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  1. OlRedNeckHippy

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    1978 MXR 6 band graphic EQ. As a pre-amp for a Guild D25 with a Barcus-Berry Hot Dot piezo (self installed), into the PA. I was a chord banging singer then, and I still am today.
  2. OlRedNeckHippy

    Here we go! advice needed please.

    Our bass player plays a 1976 Jazz he bought used, in 1977. I was with him when he got it. He wouldn't dream of playing any other bass.
  3. OlRedNeckHippy

    You Know You Love Mexican Food When . . . . .

    Oh yea. That is readily available up here at most every liquor store around. We had a pedal steel player that brought Modelo to almost every practice. Good stuff. For a hot summer day refreshment, I really like Sol. It's readily available too. I have fond memories of the streets of Nogales...
  4. OlRedNeckHippy

    You Know You Love Mexican Food When . . . . .

    BOHEMIA!! My favorite. Can't get it up here. It's even better on the other side of the line, where it is not pasteurized. Coming back up from Puerto Penasco one day I got a 6 at the border store, and finished it off as we approached Tuscon. Hit the Circle K and got another 6 and low and behold...
  5. OlRedNeckHippy

    Buddy says he's 40 & I said:

    I'm just tryin To keep my daughters off the pole And my sons out of jail Tryna get to church, so I don't go to hell I'm just tryna keep my wife, from figuring out That I married up, and she married way way down In Alabama, where they love Nick Saban Just tryin to write a song, that the local...
  6. OlRedNeckHippy

    Buddy says he's 40 & I said:

    Lonely? get a dog.
  7. OlRedNeckHippy

    Band Photography

    After the gig, we get behind the bar, have someone on the other side take this shot. It's our 'home' bar. It ain't a 'pro' shot, but I like it. Not bad for a simple cell phone pic.
  8. OlRedNeckHippy

    Newbie Says HELLO!

    Welcome to the TDPRI Newbie!
  9. OlRedNeckHippy

    Do a lot of people use 9's on Telecasters?

    Had my new Thinline set-up last week. The tech said I might think about steping up to 11's, since I'm not a "lead player". Said I'd like the beefier tones they'd produce. I'm thinking about it...
  10. OlRedNeckHippy

    in the 27 years I have lived here , I saw something new

    I like the way they look you right in the eye. They certainly seem to have personality. I see them here every summer. They'll range from 1-1/2" long green babies to 4 - 5" long brown adults. They turn from green to brown as they age. Really cool critters. I like to poke em in the face with my...
  11. OlRedNeckHippy

    Summer in the South: In praise of the tomato sandwich!

    I'm in South Jersey, the area responsible for the term "The Garden State". Arguably, the best corn and tomatoes on earth. It's called a Jersey Tomato. Something about the sandy south jersey soil the produces these wonderful things. A quick google of 'Jersey Tomatoes' yielded this...
  12. OlRedNeckHippy

    If it quacks like a duck, then it's not a stratocaster...

    Dude. :lol: I am a life long duck hunter. Shot my 1st duck in the late 60's. I've blown hundreds of duck calls. Finished 2nd in the Arizona state duck calling championship 3 times, but never won it. Anyway - lots of call makers, actually most, of the major call makers produce double reed calls...
  13. OlRedNeckHippy

    Are the Fender Tone Master amps still worth it, or has something "better" come along?

    I've been gigging a TM Deluxe for just over a year now. It does everything I ask it to, very well. I'm totally satisfied with it. Bang for the buck, value to price. Good purchase. Oh - I put the tilt-back legs on it myself.
  14. OlRedNeckHippy

    Fender Tonemaster Twin update

    How would you compare them at gig level? His amp is on one side of the drummer, mine is on the other. The Twin comes with tilt-back legs, the Deluxe doesn't, so I put tilt-back legs on my it myself. We both point the amps at the back of our heads. Both of our amps are into the PA via the built...
  15. OlRedNeckHippy

    Fender Tonemaster Twin update

    At GC, you just can not get it up to Gig Volume. Drums, bass, other guitars, you just can't replicate that. I knew I had 30 days to return it if I didn't like it. I bought it on a Sunday and gigged that following Friday. Also, our practice space is my basement, full PA. I play along with the...
  16. OlRedNeckHippy

    NGD - Thinline

    It's an acoustic guitar compressor, LR Baggs Align Session. Typically, I play an acoustic about 50% of the time. Last Saturday night, with the new Thinline, I did not play the acoustic at all. The Thinline had all the tones I needed! I'm just so impressed with that guitar. Here is the pedal you...
  17. OlRedNeckHippy

    What's the best line you've come up with lately?

    I'm the singer that plays guitar, not the guitar player that sings.
  18. OlRedNeckHippy

    NGD - Thinline

    The Noiseless pickups proved to actually be Noiseless! Saturday's gig was at a place where the single coils hum like nowhere else. Outside the bar, behind the stage, is a utility pole with an old oil bath transformer. It's literally about 15 feet above us. I mean right above us. The pole is...
  19. OlRedNeckHippy

    Last place to get a flat.

    Yea, the Delaware Bay Bridge Tunnel would be a really bad place to have a flat. My dad had a flat on the Ben Franklin Bridge (Philly - Camden) and a cop pushed him off the bridge, totally destroying the tire and rim. He was pissed.
  20. OlRedNeckHippy

    Tonight Only! - The Good Ol Atlantic Train Company (ATCo)

    Thanks @Guitharley The gig was awesome! We had a blast, a truly memorable night. The dance floor was hoping the whole night. The accolades on FB the following day were humbling, to put it mildly, with stuff like 'were killing it', and 'crushing it'. It was just awesome. And my new guitar, met...
  21. OlRedNeckHippy

    Tonight Only! - The Good Ol Atlantic Train Company (ATCo)

    Saturday Night 08-20-22 9PM Golden Nugget Tavern Berlin, New Jersey Lots of Brooks & Dunn and Dwight Yoakam Tonight featuring, my new Red Guitar! Country Music! I'd love to meet a few more TDPRI members. So far only @Joefish has vertured out to see us. Come again Joe!
  22. OlRedNeckHippy

    How many of you have had issues with your Tone Masters?

    I bought the TM Deluxe in July of last year (2021), and have gigged it exclusively ever since with no issues at all. I like it very much. It took over for a 1966 Princeton Reverb that I outgrew (I gigged the PR for almost 10 years). Just could not get the clean tones I found myself needing as my...
  23. OlRedNeckHippy

    Chronic "window shopper" syndrome...

    I keep a Sweetwater catalog in the bathroom.
  24. OlRedNeckHippy

    Give some recognition to someone here!

    @Wally He has helped me with my old 66 Princeton so many times, very generous with his immense knowledge of tube amps. We salute you!