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    I have to wonder what the story is here!

    These poor folks with the "God Bless Signs" are the end products of Substance Abuse. ANYONE, A-N-Y-O-N-E can find a job in the current economy - if they can pass a drug test. When someone is 20 or older they need to receive The Memo that the party's OVER. There are Homeless People with...
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    TONE how soon is now MASTER VIBROVERB

    The 15" Combo to be precise... In Blonde with Wheat Grill & Tiltbacks. with Reverb & Tremelo. Weighing 33 pounds. Is Fender's Leadership beyond ignorant? Or terrified of Accountants like Housewives & Mice? I think BOTH.
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    How many of you have had issues with your Tone Masters?

    When Johnny Marr gets a ToneMaster Deluxe Reverb AND a ToneMaster Super Reverb it'll be a significant - as well as a poignant moment in Electric Guitar Culture.
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    Changing Strings- A distasteful chore

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    What music did you listen to as a young child?

    Count Basie & The Platters. My Dad knew everybody who worked in NYC. The Grooms & Hot Walkers at Belmont are The Guys who brought him to The Savoy which everyone who was Hip referred to as "The Track." Truly Horse Racing is STILL The Sport of Kings & Queens too. It's given My Family so much -...
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    No luck finding a good used guitar :(

    Assemble one Colo E, that way You get what YOU WANT - All Parts, Musikraft, and so forth. In these last two years I've seen some incredible instruments. BY FAR, my favorite is Noventa Tele with a HUGE Musikraft "D" Neck with the bigger shoulders ala a 1st generation Jeff Beck Signature but with...
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    10 most discussed/hyped/talked-up amps in TDPRI history (and does anyone still use a Cube 60 ?)

    I have my Cube 60 - still - always have loved it and have zero desire in regards to selling it. I LOVE Roland products for their Reliability & Value. *** From experience I believe that the Marshall Origin 20 Combo (10" speaker) will indeed become an "instant classic" as Players get spoiled to...
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    I wish grownups were running the world.

    Are You insinuating I'm NOT 15 years old??
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    Mega Millions Lottery = $1.025 Billion

    Consider this - You are 100,000 times more likely to pick up a Scratch Ticket off the ground with a million dollar prize... This is sound Mathematics that an M.I.T. grad student figured out in 2012. Nice huh?
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    Sick of Metal Roofing Ads

    I'm reroofing with a BIG TARP. $60.00 every three years. DONE.
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    Layoffs in Corona factory

    All Parts... All Parts...
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    What killed the bar scene?

    Won't go near ANY event serving alcohol. It's the equivalent of breeding stupidity.
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    Mega Millions Lottery = $1.025 Billion

    I'd search for The Fountain Of Ute.
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    Fly Rig users…question on low end

    Fly Rig "Richie Kotzen Version 1" and a small Peavey PA is a deadly weapon. Look out for this one it's scary.
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    Guitarists that perform while sitting down.

    Hmmm...Django, Charlie Christian, Grant Green, Barney Kessel, John Williams, Herb Ellis, Johnny Smith, Wes Montgomery, Tommy Tedesco, Muddy Waters.
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    Mountain Lion Sightings In The State Of Connecticut?(!)

    120 pound average male clocking and stalking the arrival & departure times of Humans, School Buses, Trash Days, Dog Walkers, Bike Riders... That's why My Friend.
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    Mountain Lion Sightings In The State Of Connecticut?(!)

    No You wouldn't. They've been around since 1986 - when I first found markings for territory in The Poconos. Today they're in The Foothills of New Hampshire but The State refuses to recognize them because all development would cease. Tracks were found in mud and snow - reported, and disavowed by...
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    Why The Decline In Guitar Forums Participation?

    At the risk of being banned I find it Impossible to ignore M5's assertion. It certainly has taken too much time to call out the 500 lb. Gorilla in the room. Myself - what I'm wondering is WHO OR WHAT currently controls TDPRI ... AND...what Board Of Governor's makes The Rules, chooses The...
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    Another mad at FedEx thread.

    There are Topics barred by TDPRI. Delivery is one barred by my Cardiologist...
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    Larry Storch, Comic Actor Best Known for ‘F Troop,’ Dies at 99

    "Take left at Rock that look like Bear. Take right at Bear that look like Rock." A tragic day for us all Agarn & Paulie Walnuts (10 Czechloslovak Interior Decorators & Lazer Beams at The Copa... F Troop was loaded with incredible Comedic Talent - perhaps the greatest in the medium of TV... Crazy...
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    Cottage Cheese...Yes or No?

    Yep!!! With Jello & Walnuts... Happy Fourth of July to All!!!
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    If you went from tube to solid state . . . . How come?

    I couldn't find a Polytone that wasn't a basket case BUT that gave me the opportunity to check out my first Roland Cube 60 which I bought used in good shape and still own today. Once I got a Roland it raised the bar on my expectations no doubt ESPECIALLY with a Hollowbody BUT NOW I simply favor...
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    I have never been more sure about this, but I'm also scared to death about it.

    I think don't walk. RUN!!! DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU. THIS IS TROUBLE. I think I'm gonna give You ... a sympathy hurl. IF I had a choice between co-habitation where I could LOSE EVERYTHING AGAIN or solitude / solitude wins hands down. Figures I read this day the day I end my self-imposed...
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    For those who play mostly rhythm, what kind of string set up do you use?

    Just about anything. If You really want to hone Your skills in a year's time get "BIG BAND GUITAR" it'll make You really sharp. I'm at the point where I like my stuff more than most other things, though I steal wherever and whatever if it fits. I deplore "covers" (which stems from having the...