it in a large garbage bag first so that if you're using foam peanuts for the double box method you don't end up...
  18. nedorama

    Recommendations for simple guitar interface for MacBook Air.

    Get a used Scarlett 2i2 - works great, built well, and you have an extra input down the road if needed. I bought a used one for my daughter and a B-stock 18i20 3rd gen for me.
  19. nedorama

    Please recommend me an amp stand

    Have the same for my Princeton Reverb and it works great. Adjustable angle and fits in the back of the amp.
  20. nedorama

    Fender Mustang Micro

    Not a cheap shot. Before the pandemic shipping a 40' container from china was $3000. It's now $30,000. Those costs need to be absorbed somewhere...
  21. nedorama

    Recording an amp with reverb setting

    If it sounds good to you, it is good. I like the spring reverb on my Princeton Reverb and Dr. Z MAZ 18, but also like the dry sound of my Tremolux. Whatever you like is the right choice.
  22. nedorama

    How much amp do I need?

    Buy used for the best bang for your buck, as you'll find you can get a better amp for less than new. As people have traded to lighter rigs, if you have a dolly board or a caster, the older heavier ones sound great and you may get a deal. I'd go with a minimum 100w, preferably 200w solid state.
  23. nedorama

    Need New Interface - down to final 2

    I would get this over the others, and you can get them used to save money. I picked up a used Scarlett 2nd Gen 2i2 for $80 2 years ago for my daughter. Much better built than the Beheringer stuff. I've had bad luck with Presonus going back to the Faderport that I had to return twice for...
  24. nedorama

    How important is tube generated reverb and tremolo to you?

    Whatever works. I have reverb on two of my amps that sound great, but I also like a plate reverb on my amps in Pro Tools through the mic on the grill... or putting a mic 10' away to capture room sound. So answer is yes.
  25. nedorama

    Tuners: TU-3 or Polytune 3 mini?

    No love for the TU3-S? Saves a ton of real estate on pedalboards...

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