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  1. Sax-son

    Hardtails are so rare

    Build your own "hardtail". It's easy peasy.
  2. Sax-son

    Partscaster in the flavor of Broadcaster

    I was going to use the Ohio Valley Butterscotch, but they were out of it when I was building my black guard tele. I used the Mohawk Blonde Toner instead. I actually prefer the Mohawk because I will yellow up over the years due to the nitro gloss coat on top. Otherwise, you can just use an Amber...
  3. Sax-son

    My Feeling About Tele Bridges is . . . . . (a survey)

    I actually like both the traditional 3 brass and the adjustable 6 saddle Gotoh bridge. Both are excellent. I like to mix things up a bit.
  4. Sax-son

    DiMarzio Twang King compared to Duncan APTR-1

    I Love the Twang King set. Have them in my Thinline Tele and they are a great marriage. No experience with the Duncans. Twang Kings have just the right amoung of output.
  5. Sax-son

    Anyone done P90 for neck with 250 pots ?

    I just finished a tele project with alnico 2 P-90's using 500k pots and it sounds incredible. Not dark or muddy whatsoever.
  6. Sax-son

    Unfinished Warmoth neck

    Warmoth packs their products really well. They will have it wrapped up good in their long narrow boxes. No need to worry, it won't be out in shipping land for that long.
  7. Sax-son

    Tiffany - SX Ash Tele upgrade project

    These rock stars can retire off just what they sell their instruments for. Just another Strat in my opinion.
  8. Sax-son

    Ric Combo Style Build

    I never was a big fan of Jaguars and Jazzmasters either. I think if I had to get another RIC, it would be the 620 (solid body right?) I had the RIC 360/12 red burst. It was exquisitely built but a nightmare to restring and keep tuned. I equate a RIC 12 to that of the excitement of buying a boat...
  9. Sax-son

    Ric Combo Style Build

    I like the looks of a RIC, but could never get into their performance. Horrible guitars in my opinion. They have been stuck on those old designs for over 60 years. Not like a Tele, Strat, Les Paul or whatever else in everyone elses go to. They do have that signature tone, but very user...
  10. Sax-son

    Reverend Reeves Gabrels?

    I kind of like this concept. Telecaster meets Jazzmaster meets Stratocaster.
  11. Sax-son

    Heavy relic

    That's really interesting. Sort of a Brian Jones model on mushrooms.
  12. Sax-son

    Heavy relic

    My opinion only for what it's worth. It's your guitar and you can do with it what you want. My comment is about relicing in general and not to put you on the spot. If you are happy with it, that's all that counts. The problem I see with most relic jobs is that for the most part, guitars don't...
  13. Sax-son

    Heavy relic

    I am not a "relic" guy at all. I am ok with those natural worn instruments that have seen band stands and traveling for years, but not the made-up ones. It never made any sense to me whatsoever, If it is for "vintage" value, it is illogical because the most pristine examples are the ones...
  14. Sax-son

    G & L ASAT and Bluesboy

    I owned a G&L ASAT Special for a few years and although I thought it was a cool guitar in its own right, there were things I didn't like about it. I really wanted to like it, but the neck profile was way too thin for my hands, and it was hard to get the truss rod adjustment just right. I didn't...
  15. Sax-son

    I like building tele's and I cannot lie...

    They look as good as anything I have seen at music stores, maybe better.
  16. Sax-son

    Fun Tele Build

  17. Sax-son

    Sold my baja for a 50's road worn tele

    You could have built a new harness yourself or bought a premade for under $60.00. I would have never ditched a good guitar over something like that.
  18. Sax-son

    Tested a unique T style today

    I am sure that Fender (like any manufacturer) chose swamp ash and alder because those woods were readily available at that time and in quantity and were economically cheap enough and not necessarily for their tonal aspects. They only had to be hardwoods. You don't see many mahogany bodies on...
  19. Sax-son

    Wiring for Telecaster

    That is a great layout for those who will be reviewing for future needs. Great job!
  20. Sax-son

    Wiring for Telecaster

    Just check to see if it is 2 or 4 wires, if 4 check the Dimarzio wire scheme to see which ones are the positive and ground wires. You may have to solder 2 together and tape them up.
  21. Sax-son

    Wiring for Telecaster

    Stick with the Seymour Duncan diagram. That's the one I always use. You can move the wires to the different lugs to see if that makes a difference or switch the wires on one of the pickups to see if you have a polarity issue. I don't think its much of a problem, I have had to do that a couple of...
  22. Sax-son

    Wiring for Telecaster

    The Seymour Duncan diagram is the classic Fender style. The Dimarzio is nearly the same, but the Tone pot is connected to the center lug that all. In both diagrams everything is grounded to the volume pot. Tone caps are just soldered to different lugs that's all.
  23. Sax-son

    Modded my hardtail strat to be a T-type!

    It's nice to keep them as simple as possible. Tune it up, turn it up and wail.
  24. Sax-son

    Modded my hardtail strat to be a T-type!

    No reason not to, Lowell George had a tele setup in his Strat years before all this hot rodding was being done. Ry Cooder has his Strats set up like a lap steel. Just other variations of the platform. This is my variation of a Tele set up. Fender Custom Shop 54's wired like a Telecaster. but 2...