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  1. Blrfl

    Headphone humbuckers?

    It's just two coils to spread the magnetic force over a wider area. There's nothing humbucky about it.
  2. Blrfl

    Tell me about humbuckers with screws on both coils...

    Screws are just adjustable slugs. Ideally, if you adjust a screw for a string on one coil, you'd want to make the same adjustment on the other so the signals coming out of both are inverted but otherwise identical. Not doing that (either because there are no screws on the other coil or you...
  3. Blrfl

    harley benton

    I just bought their 12-string Rick reinterpretation and an liking it so far. If their Tele clones are built just as well, I'd buy one.
  4. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    Maybe not with what's on your bench. The techniques and tools are a little different, but surface-mount parts aren't any more or less reworkable than anything else.
  5. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    The once-valid "it's digital and sounds like crap" argument doesn't fly any more. This is the next thing to grasp at in the FUD bucket. You're right: stuff... works. If it doesn't, it usually dies early and under warranty. Given everything else in modern society that's digital and nobody...
  6. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    A Princeton/Deluxe/Twin/Super with an effects loop is no longer a Princeton/Deluxe/Twin/Super. If the original amps didn't have effects loops; these won't, either. Also: Depending on how Fender implemented the front end, the analog-to-digital converter in the dual-channel models (i.e...
  7. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    True for some products but not this one. The chassis is built in China and shipped to Fender's plant in Ensenada, Mexico, where it's finished with the same cabinets and trim as their other MIM amps. There's nothing special about the TM's chassis; it uses run-of-the-mill PC boards populated...
  8. Blrfl

    The Rise of the Machines

    This quote from 1998 seems appropriate:
  9. Blrfl

    Anyone here make the transition from Wndows to Mac for recording?

    The flip side is that if your time is more valuable than your dollars, it may be worth the extra expense to have a system that doesn't require spending hours beating it into submission.
  10. Blrfl

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing is renting resources on someone else's computers. It's this century's time sharing, nothing more.
  11. Blrfl

    Anyone here make the transition from Wndows to Mac for recording?

    If you can handle using DAW software, you can handle making the change to a Mac. Things there are different but not that different.
  12. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    I don't see where that's an issue here. These are single-purpose, non-end-user-programmable products. If Fender stops supporting them, they'll continue doing their jobs just like their glass-bottle counterparts.
  13. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    The worst offender at the bottom end of that list seems to be the Yamaha THR-30 II at $550. At the top end, the $1,500 Fender '68 Custom Pro Reverb seems like an awful lot of dough for a product designed over a half-century ago with a relatively small parts count and a short list of features...
  14. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    Considerably-higher than what? If the TRRI (MSRP $1,950) is the benchmark, the TMTR costs a bit more than half that at $1,050. A comparable amp from a different brand would be a Roland Blues Cube Artist 212, and that retails at an eye-watering $1,700. The 1x12 version is marginally...
  15. Blrfl

    High-end cassette tapes... what were they all about?

    There was a lot of gimmicky marketing around a few features but there was a measurable difference between the three major formulations (ferric oxide, chromium dioxide and metal particle). Chrome and metal tape had a lower noise floor than ferric oxide and were better at retaining the...
  16. Blrfl

    NGD & Initial Review: Harley-Benton RB-612CS

    More to come. Just got back from a week at the beach, so the guitar has had lots of time to acclimate to the house. I gave it a strum as I walked by it and it still sounds in tune, so that's a point in its favor.
  17. Blrfl

    When you mow your lawn don't be that guy who....

    If the neighbor didn't notify the rest of the neighborhood that something special was happening, that's on him.
  18. Blrfl

    "Was the [guitar, amp, etc.] stored in a non-smoking environment?"

    FOR SALE:. 1967 Telecaster. Very good condition. Finish enhanced with a blend of formaldehyde, napthalene, hydrogen cyanide, butane, toluene, arsenic and a trace of polonium 210. $1000. Who's buying? I spent a summer working in the service department at a computer store and had to clean out...
  19. Blrfl

    No Reverb through the Direct Out On TM Deluxe Reverb

    Said with tongue firmly in cheek: This is going to be terrible. Every TM owner will have to send their amps in for this problem to be fixed by a tech with a soldering iron. :mad: Or they'll just install new firmware when it's released. :cool:
  20. Blrfl

    Acoustic-ish sounds

    I built a decent acoustic simulator patch for my Ampero. The centerpiece is an IR of the body of an acoustic guitar.
  21. Blrfl

    Has anyone here told "The Aristocrats" -joke in front of actual people and survived?

    That's a good summary. The Aristocrats isn't really a joke, it's a vehicle for comedians to show off how well they can ad lib. Without the context, it's not much more than a NSFW diatribe that people not in on it shouldn't be expected to find funny. If I had the chops to do it, I would, but...
  22. Blrfl

    NGD & Initial Review: Harley-Benton RB-612CS

    Yep. Not unexpected with a big headstock and a pile of tuners but manageable. A leather strap tames it a bit and most of the rest is countered where my right arm touches the lower bout. It's a C shape that continues into the binding. This probably isn't really the case, but it seems to hold...
  23. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    For the Twin, Deluxe and Super, the chassis is built in China and final assembly is done in Mexico with the same cabinets and hardware that go into their other amps. My guess is that the product has to be labeled MIC because the number of parts in the chassis outweighs everything else.
  24. Blrfl

    Old Fender DSP 3-button footswitch compatibility

    That's hard to say. According to the schematic, it has a part number but I don't know if they used the same one on other models. That said, any three-button unit with latching switches could easily be rewired to match.
  25. Blrfl

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    There's no technical hurdle to doing that. Get much beyond the power scaling and DI controls on the back panel and the curmudgeons will be out in full force complaining that it's more complex than the dashboard of the Space Shuttle. This post is included by reference. :-)