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  1. El Marin

    Long ride tomorrow.

    Be careful and hold the handlebar when passed by big trucks. I had a Vespa years ago and ther big problem was that. Big trucks move so much air than can move you and even destabilize you when riding. My Vespa was a 125cc so I was passed by very often
  2. El Marin

    Rock'n'roll is never too loud

    Rock'n'roll is never too loud
  3. El Marin

    Bands not playing loud enough.

    I believe most of US who complaint about live music being too loud are just old farts (no offense please, I am an old fart too) Listen to this song or go to 2:15
  4. El Marin

    Bands not playing loud enough.

    YES, that is the key
  5. El Marin

    Bands not playing loud enough.

    Last thursday I went to check a new venue is going to open. A friend of mine wants to open a place for rock and blues concerts in Madrid, a small venue, around ninety to a hundred people counting musicians and waiters in. They wanted to check affections to neighbours... I took a Marshall...
  6. El Marin

    What's outside the universe?

    The answer, as geologist I am, is: We still don't know. Let's see. Working on it. Is that simple.
  7. El Marin

    'Vespa-rado...why don't you come to your senses?.....'

    That's a new one, automatic I guess That kinda bike is OK for European cities, they move really fine between the traffic and traffic jams, you can squeeze between cars and get to first row in traffic lights. That is accepted in Europe. Actually, in Madrid we have the first 3 meters in traffic...
  8. El Marin

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    Same here, I am over 50 and using 13's on acoustic and 's on electric I cannot play 9 or 10, they are like rubber to me
  9. El Marin

    Advice for the to-be Divorced

    I am in the same boat right now I just got a Family and mediation lawyer throught the sindicate I am signed on and problem solved. I do not talk with her about the splitting and daughters custody issues, talk to my lawyer, that's why I pay her for. After I communicated her this decision, no...
  10. El Marin

    Vote for your favorite Beatle era

    Obviously, considering myself a person with good taste, I don't like beatles at all. Voted 4
  11. El Marin

    Gretsch Club

    Oh.. I just got a new one
  12. El Marin

    Whilst in Spain...... Fiduea de Marisco !instead of Paella

    Hello mate!!! Did somebody said beer? Here I am!!! Fideua is nice and is not controlled by any "traditional" meal rules by the way. Yours looks nice and tasty. Really Nevertheless I tend to peal the shrimps and use the crust legs and head for a fumet, but is just my own like.
  13. El Marin

    Gibson/Tele Dysphoria

    Yo can always go the opposite... Gibson Tele-SG
  14. El Marin

    Why does my Reverb suck?

    Because ALL reverbs suck Turn it off, sound better
  15. El Marin

    Dynasonics on the way....

    YES, you are right
  16. El Marin

    Dynasonics on the way....

    Yes you have. But you must work it out a bit... BEFORE: AFTER (NOW) You just have to file a bit the inside wood bars... and tilt the mounting screws. But it works so far, half a year and almost 30 gigs prove it works fine
  17. El Marin

    Ugliest Band Ever

    Disgusting look, more disgusting music.... those are as bad as it gets
  18. El Marin

    A Rock Question

    Yes I am. And I work as it too Hi Looks like a dolomite boulder. Vinegar is too smooth for making a limestone bubbling, I use Clohidric Acid for that. You can buy it diluted in a normal warehouse and tools shop. But doing some basic research on the area, basement rocks are almost limestone...
  19. El Marin

    Cigarette on headstock

  20. El Marin

    Songs I never want to hear again.....

    Anything from Beatles
  21. El Marin

    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    OK... let's go. Many times I don't use a paella pan, any pan can work. Just think this, rice and everything must be as thin as you can. It doesn't looks bad but for one thing... Please, no lemmon neither. Lemon is only for pics to look nice. No one puts lemmon on the paella to eat it!!!
  22. El Marin

    Would you buy a second Tele or a Strat first?

    I can't, I would be banned... again 🙈🙉🙊

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