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    Why do cheap pickups sound bad?

    they don't
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    Tiny screws for tuners?

    beeswax, not grease. it's wood, after all
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    Pre-truss rod Martins - ramblings

    1978 D35 bought new (House of Guitars, Rochester NY); neck seems as straight as it has ever been, even though it weathered 3 summers on the Lake Erie shore at Cedar Point, many other climate related inconsistencies (Buffalo to Atlanta and such) and a foolish choice of heavy strings for a month...
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    Replacing my HD28V for smaller body

    M-36 at Elderly's 30 years ago....I still dream about it.
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    The best way to go

    Col. Bruce Hampton...
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    Build Muscle, Lose Weight?

    Athlean X on youtube. Get goin'
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    New monitors are making me re-think my mixes.

    Yeah, truly a mixed blessing
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    Build Muscle, Lose Weight?

    Ignoring proper form does two things. A) makes you prone to injury. B) Decreases the benefit to your muscles that you would have gotten had you done the exercise properly. Oh, and you get the benefit of getting in the habit of doing it wrong AND being a bad example for others. What a deal!
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    mismatched neck and tuning hardware

    Tape is the worst idea I've ever heard.
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    Build Muscle, Lose Weight?

    Do keto as written and the weight will drop off. It's a real struggle, for me anyways. Then deal with the protein/muscle building.
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    Nashville Number System

    If the Nashville system was not "accurate" it would have fallen by the wayside long since. Because some of us want to transpose from time to time.
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    Bob Dylan tonight

    Well, I am sorry Bob didn't sing from his catalog (for your show); I would have been supremely pissed had he not during RTR. Still, that kinda thing seems like a moment in time; most of the shows I know about were his own material and not a lot of banter.
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    Bob Dylan tonight

    Saw Rolling Thunder Review in Niagara Falls. Great show; Bob comes to sing what he wrote, not play grab ass with the audience. You want talking? Go see Arlo Guthrie (I think he's quit touring...)
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    To take the gig or not?

    Not a chance...
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    Bought a 6 Sting Banjo, am I a bad person?

    Go find a video, description or discussion of her using one. Her musical history is reasonably well documented.
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    Bought a 6 Sting Banjo, am I a bad person?

    I doubt that Ms. Giddens ever had much to do with a six string banjo, and am just as sure that she never will.
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    Considering a Vintage HiFi System… Thoughts?

    Was that the female version?
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    That's why it makes a difference if a study is well designed, well excecuted, and paid for by an entity which has no stake in the outcome and/or findings & conclusions.
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    There are two types; those who can conjugate and those who can't.
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    Ebony fret board tuning issues

    Buzz Feiten? although I thought results were supposed to be more noticable on the B string...