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  1. Burlington Dave

    Question for the retirees (post-retirement activities)

    Hi, I just retired in June of 2022 at 57 from 32 years of teaching high school English and Drama. Technically I'm semiretired, I substitute teach a few days a week to bridge the bills that my pension doesn't cover. I gave retirement a whole lot of thought, as you have, and have largely come up...
  2. Burlington Dave

    New Guitar Room! Guitarsenal 2021!

    I paid $75 CDN each for them!
  3. Burlington Dave

    Help me to choose a second guitar...

    I have a Gretsch G5420T which I love!
  4. Burlington Dave

    New Guitar Room! Guitarsenal 2021!

    It’s a Telefunken Ambassador stereo console from the 1960s, in teak. I have an identical walnut one in my living room.
  5. Burlington Dave

    New Guitar Room! Guitarsenal 2021!

    Very little. The carpet and the sound baffle under the window do a nice job.
  6. Burlington Dave

    New Guitar Room! Guitarsenal 2021!

    GUITARSENAL UPDATE - 2022 After living with the music/family room, we realized we needed more floor space that a more traditional layout would provide. So after thinking about various layouts we went with this one, moving wall unit and the drum kit to the opposite end of the room, and...
  7. Burlington Dave

    Putting rubber rings as strap locks

    Get the genuine Grolsch ones, they’re fun to collect. 😁
  8. Burlington Dave

    My car and your car are like dull blades cutting through the air

    “60% of the energy a car needs at highway speed is to overcome wind resistance.” To me the more important factor is vehicle weight. The vast majority of energy is expended when getting the vehicle moving from a stopped position. That’s why mileage is significantly lower during the...
  9. Burlington Dave

    Share your best "Dad joke"

    I was supposed to meet my blind date at the gym but she stood me up. We didn’t work out…
  10. Burlington Dave

    Share your best "Dad joke"

    I thought I’d lost my boomerang, and then it hit me…
  11. Burlington Dave

    Share your best "Dad joke"

    Poo jokes aren’t my favourite, but they’re a solid number two… Pee jokes are number one.
  12. Burlington Dave

    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    Ry Cooder Bonnie Raitt Derek Trucks
  13. Burlington Dave

    NGD - American Original 60s Lake Placid Blue

    And one more beautiful blue variation, my 1988 American Standard in Gun Metal Blue…
  14. Burlington Dave

    Tremolo- Yea or Nay?

    I use tremolo regularly, it adds some nice atmosphere of applied judiciously. My Joyo pedal cost $30’amd sounds great.
  15. Burlington Dave

    Ok, so whats your next gig and gear...

    I’m glad I could help!
  16. Burlington Dave

    Ok, so whats your next gig and gear...

    It sounds great through a PA. I got to play 3 at the store and picked the one with the best tone, which also had the best fit and finish.
  17. Burlington Dave

    Immersion blenders

    Corded tend to be more powerful unless you’re paying big $. I have a Braun with detachable blade and beater attachments, well under $100. Great for soups, protein shakes, milkshakes, pancake mix.
  18. Burlington Dave

    What's on your workbench today?

    Not guitar related but still fun. These three Grinches and Max will get their final front and back coats today and will be shipped to Alberta and California. The Grinch to the right and Max are going to a lady who as a child was a neighbour of Dr. Seuss and will be displayed on her sister’s lawn...
  19. Burlington Dave

    Ok, so whats your next gig and gear...

    GIG: Sept 11 I have an acoustic gig with my Blue Rodeo tribute 3 piece called Trio Rodeo. GEAR: Doesn’t qualify as “next” but was only bought two weeks ago to replace a lifeless sounding Epiphone Hummingbird, my new Recording King Series II Dreadnought. It sounds like a vintage guitar from the...
  20. Burlington Dave

    Telecaster middle position, secret weapon

    As a primarily rhythm player I use the middle position for classic rock, soul, r&b, funk, disco, pop, reggae, you name it! I hardly ever use the others.
  21. Burlington Dave

    1977/78 Fender Telecaster

    Beautiful. Take it to a reputable guitar store for an assessment. You can also send photos to Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and the Twelfth Fret in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the most accurate assessments. DON’T trust Reverb or Ebay for accurate comparables.
  22. Burlington Dave

    Being Back the MIM Satin Series!

    The 2014 Satin Series Teles and Strats were FINE guitars! I foolishly sold my Arizona Sun orange one! I wish Fender would bring them back as a FSE or even as models in another of the MIM lines. it would be great to have a rosewood fingerboard Tele with interesting colours at a decent price.