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    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    I've never owned one but have always thought they were cool. Always thought it would be fun to have a Karmann Ghia convertible.
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    Best way to de-solder pots from PCB

    Chemtronics Chem-Wik desolder braid is the best solution I have found for desoldering components from pcb's...
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    Accessing Pathfinder 15 Input Jack

    The little black box is the input jack, there is no getting inside of it. They are easy to replace if yours is defective.
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    TC spark boost....pre or post tube screamer?

    Since you are using the Tube Screamer for a lead boost I would put it after the Spark. This will allow more control over the volume of your solos.
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    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    I believe my first was an original Marshall Guvnor which I stupidly sold somewhere along the way.
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    DSM & Humboldt Simplifier vs. Walrus Audio ACS1 vs. the Quilter Superblocks???

    Well I can only speak for the Quilter SuperBlock US. I bought one when they first came out. I think it sounds great and works perfectly for me. I have always been a pedals into clean Fender style amp player and this works perfect for that. I use xlr out at church and speaker out into a 10"...
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    My 5F1 build, more or less complete.

    Beautiful build! Regarding the cathode resistor, it's hard to tell from the pic but I would say as long as there is air space around it and it is not touching the other caps it should be ok.
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    AnalogMan/MXR Duke of Tone

    The KOT, POT, and Morning Glory are all based on the Bluesbreaker circuit. Just different flavors of the original recipe.
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    Delay In Finding My Delay

    I used to have one of these. I thought it sounded great and was easy to use. The size is why I got rid of it. It is basically 2 delays in one and I didn't really need that.
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    Compressor Pedal

    Suhr Woodshed is nice.
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    New pickups for a 1986/7 MIJ Tele?

    I have Dimarzio Twang Kings in my 1977 Tele. I love them. I also like Bootstrap pickups as well.
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    Quilter Amp Club

    I have the SuperBlock US. It is great. At home I plug it into a 1x10 cab, for playing out I use the xlr out. Works great for my needs.
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    Tom Petty(and the Heartbreakers) vs. Dire Straits?

    I like them both but Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are probably my favorite band. Mike Campbell is definitely one of my favorite guitar players.
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    Surprised by a new Taylor GS Mini

    GS Minis are great. Yours looks particularly nice!
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    NPD: Woodshed Compressor

    I have one, I'm a fan.
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    Old Fashioned drink recipe-do you have one?

    I love an Old Fashioned, don't really have any recipes so not much help. For those of you into essential oils and wanting to avoid sugar, Bourbon of choice, 1 Stevia, 2 drops Doterra Wild Orange, couple dashes of bitters of choice, a little ice, makes a nice beverage.
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    Standoffs: How tall?

    I just used 1/2" nylon standoffs from Tube Depot and they work nice.
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    Tele the world's best guitar?

    Well I have both so I guess I'm good :)
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    Goin' to Nashville - any advice?

    Roberts Western World, Carter Vintage Guitars, Gruhn Guitars, Hattie B's Chicken
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    Amp in a box or stick with the real thing?

    Plus the Quilter is an actual 25 watt amp to boot.
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    Amp in a box or stick with the real thing?

    I use the Quilter SuperBlock US in a similar situation and it works great!
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    Question RE Bootstrap lead time

    So far I have purchased an Extra Crispy Tele Bridge pickup, Golden Ale set for Strat, and now Vintage Clean Humbuckers. Haven't installed the humbuckers yet but have been very pleased with the other pickups.
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    Question RE Bootstrap lead time

    I ordered a set of humbuckers on 2/14 and they showed up yesterday.
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    Quilter SuperBlock UK

    Yes I agree when you use the FMFR setting it sounds like doo doo. But it does not if you use the Norm setting. I use Norm setting, xlr out, it sounds great.

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