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  1. Happy Enchilada

    ¿What guitar of all these would you take to a desert island...?

    That's because Guild is "the working man's guitar." They're beloved by streetcorner buskers and Nashville superstars alike. They've always been built stout - and this newest generation is also remarkably light and balanced. They sound great and open up with age just like they should, which is...
  2. Happy Enchilada

    Another cool cat story.

    The one with the hat is Cornpop.
  3. Happy Enchilada

    Revolver - remastered

    Keep your strong arm locked, and use the "teacup" hold with your support hand ... Put the front sight in the notch and keep the pumpkin on the post ... Oh, it's a Beatles thing ... my bad.
  4. Happy Enchilada

    Most Overused Words In Rock Music

    New version: U-Haul.
  5. Happy Enchilada

    It's *all* folk music

    There needs to be a LONGEVITY CLAUSE. A number of years (i.e., 100) that a song is still popularly sung. "Oops ..." would never make it. "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" would.
  6. Happy Enchilada

    Scam from a former classmate, sort of.

    So THAT'S who has the meats! 🤪
  7. Happy Enchilada

    Why do people pay more than they should for reissues?

    Some of us were around to play the "vintage" stuff when it was new. Even then, not all of it was that wonderful. Nostalgia is a great way to sell the reissues. However - I prefer gear that doesn't break - so I go with this: I consider "vintage" and "reissue" gear as being "cool," and I...
  8. Happy Enchilada

    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    It's incredibly painful, but sometimes you just have to let go. I was married to the gal I thought was going to be the "love of my life." After 10 years living together - 3 as man and wife - she still couldn't stop running around on me. Tried therapy couple times - she was just broken in a way I...
  9. Happy Enchilada

    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    Don't go. Stay for the "surprise" birthday party and spend your time with people who care about others and whose priorities are more correct. If this guy can piss away that kind of cash in 2 days after a lifetime of chasing that one big score, then he's got deeper issues than you can solve. If...
  10. Happy Enchilada

    Who is able to run their amps open at gigs?

    Back in the day, I ran my POD into a Blues Deluxe (40W 1x12). But the amp got so LOUD so fast that I never ran it over 3. Yeah, the POD acted as a pre-amp and provided some boost, but that big heavy Fender was not a friendly beast to run wide open - let alone around the house. Much happier with...
  11. Happy Enchilada

    Western Wear

    Panhandle (and its associated brands like Roughstock and Powder River) make really great western wear. And it's not overpriced. So you did good Pilgrim! Another brand that's similar is Scully. Really nice stuff - but a little more pricey. Rockmount is great stuff for top dollar. All of this is...
  12. Happy Enchilada

    Western Wear

    Most of the real cowboys I know also wear trucker hats instead of Stetsons - unless it's Saturday night. I gave up western boots about 15 years ago because they're not kind to my olde feet. Now this cowboy wears hiking boots and crosstrainers. 🤠🥾🐴🎸
  13. Happy Enchilada

    P90 vs tron pairing with tele bridge pickup

    Linda Lou has a Pretzel in her bridge and a hot Bootstrap P90 (that fits a humbucker rout) in her neck. She delivers everything I need for leads and rhythm. Bootstrap set them up so they're RWRP. And they cost me about $60. What else do you need???
  14. Happy Enchilada

    Good Cheapy Pickups

    I've had stellar luck with Bootstraps. They deliver the tone I want at a price I can afford. Go poke around their website - they will tell you what magnets, wire, and even bobbins they use. They ask you if you want 'em RWRP too! Best of all, made in a garage in OHIO, USA. Linda Lou has a...
  15. Happy Enchilada

    Western Wear

    After WWII, westerns ruled Hollywood. There were fancy chaps, hats, and gun rigs - but no "cowboy shirts." Singing cowboys and dastardly gunslingers were clad in chamois and flannel shirts like LL Bean sells. So a tailor named Jack Weil set out to create a special shirt for these desperadoes of...
  16. Happy Enchilada

    If you had 7 pairs of shoes...

    I'd sell six and play the feces out of #7. And buy a couple more guitars with the proceeds. And an amp.
  17. Happy Enchilada

    Dead musicians hoax

    Just in time for Halloween - YouTube from Beyond the Grave! 🧛‍♂️
  18. Happy Enchilada

    Financial Advice

    My wife has a credit card that has the word "FREEDOM" writ large across it. I find that ironic ...
  19. Happy Enchilada

    Financial Advice

    Credit card debt is a deadly whirlpool that will suck you under. I know because we were there several years ago. But once you get free of it, life becomes much easier. The sun comes out from behind the clouds, birds begin to sing, unicorns fart rainbows ... There are outfits that specialize...
  20. Happy Enchilada

    The Desert Island Amp brand revisited

    Roland Blues Cube Stage. 60 Watts with Wattage selector switch to go from whisper to yell. Great Fender-ish tone with usable OD and reverb. And solid state, so no tube fragility issues.
  21. Happy Enchilada

    ¿What guitar of all these would you take to a desert island...?

    Since it's a "desert island," I'm assuming there'd be no electricity. So ...
  22. Happy Enchilada

    Watched the new CCR doc on Netflix and something spooked me…

    Seems both of their moms had the same bowl ...
  23. Happy Enchilada

    Big Brands That Never Offer Major Components Made By Other Builders.

    I'm kinda gettin' tired of buying guitars and then upgrading them. Which is why my next guitar (after I sell off some of the ones I've upgraded) will be a Reverend. Reverend builds guitars the way I would build one for myself if I had all the tools and gifted craftsmen at my disposal. First of...
  24. Happy Enchilada

    Recommend some replacement tuners for Les Paul Standard Min-Etune / G-Force

    Gotohs @ Amazon $45. I've used them - they're terrific!
  25. Happy Enchilada

    Help me to choose a second guitar...

    Hamer (Indonesian) Special. Light Korina body. Ebony fingerboard. 2 great p90s. And you can get one for under $700 if you shop around. Mine has become my #1.