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    What if I have two pedals that need to be first?

    Is there any way around this? Some digital pedals need to have clean signal to track properly and some old fuzzes want to be first too. Some kind of compromise could possibly be reached but it's still a compromise.
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    New Gibson (Maestro) Line of Pedals

    I watched the Andertons video and while it was fun watching and listening to Pete messing with the pedals I was a bit underwhelmed by the sounds. There's nothing there we haven't heard a zillion times and it they aren't budget range stuff. For 150£ I want to be impressed.
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    NPD - Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz

    I had an eye on this ever since it was released and I finally got one. It's great so far. I only gave it a little quiet test drive, haven't played it in a band context yet. As all the reviews will tell you it is really versatile, even more so when you actually get to twist the knobs yourself...
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    those records which change your way of playing.

    This and also Zimbabwe Frontline vol. 1 and 3.
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    I might be one of the first synthesizer players in the world

    Have you seen this? I watched it recently. Pretty interesting stuff.
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    Another List of Bands

    America was already number 3.
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    Another List of Bands

    No Mountains, or is it a particular mountain that has been named Mountain.
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    Another List of Bands

    64. Etoile de Dakar
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    Another List of Bands

    60. Rail Band de Bamako
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    Another List of Bands

    30 seconds to Mars
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    Another List of Bands

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    How many delay pedals do you have/actively use?

    I have 5+ delays. I have several set ups. There's at least one delay in all of them. Others change and delays mostly stay in place. On larger boards I have two to get wild.:cool:
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    Another List of Bands

    Sorry about the numbers, bad idea. Children of Bodom
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    Another List of Bands

    34. Brooklyn Funk Essentials
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    Another List of Bands

    16. Texas
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    Another List of Bands

    I was bored today so me and a couple of colleagues started thinking of bands that have a name of a place in there name. There are quite a few there. Let's see how many we can come up with. RULES: One band per post and put a number before it so we can easily see how many there are. I'll start...
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    netflix : Berlin Babylon

    Another fanboy here. Next season quickly, please.
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    I knew it!.......I KNEW IT!!!!.....

    "I want to believe."
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    Santa’s Dead - i.e., Pedal Myths

    In case you don't want to read.
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    Mixing and mastering vocals

    Right. I don't really have €€€ to spend. I do have access to a better studio. I was supposed to pay to a friend for his help, not much and certainly not what a skilled pro is worth. He said he would help anyway, but that never happened. And at the moment I can't afford what I could a few years...
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    Mixing and mastering vocals

    I made the mistake of assuming the tunes were almost ready for mastering. Well, it was quite a while ago when I listened to them the last time. What I thought I remembered wasn't correct at all. I went back to the multi track projects and checked some of the basic things you all pointed out. It...
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    I kinda liked the Beatles/Springsteen, Stones/ZZTop pairing early on in this thread. The first two have written some great tunes that will translate into any musical context. The Stones/Top shares a distinct style when they play. And that's more important than any of the songs.
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    TDPRI personalities

    I think I'm a funny complicator. It depends, you see. And then a long list. That's more or less how I answer my 15 year old about most things.
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    This is uncomfortably close to the truth.

    Is a day job and family time included in the crippling self doubt?