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  1. Ed Driscoll

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    No, they look like a classic 'burst Les Paul where the red in the paint Gibson was using in the 1950s has faded due to exposure to light. Les Pauls in the late '50s used to come with a warning to dealers that the paint could fade via exposure to direct sunlight, as Robb Lawrence mentioned in his...
  2. Ed Driscoll

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    I think the faded lemonburst or even a lemon "non-burst" looks great on a Les Paul. Much cooler than the dreaded "clownbursts" of the Norlin years.
  3. Ed Driscoll

    First contacts at 60!

    I was very nearsighted until my recent cataract operations. I wore soft contacts for most of the 1980s. The initial motivation was pure vanity, and to escape the stigma I perceived from my then-thick eyeglasses. Eventually, I realized I was mostly wearing contacts so that I could wear cool...
  4. Ed Driscoll

    Show Your First Guitar

    First guitar was a Woolworth acoustic with strings seemingly a foot off the fretboard that my parents bought for me when I was ten years old, so I could take lessons in school and learn first position chords. Sadly I don't have a photo of it. First electric guitar was a Hondo II Les Paul clone...
  5. Ed Driscoll

    Peter Frampton???

    Umm, that's why it's called a talkbox: (Scroll to the 15 minute mark for the solo.)
  6. Ed Driscoll

    Peter Frampton???

    The talkbox is a great gimmick -- lead guitarists have always bragged about "making their guitars talk" -- by the mid-'70s there were guys literally talking through their solos on stage! Watch the live videos of Frampton or Joe Perry, and you'll see crowds wildly cheering and eating it all up.
  7. Ed Driscoll

    Peter Frampton???

    You're not on the outside looking in, but you are playing the record backwards in a sense. (I remember at one point not fully getting Cream's accomplishments particularly in the studio, because I was listening to Led Zeppelin before them.) The talkbox was fun gimmick at the time, and Frampton...
  8. Ed Driscoll

    The Gibson Jumbos: A Short History by Five Watt World

    Great video; thanks for posting. My wife gave the Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars book for Christmas, and that was a nice video accompaniment. I hadn't realized until reading it how badly the quality slipped on Gibson's acoustics during the 1970s, something that Williams addressed as well.
  9. Ed Driscoll

    Just stabbing the low E, "Moving in Stereo"

    That first Cars album was killer -- great songs and production by Roy Thomas Baker. Candy-O couldn't live up to it, but I do love its cover by Alberto Vargas. My dad hated rock and roll, but he immediately spotted the artist and nodded approval when I showed him the cover! :cool:
  10. Ed Driscoll

    Was 1984-1987 the peak of overproduced slickness?

    Peter Wolf played synths on the Heart album.
  11. Ed Driscoll

    Was 1984-1987 the peak of overproduced slickness?

    It's not a bad song; I remember liking it and the accompanying video back in the MTV era. Great vocal by Mickey Thomas, and a fat-sounding Crag Chaquico guitar solo. But just about everything produced by Peter Wolf (not the J. Geils singer) in the mid-1980s had that plastic synthesizer and drum...
  12. Ed Driscoll

    Actors I dislike for the wrong reason.

    Really? I've liked Tom Cruise in a number of films, but he always seems like Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise playing whatever character he's starring as.
  13. Ed Driscoll

    Actors I dislike for the wrong reason.

    I think you had to see Michael Keaton's early work in Night Shift, and even his early stand-up; he created this crazed but lovable hipster character. His casting as Batman was an example of stunt casting that actually worked; his portrayal of Bruce Wayne as a man who hates the crime and...
  14. Ed Driscoll

    40 Years from THE Catch

    The Catch gets all the glory, but the drive leading up to it that should as well. About 20 years ago, ESPN or NFL Films cut together a montage of the entire game with a combination of network video, NFL Films, err, film (and a few reaction shots sneaked in from other games). That drive, in which...
  15. Ed Driscoll

    Some Recording Humour

    I like a lot of your jpegs, but I feel like I'm missing the intended joke here: Too tiny a room for the kit? Or the rest of the band can't fit in there? Too many mics? Lots of drums and cymbals, but the player could be another Billy Cobham or Neil Peart.
  16. Ed Driscoll

    NGD Esquire 70th anniversary LPB

    Nice guitar -- Gibson-made Squier Fenders really are the best! ;)
  17. Ed Driscoll

    Which of the 3 blues Kings is your favorite?

    I love all three guys, but it's got to be B.B. King for me. Even before I started playing guitar, I used to love seeing him tear it up during his regular appearances on Johnny Carson's the Tonight Show. I'm really glad I got to see him live in September of 2007 in California, with Etta James and...
  18. Ed Driscoll

    Show us your guitar case and amp stickers

    Are music-oriented mini-fridge stickers and magnets close enough for Internet work?
  19. Ed Driscoll

    When guitar brand have very unlikely players in their ads.

    Back in the '80s when Jimmy Page dabbled in guitar synthesizers for his Death Wish II soundtrack and Outrider, he did a couple of ads for Roland: In his recent Anthology book, Page referred to the latter guitar as resembling "a Dalek's handbag." :lol:
  20. Ed Driscoll

    Grandparents' cars.

    Dad stuck with Cadillacs until his death in 2004; unfortunately, I could see their build quality diminish with each new model. 😬
  21. Ed Driscoll

    Your most HISTRIONIC songs! :(

    Heh -- but I like Genesis (and a lot of Peter Gabriel's '80s stuff as well).
  22. Ed Driscoll

    Do You Ever Just Look At Your Guitars?

    Err, yes?
  23. Ed Driscoll

    Grandparents' cars.

    This was my dad's car in 1968 -- Don Draper approved! (Sorry, I wish I had a bigger scan handy.)
  24. Ed Driscoll

    Your most HISTRIONIC songs! :(

  25. Ed Driscoll

    Chargers v. Raiders - 1-9-22

    What a game! I'm glad I caught most of the fourth quarter and overtime. I didn't have a dog in that hunt, so I was kind of hoping for a tie just for the sheer craziness factor. Unlike, err, this fellow whom the camera found in the stands late in the game