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  1. Toadtele

    Won’t be playing for a while…

    Dang man. Been there. Practice triads with the other 3 fingers while you heal. Wishing you a fast recovery!
  2. Toadtele

    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    Been a fun first quarter in Green Bay!
  3. Toadtele

    I want some P 90s, but I don’t want a new guitar.

    I would definitely want to get real ones. I’m very comfortable with doing any modifications necessary.
  4. Toadtele

    I want some P 90s, but I don’t want a new guitar.

    This is the likely candidate. I assume it has similar routing.
  5. Toadtele

    I want some P 90s, but I don’t want a new guitar.

    I hear ya. Really. I never thought I’d say the words, but seriously, 50 guitars in a 1300sq. ft. house. Plus a cello and assortment of other small stringed instruments. I know it is likely to offend the prevailing sensibilities, but at this point I simply do not want another guitar. But damn I...
  6. Toadtele

    I want some P 90s, but I don’t want a new guitar.

    I’ve never owned a guitar with P 90s. I’d like to, but I just do not want to have another guitar. I am close to 50 now and I’m simply out of space. I have a dual humbucker Squier affinity tele that is a really great guitar, but I do not play it much as I have multiple other guitars that fill...
  7. Toadtele

    Single Drunk Female

    Funny. My wife just came across it thumbing through Hulu. Asked me if I’d heard of it. I hadn’t. I immediately opened Tdpri and this thread was at the top.
  8. Toadtele

    Acoustic treatment of your music room/studio?

    My room echoed bad. My lady hung plants in the corners. Helped a bunch. And really ties the room together
  9. Toadtele

    Samantha Fish Band

    I’ve really been digging her stuff lately. Hadn’t seen this. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Toadtele

    Hei from windy Baltic Sea

  11. Toadtele

    Always wanted a J200

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see the progress. Enjoy the build.
  12. Toadtele

    Contractors/flippers/builders/interior design aficionados : when will white/black/grey/oatmeal be over ?

    I don’t know when. But it will be over. I am just thankful that the barn door craze is slowing.
  13. Toadtele

    My current guitar collection :)

    Sweet. Good taste. Welcome
  14. Toadtele

    Last night, I lost the best friend I've ever had.

    Sorry to hear that. Looks like he was loved and lived a great life. I always say they take a piece of us when they go.
  15. Toadtele

    Fingerstyle "Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring" Music by Werde Munter 1590 - 1664

    That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I got my nylon string out a few minutes this week. Didn’t really connect with it. I’m going to try again this morning. Thanks again.
  16. Toadtele

    A Farewell Gift

    Great looking guitar. Keep up the good fight.
  17. Toadtele

    Hellø from Denmark

  18. Toadtele

    NGD - The one I always thought was out of reach

    Freaking way cool!!! Congratulations man!
  19. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    Love that episode. It was very realistic
  20. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    Me as well. I was lucky enough to be gifted some free classes in the beginning. I am glad I did it because having some initial direction was very helpful. Are used to try to go to a class locally a couple times a year just so the instructor could check my form. I haven’t gone in a few years now.
  21. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    Yoga was written about in texts 5000 years ago. That’s called documentation. My reference to millions of forms is simply the idea that just like no two human bodies are identical, no two yoga practices are identical.
  22. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    I just googled how long has yoga been practiced. Supported my claim quite well.
  23. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    Google is your friend bro.
  24. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    There as many flavors of yoga as there is people who practice yoga. Given that it’s been practiced for over 5000 years. Well documented for 5000 years there’s a pretty good chance that there are literally millions upon millions of flavors of yoga.
  25. Toadtele

    The stigma of yoga

    I could not have put it better.