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  1. Carl_Tone

    Pretzel Logic Backer Quick take:
  2. Carl_Tone

    My latest video filmed at the famed East West Studios in LA

    In the 90's I became friends with a former wrecking crew bass player, Lyle Ritz (passed away a few years ago)...was thinking he probably did some work there. They put him down inside a dry pool for 'Good Vibrations' and you can hear him on the old Star Wars cantina scene.
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    Whipering Pines Jam
  4. Carl_Tone

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 1939

  5. Carl_Tone

    Only the Lonely (The Motels)

    Great stuff!
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    New Tidepool
  7. Carl_Tone

    Song For Barry (B Version)
  8. Carl_Tone

    Song For Barry (Brecker)
  9. Carl_Tone

    Couple Brecker Tunes

    Thanks to You Tube we can still enjoy some of the great ones we've lost...Larry Coryell, Chick Corea ...
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    Couple Brecker Tunes ________________________________________________ Couple Brecker Tunes
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    Weekend Backer - Afro Soul Jazz

    Okay so in other words you double tracked them as opposed to using a harmony device...
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    Weekend Backer - Afro Soul Jazz

    Nice how do you do the harmonies? They sound pretty natural.
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    Pop Fusion Backer

    Nice one, I’m hearing some Walter Becker in there and I’ve noticed that you you always dial in a great tone and put out some tasteful ideas!
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    Pop Fusion Backer

    That was pretty cool! The tone was great and you had a nice way of starting out and finishing up. The thing about tracks like this is you grow into them. Keep it around (as I have for at least 10 years) and you’ll feel totally comfortable with it. (I feel that one of the most important things...
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    Weekend Backer - Afro Soul Jazz

    Thanks. Yeah it is, cant remember which tune it is though :D
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    LC Blues
  17. Carl_Tone

    Weekend Backer - Afro Soul Jazz
  18. Carl_Tone

    Pop Fusion Backer

    That's a beautiful tone! What did you use?
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    Pop Fusion Backer

    Sounds great!! very Steely Dan! Reminds of Walter Becker in parts.
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    Weekend Backer - Afro Soul Jazz

    Cool sound! What are you using?
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    Organ Blues
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    Go Home

    I bought it for another gain stage and in this case it runs into the front of my Pignose 60w head, there’s also a Fuchs amp running and a Barber Small Fry is feeding both of them. Pretty simple right? Hahaha Ohh and it’s all mic’ed not direct They make one with built in two notes and it sounds...
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    Go Home