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  1. Dr Improbable

    Revisiting The Fulltone OCD

    I have an OCD on my board, and as soon as I can get $200 in trade in it's gone! Otherwise I like it fine...😎
  2. Dr Improbable

    Ever Buy A Pedal/Effect Even Though It's Not Your Style Because Of Hype/GAS?

    Honestly I could have stopped with my SD-1 but I kept going...
  3. Dr Improbable

    Orange cr60c

    They are by nature a bit dark. That is part of the reason Orange amps are popular with Stoner/Doom rock bands. The clean channel isn't quite as dark.
  4. Dr Improbable

    Cheap guitars are getting scary good

    I like a guitar I can "live" with. I could never lean a $2000 guitar against the couch while I go get coffee.
  5. Dr Improbable

    Bedroom Players? what Amp or fx unit do you use?

    Blackstar Fly for the Bed, bath, and beyond... Line 6 Catalyst 100 for living room/occasional open jam or jam with friends. PRS Sonzera 20 for when the paint needs to be peeled off the walls.
  6. Dr Improbable

    Tube Amps / Pedal Boards are now truly obsolete - in my opionion

    I have tube, modeling and pedals. Can't tell if I'm coming or going... We really have to face the facts: after the apocalypse only Peavey Bandits will have survived and we'll all be playing those😁
  7. Dr Improbable

    Talk me out of buying a Uni-Vibe pedal

    I use the Moen Shaky Jimi or the MXR one. Going for a Tower vibe. YMMV.
  8. Dr Improbable

    I hit 60 and feel the hand of time on my shoulder… anyone else feel a “musical urgency?”

    Yes Sir, I'm 55 and feeling the existential middle age blues. I keep reaching for "something"...
  9. Dr Improbable

    No brown sodas?

    Should have offered the some Oat Sodas......
  10. Dr Improbable

    Dean guitars skunked again.

    Better hang onto my Dean Z, it'll be worth big bucks someday!
  11. Dr Improbable

    Bewbies and toe fungus

    Right this second I see a Sweetwater ad. Sadly no cleavage.
  12. Dr Improbable

    Are blues/rock based jam type bands over with?

    Those guys are literally a cross section of this forum.
  13. Dr Improbable

    Katana mk2 Harsh Treble

    I had a Katana 100 mk2 and I went into Tone Studio and set the speaker damping to "vintage". That helped. Also, it took about a month of daily playing for the speaker to break in and be less harsh. Good luck!
  14. Dr Improbable


    Yeah, i want to as well.
  15. Dr Improbable

    kramer striker 600st

    On/off for the pickups. I have a Striker 200 and it's.... OK I guess...
  16. Dr Improbable

    Stage volume, sound techs, and you

    That sounds pretty typical of my experiences with sound techs. Out front it's all kick drum.
  17. Dr Improbable

    Getting Old vs. Being Old

    Once you're over 50 you'll wonder if her Grandma is single...
  18. Dr Improbable

    Getting Old vs. Being Old

    Spend some time around teenagers who are going out of their way to annoy you, you'll feel old.
  19. Dr Improbable

    What Blues Needs....part two

    There's plenty of new Blues being made by younger folks. They are turning away from the electric guitar and writing songs. Songs beat solos, every time:
  20. Dr Improbable

    What Blues Needs....part two

    I opened for that guy back in the '90's...
  21. Dr Improbable

    5th position minor pentatonic box

    Not the best example, but the "I'm going home" intro is A blues box heaven:
  22. Dr Improbable

    Who else is a member at other forums?

    Strat Talk and Squier Talk.