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  1. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Gretsch Streamliner Junior Jet

    Played a couple, but wasn't anything to fall in love over. The neck pickup sounded pretty bland.
  2. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Can you explain this Slash idolazation?

    He's also guested on a ton of stuff. Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, etc.
  3. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Just wasted 4 wonderful hrs watching Spinal Tap stuff...

    The DVD commentary track done by the principle actors in character is probably the best commentary track ever done.
  4. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Can you explain this Slash idolazation?

    Before calling BS, maybe reread a couple of times to make absolutely sure that you aren't missing the point. (You did btw. Impressive.) Les Paul guitars were very much out of fashion during the late 80s era of the Superstrat. Regardless of price, they weren't selling because people wanted...
  5. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Can you explain this Slash idolazation?

    Before Appetite For Destruction made Slash a household name, you could barely give Les Pauls away. AFD will be 35 years old next year. Do the math.
  6. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Gimme a Green song

    Green is the Colour by Pink Floyd
  7. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Gimme a Green song

    It's Not Easy Being Green
  8. SomeGuyNamedRob

    RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top

    The world just got a little less cool.
  9. SomeGuyNamedRob

    The Pedal Everyone Loves To Hate

    Metal Zones are actually great. Just not on guitars.
  10. SomeGuyNamedRob

    What do you do with your old computers?

    DBAN is slow but effective if you want to repurpose the machine A drill press or industrial shredder (usually both) is how large data centers destroy HDDs when it's time to lifecycle.
  11. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Stone Temple Pilots

    Always enjoyed STP. Their unplugged set was a cool little watch as well.
  12. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Fictional Summer Olympics Sports

    More Summer Olympic improvements that can be made:
  13. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Fictional Summer Olympics Sports

    Drive-by Shooting. Archery is far too middle ages. Modern problems of too many dull summer sports need modern solutions. We need to get with the times and update our method of target shooting by putting it right in the heart of downtown of the host country's most populous city. Extra points for...
  14. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Fictional Summer Olympics Sports

    Synchronized Olympics. Each event is run at the exact same time, which means we can get this whole dog and pony show off our televisions as quickly as possible. To make things faster and even more efficient we don't bother with opening or closing ceremonies, and all medals are shipped to the...
  15. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Fictional Summer Olympics Sports

    Synchronized Soccer. All the teams on the pitch at the same time. One ball. No substitutions for trampled players. First goal wins.
  16. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Fictional Summer Olympics Sports

    Synchronized pole vaulting - each athlete starts from opposite sides of the same bar. No crash mats. Athletes are scored on how many combined broken bones while still being able to walk off under their own power.
  17. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Olympic skateboarding…

    I think the cycling events would be far more entertaining to watch if racers had to ring little bells to signal passing.
  18. SomeGuyNamedRob

    No Tele in 20+ years. Any love for the Player Series?

    My #1 is a Player Series in Tidepool Blue with a Fender roasted maple neck, and Noiseless Gen 3 pickups (hey, I like em) that the previous owner installed, and I like the sound of enough to leave in.
  19. SomeGuyNamedRob

    That Guitar you Never should have sold!

    My DeArmond M77T. Looked just like this one. Those single coils were the sweetest pickups I've ever played, and even made the boat anchor of a body bearable.
  20. SomeGuyNamedRob

    What's the cheapest you ever bought or traded for a guitar?

    Just in 2020: Bought an Ampeg bass amp off of Facebook Marketplace for $80, got a Samick bass for free. Paid $25 bucks for 2 student sized acoustic guitars. Gave one to my neighbor's kid, gave another to a friend.
  21. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Computer Crashes

    I laughed WAY harder at that than I should have.
  22. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Remember 90s music?

    Well, back then I was listening to a lot of: Sloan Tragically Hip Big Sugar Econoline Crush Big Wreck The Watchmen The Wild Strawberries I Mother Earth Our Lady Peace Moist Matthew Good Band The Odds The Tea Party Great Big Sea Ashley McIssac Holly McNarland The Odds Age Of Electric Philosopher...
  23. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Boss GT-1000 or Helix Floor for $220.00 more?

    Oh, no doubt the EQ setup of the Zone gives the opportunity to dial in really good sounds. But it's a LOT easier to dial in really bad ones if you aren't very very careful.
  24. SomeGuyNamedRob

    Boss GT-1000 or Helix Floor for $220.00 more?

    Have not gigged with either, but in the time I've play tested, I preferred the BOSS in terms of sound. The models don't sound like specific amps, they just sound like good usable base tones. In fairness, I tried both units going into a power amp/2x12 speaker setup. If I were going 100% direct to...