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  1. radiocaster

    Musicians who use made up first names!

    Those are their real first names.
  2. radiocaster

    Budget Noise Gate Pedal (and attenuator)

    Haven't watched it, but an extra volume pot in the effects loop might also work.
  3. radiocaster

    Budget Noise Gate Pedal (and attenuator)

    You don't want an attenuator, It's a solid-state power amp and sounds like crap turned up to 9-10 (max), maybe lower. Haven't turned it up all the way lots of times because it's super loud. I have the Micro Terror and had the Micro Dark. The problem with the Micro Terror is that they use a...
  4. radiocaster

    Telebody with unique forearm contour ...

    Carve a dragon or something there.
  5. radiocaster

    Musicians who use made up first names!

    No, it's not. I've seen an interview where he talks about changing his name to Roger and his parents being upset. He did it officially, so I guess it's his real name in a way. Wikipedia says he was born James Joseph McGuinn III.
  6. radiocaster

    Musicians who use made up first names!

    Roger McGuinn
  7. radiocaster

    Redneck channel switching

    Well, I was trying to do something simpler. And I was not really mad, just joking.
  8. radiocaster

    Oh, just a little reminder how awesome Craigslist is.

    That's too much for a broken one. I'd pay $100-150 for it like that. I'm compatible with that sign.
  9. radiocaster

    What if I have two pedals that need to be first?

    Not really much to go on. Some pedals track o.k. even with fuzz before and many fuzzes work fine as the second pedal. Have you actually tried this, or just posting to waste time? Are actual pedals involved?
  10. radiocaster

    Why the internet disinformation campaign about 5881/6L6?

    Nope, that is really the regular 6P3S, closer to 20W plate dissipation. Apparently there was also a 6L6 with metal case and Cyrillic L, Stalin era before the standard Soviet denominations.
  11. radiocaster

    $150 a lot of money to ship a used Fender '68 Princeton Reverb domestically.

    It doesn't show up on my side because they probably won't ship there, but it's pretty standard reverb idiocy. Do not buy anything on reverb that can be bought new from a reputable dealer.
  12. radiocaster

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    Not this:
  13. radiocaster

    Redneck channel switching

    Not sure I like what I call this, but does anyone else step on two pedals at the same time? I like to use a dirt sound without delay and clean with delay. If I step on both it seems to work. Have considered more complicated options, but this seems good. Haven't tried it with shoes on though...
  14. radiocaster

    Is it time to replace the iPad?

    My experience with Apple batteries is quite the opposite. Also had several hard drive failures in older Macs. Lower life than Dell.
  15. radiocaster

    2 lipstick pickup wiring idea - not sure its doable.......

    You could also put a switch with the two caps on a pot.
  16. radiocaster

    My predictions are becoming true.

    Not really sure this is true. A lot of 60s and 70s bands were still playing in the 80s, despite the lack of newer hits. Out of print wasn't a problem either, with lots of used record shops with affordable prices.
  17. radiocaster

    body shape differences between toronado and jazzmaster?

    I find the Jazzmaster to be one of the most uncomfortable guitars, if not the most uncomfortable to play standing up. I cringe when I hear about ergonomics. Never played a Toronado. That may not be your experience, and judging from what people write on the internet, not the experience of most...
  18. radiocaster

    Is it time to replace the iPad?

    Plus Android devices use an ARM microprocessor, which allows you to install a variety of OSes. Apple do this on purpose. We have an old iPhone, we tried to use it. I don't remember what the problem was, but it was some basic function and there is no way to update that. And you can't even use it...
  19. radiocaster

    Relic Visualization on Computer

    Haven't seen the first one before, but would have been better if they made it all black and white. By the way, I have a laptop that's over 10 years old and some of the paint is worn off near the trackpad. I did post a pic on the forum at one time, but I don't feel like looking for it.
  20. radiocaster

    Any reason I couldn't use this as a tone cap in a guitar?

    The earliest guitar pickups in the 1920s were more like transducers, so we should probably replace crappy magnetic pickups with those because older is better.
  21. radiocaster

    Any reason I couldn't use this as a tone cap in a guitar?

    I like original Chinese electronics in my guitars so I can get those vibes impossible to get in expensive vintage American made instruments. How old is Chinese culture? Many thousands of years older.
  22. radiocaster

    Taking my tube amp to Europe

    How sophisticated and huge an amp do you want to bring? A Micro Terror has automatic voltage switching, and you only need a different plug or a computer cable.
  23. radiocaster

    Had a chance to play a Fender Pro Reverb.

    It certainly ticks all the boxes for a traditional styled giggable Fender amp, possibly to be used with pedals. Even has a mids knob and you can use an external cab along with the built-in speaker. However, it costs twice as much as it should. Compare it to, say, a Marshall or Fender's own...
  24. radiocaster

    Do you think second-hand gear prices will ever come back down?

    I've seen one pedal for sale on reverb at almost twice the last sold price. One was there for a year or something, and another seller recently popped up with the same price. It's highly speculative and they don't really care about selling them. That and real estate. Could be dangerous for the...