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  1. irie

    Lies you've told

    Not gonna lie, that is hilarious 🤣
  2. irie

    Why has Gibson successfully done this but not Fender ?

    They did... Around 2012-13 Fender did the American Special line in a "Nitro Satin Finish" that was basically a bare guitar with a very thin satin nitrocellulose finish in honey burst. I dont think they ever did a tele but I know they did a Strat and a P-bass They were awesome, all American...
  3. irie

    Immersion blenders

    We have had the same basic corded cuisinart model for over a decade. I think ours was one of the cheapest at the time for less than $50 from amazon. It works fine for our needs primarily making mayo and blending up thinner soups and sauces. We use ours a few times a month and it seems to be...
  4. irie

    Stewmac is a major disappointment.

    I refuse to do business with them simply because of their flat rate shipping policy. $11.99 to ship a $0.69 part? I don't know who Mr. McDonald is, but he can go suck a lemon with that nonsense.
  5. irie

    New to group... NGD... first Tele

    Welcome! Congrats on the new guitar, I love a tele with a humbucker!
  6. irie

    Swamp Ash blank - thank you, Australian Customs!

    I would fill the holes with epoxy and make a body anyway. At least it will have an interesting story. (I realize this sucks but i'm trying to make lemonade outta lemons)
  7. irie

    …tempted…must…resist…Rivolta content!

    Wowser... I wish I had your will power. I do not know how you could have left without taking that beauty home.
  8. irie

    Roy Buchanan straight into amp?

    I would love to know what gauge strings he is playing because he bends them like they are 8's.
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  10. irie

    NGD: Ron Kirn Barnbuster Esquire

    Congrats! This is a rare bird, I don't think I have ever seen another Barn esquire.
  11. irie

    Fancy Snowblower

    This is great until that newly melted snow freezes into a sheet of ice. Although i'm 100% certain this is more fun than shoveling or salting! Fun story, we had a neighbor in Colorado who installed a heated driveway one spring when they redid their front yard/landscaping. They were SO excited...
  12. irie

    Amazing Craftsmanship

  13. irie

    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    <--- I have no idea what they are but I love them.
  14. irie

    Questlove Drums...wish I could tune and play them

    Beautiful kit! We actually just moved into a house with a little converted space above a detached garage.. i'm beginning to think a drum kit may be in order...
  15. irie

    Do you have any junk food weaknesses?

    Dried Mangoes I love regular mangoes too, but when we have a bag of the dehydrated ones it is very difficult for me to not consume them all upon opening the bag.
  16. irie

    Can you get a Tele to sound like a Strat?

    Depends on what you mean by stratty... do you want positions 2 and 4? or do you want a bridge and or neck pickup that is more strat and less tele? If you want the latter check this out.
  17. irie

    NGD HB TE-62CC Shell Pink

    I dig it man, sounds great too!
  18. irie

    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    I am pretty sure the last time I had a cup of Folgers it was from an open 5+years old plastic "can". Same goes for freeze dried... god knows how old that jar of nescafe instant coffee was my wife's grandparents serve.
  19. irie

    Bedroom amp question

    I would go with one of the champs personally.
  20. irie

    Texas Tea or Arctic Pearl American Ultra Telecaster?

    I actually love them both, but if I could only have one I would pick Texas Tea
  21. irie

    What Are You Eating Christmas Eve?

  22. irie

    Clever Christmas Tree . . .

    I love it, great idea.
  23. irie

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    I disagree. They knew max was on brand new soft tires, they knew Hamilton was on nearly 50 lap old hard tires. The FIA changed their decision to allow lapped drivers to go though with one lap remaining... and in that decision they only allowed the 3 drivers separating Max and Hamilton to...
  24. irie

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    I want to preface this by saying I don't like Hamilton or Verstappen. That was total BS. The FIA just gifted Max the title, he did not win it.