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  1. MarshallHeart

    Do you play along with albums/backing tracks?

    How important is it for you as an advanced/semi/pro player to play along with your favourite albums or backing tracks? Did/do you learn something like how to cut through/sit in the mix (eq,panning,guitar tone,effects etc) or right phrasing,improvising etc...?
  2. MarshallHeart

    Is the BOSS RT-20 (Rotary Ensemble) in other BOSS products?

    As a Landau fan, the RT-20 has been on my whishlist for years, but it's hard to get one for a decent price (Ebay 180-350$)... As it uses COSM tech, I wonder if I can find the fx in other units, maybe with less parameters,but same basic fx the Me-25,GT-10 etc
  3. MarshallHeart

    When tube production ends one day...

    ...will there be "modelling tube" upgrade kits you can stick in the sockets instead?
  4. MarshallHeart

    Yngwie and the hole 80s Shrapnel records/neo classical shredding thing?

    I 've always wondered, where all those 80's "Shrapnel records" Yngwie clones turned up in such a short time... they all played with the same technique (string skipping,3-notes per string picking,sweep picking,arpeggios etc) Is there any article,maybe with interviews...
  5. MarshallHeart

    Old VHF Nady 101 wireless for homestudio?

    I'm sick and tired of cable salad in my home studio, so I think about buying a wireless system... I could get a pretty old Nady 101 VHF for about 35$ in top condition (rarely used). Ok it*s a little bit dated (from the 90s) What about latency and tone? Where the wireless systems back then as...
  6. MarshallHeart

    New Bryan Adams album ?

    As a big fan of the "old"/straight rock BA and his battleship "Waking up the neighbours" I was very excited to hear Mutt Lange will be onboard as a producer/songwriter (4/7 Songs) for the new album "so happy,it hurts" and I hear Mutts influence everywhere (backing vocals,drums,guitars etc). I...
  7. MarshallHeart

    Blackstar-Cheap HIFI version of Marshall?

    I've been a Marshall guy for all my life and everytime I hear a Blackstar amp from their HT series, my first thought is: reminds me of a cheap HIFI Marshall...steril,harsh... Does Blackstar have its own sound or are they just failed Marshall rip offs? The problem is: I fell in love with the...
  8. MarshallHeart

    Fender the Pugilist MOD!? Why, Fender FX guys???

    I'm planing a MOD that replaces the "series/blend" mini switch, so that the pedal has 2 foot switches (on/off +series/blend). Then I could switch between breakup+ and Marshall crunch (my personal sweet spot combi) I think the missing foot switch option is the only minus of this otherwise great...
  9. MarshallHeart

    Nobels Odr-1 just for a loud amp?

    I've owned the Odr-1 for years and as a eq-booster/TS/SD-1 fanboy (cut through the mix/mid honk) I don't like its low-middy/full flavour. But is that exactly the advantage/purpose of the pedal (vs TS/SD-1) to give your tone back some low-mid balls when you crank your amp?
  10. MarshallHeart

    What is happening at CALINE Tech???!

    The website is gone (Facebook is still there)... Their talented pedal builder Shane Perry, responsible for the great DCP pedal line etc. left the ship, because he and his family were threatened by the guy who designed the classic pedals ... here*s a statement post by Shane (Reddit)...
  11. MarshallHeart

    Kemper: DrZ Z-Wreck (Wreck&roll pack)?

    as a Brad Paisley fan I was very delighted when I found the "Wreck&roll pack" by the amp factory... But the demo sounds like a swarm of bees in a can...thin,very harsh and broken hi-end... Does the Z-Wreck really...
  12. MarshallHeart

    Kemper:How many profiles do you really use?

    My Kemper will arrive today and I'm already overwelmed/stressed out by all the profiles it comes with. As a guitar player : Do you have your 4-7 fave amps that you use (like real amps) or how do you deal with all the options?
  13. MarshallHeart

    Have Mackie drivers disappeared from mother earth?

    Unbelievable that I can*t find the old drivers for the Mackie Onyx Satellite no matter where I look...they seem to have vanished... I*ve never had problems with other brands like Tascam,Presonus etc ...Mackie is a almost seems they "seek and destroy" their legacy drivers in the...
  14. MarshallHeart

    Windows 7 0r 8 and Windows 10 on 2 different HD?

    I just bought some Firewire gear (Tascam FW-1082,Presonus FireStudio,Mackie Satelite etc) ... The support ended with W7/ I had the idea to use W7/8 on HD1 and W10 on HD2... Is that possible?
  15. MarshallHeart

    Kemper: 3D and the "click" factor

    I'm about to buy my last amp ever (already have 12 tube amps). The missing piece for completing the glory "3 musketeers" of amps (Marshall+Vox-Fender) is a legendary 60s Fender amp (DLR,Princeton or twin). But at the same time I think: Would a Kemper do the trick with the same 3D tone...
  16. MarshallHeart

    USA: status of soccer vs. american football,basketball etc.?

    Does soccer or football, as the rest of the world calls it, still have the reputation of helicopter-parents supported kids/girls sport or has it already arrived in the "men/dude" league?
  17. MarshallHeart

    Jim Morrison,alcohol and his hang overs?

    When a guy like Jim drinks large amounts of alcohol almost everyday...does he still have a hung over?
  18. MarshallHeart

    Which splitter/easy solution to split a guitar signal without phasing?

    I want to split the signal of my Marshall DSL 50 into the mixer: CH1 Palmer PDI-09 (oldschool speaker sim) CH2 Radar (IR) The signal chain should be: DSL speaker out- Palmer load- Palmer load line out-"SOLUTION/splitter Palmer PDI09 and RADAR...
  19. MarshallHeart

    I don't get it...

    Why does this guy have the original single tracks of legendary recordings on his DAW? Is there a new software that can dissect a mastered recording???
  20. MarshallHeart

    IRs+classic speaker sims parallel?

    The more I use IRs (Radar,Binary Cab,Torpedo CAB) I miss the "warmth" of classic speaker simulations like Palmer. There's always some kind of "digital" harshness in the hi-end which I don't like. Now my idea was to combine the two... What about you?
  21. MarshallHeart

    Vox AC15: DIY footswitch for tremolo (on/off) only ?

    I want to switch the tremolo fx on my Vox AC15. I don't care for the reverb. The original footswitch, which I don't have, looks like this How would the wiring look like? Footswitch out (mono plug) to amp:Tip/sleeve or ring/sleeve? would this work,maybe with a stereo plug? :
  22. MarshallHeart

    Vox AC10 C1 vs. AC15 head

    After watching Ford Thurston's AC10 review, I was blown away by the tone of the AC10 and of course Ford's tasty playing.. I need Vox chime glory for my homestudio (with reactive load/IRs and those 2 amps are the chosen ones for the final vote... The AC15 head just costs 60$ more and has two...
  23. MarshallHeart

    Twin Reverb: How

    The thing that keeps me from buying a Twin or Deluxe Reverb is the insane number of tubes these amps have built buying a used one can be a bad surprise if you have to replace a whole set (200-270$) So is it expensive to keep those amps running over the years?
  24. MarshallHeart

    Two Notes cab models vs IR?

    What is the difference? Are that real IRs in the Torpedos (stock cabs) or do they cook their own soup (technology)... I'm a little confused..o_O
  25. MarshallHeart

    stock IRs:how much editing is necessary to make them "cut through the mix"??

    in my memory traditional speaker sims like Palmer pdi_9 etc. were easier to handle...some hi-s and everything was fine Even with Ownhammer I always have to use the EQ (mainly mids) to make them useable in the mix... How do you tweak your IRs?