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  1. JRtele

    Blanton's is $200!?!?!

    Did enjoy my last trip to Kentucky though
  2. JRtele

    Blanton's is $200!?!?!

    I blame it on John Wick.
  3. JRtele

    NGD: Gibson Slash Goldtop

    Aka “Victoria”. A couple trades removed from a White Falcon that wasn’t working for me, I just swapped a 60s LP standard and some cash for another Gibson. 2020 Gibson Slash Goldtop. The other guy already removed the slash signature truss rod cover which saved me the 2 mins. The big 50s...
  4. JRtele

    1 electric guitar and 1 only... could you do it? are you doing it?

    I recently bought my ES345 and White Falcon at the same time. 3 weeks later the white Falcon was gone. They take a pretty picture together but it was not doing it for me at all. Shape, feel, playability.
  5. JRtele

    1 electric guitar and 1 only... could you do it? are you doing it?

    I just completed my “big 4” set. Maybe I’d thin out to just one of each and get rid of duplicates. If the price was right.
  6. JRtele

    NGD: 50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Strat

    Well, after buying and selling strats for the last few years trying to find one that worked, and putting together an MJT, my search continued until this came up for a very reasonable price this morning. Not a blemish or ding on her, pretty good for an ‘04. Seller was located about two hours...
  7. JRtele

    I'm Getting A Bill Crook Paisley Tele!!!!

    So you ended up with both? That’s pretty cool
  8. JRtele

    Installing A B/G Bender In A '68 Paisley - Yea or Nay?

    I thought you were getting a Crook tele with a bender?
  9. JRtele

    If all else is equal (seen these words here),if I put a peace sign sticker on my Les Paul...

    Of course it will help. But I’d probably apply a fan of clear coat over that section to protect the sticker.
  10. JRtele

    All other things being equal, changing the guitar strap makes a discernible difference in sound

    I would never buy a strap I haven’t played in person. I can’t believe in this day and age that some people will actually buy online without hearing it first. There’s no way a YouTube video can let you know how it’s going to work with your guitar or amp.
  11. JRtele

    Running two amps - pros and cons

    A good Marshall and Deluxe reverb together is magical. I’ll use a Fryette PS with the fender if I want to saturate and use it together with lead channel from Marshall otherwise I’ll primarily use it as a clean channel and Marshall for overdrive.
  12. JRtele

    A Danocaster, a Gibson, an MJT and an Eastman

    I thought there was a joke coming. “4 guitars walk into a bar”
  13. JRtele

    Pictures of naturally distressed guitars wanted

    93 SG Standard played hard. Bought this little guy awhile back and just sold it after scrubbing off 30 years of bar grime, nicotine and beer stains. Wish I had before pictures.
  14. JRtele

    NGD (last one for awhile…) - Gretsch White Falcon

    To best describe “ignorant guitar strap”, best just to take a picture now of the offending leather on the guitar in question:
  15. JRtele

    Tele or Esquire

    There’s always the option to buy a telecaster and if you like the look of an esquire, throw in a Brad paisley/SD “secret agent” pickup under an esquire pick guard. Aesthetics of esquire, functionality of a telecaster. Best of both worlds?
  16. JRtele

    The Midas Touch-Gold Strings

    While Gold on guitars has its haters on this forum, I’m definitely not one of them. Just swapped out EB Cobalts for 10-46 Optimas on a few guitars after trying it out on the LP. In addition to looking awesome (my opinion anyways), I do think they sound fantastic. Although I recognize that...
  17. JRtele


    Congrats! Plus when you get that beautiful tele deluxe they will make a stunning set
  18. JRtele

    I love it when a plan (-ned pedal board) comes together

    The deluxe also runs to a Fryette Power Station which has been phenomenal.
  19. JRtele

    I love it when a plan (-ned pedal board) comes together

    After picking up a second combo amp recently, I decided to redo my home pedal board and rig something that would allow me to capitalize cleans from the Fender with the Lead/gain channel on the Marshall. The Radial Twin City switcher seems to have done that and I’m pretty happy overall. The...
  20. JRtele

    Most surprising guitar you didn’t bond with?

    EVH signature Edward USA Wolfgang. Bought it after a work trip. Hated the Floyd, ended up trading at a big loss for a LP standard. When Eddie passed a month later value doubled. Way she goes. I never played it.
  21. JRtele

    What’s your oldest guitar/instrument in general?

    Why can I only like this one time?
  22. JRtele

    Latest partscaster... the Pelicaster

    Very cool build man, that body looks incredible.
  23. JRtele

    Looking for a good practice amp…

    Like many have said, Spark is not what you’re looking for. I had one and got rid of it shortly thereafter. It is overly complicated and I hate that it needs to be plugged in. I already had/have a Blackstar Microfly 3 as bookshelf speakers but I got myself a THR5. Suits my needs much better...
  24. JRtele

    Name 3 of the Top Bands from the rock'n' roll, rock, and pop era!

    I reckon The Who should probably be up there
  25. JRtele

    How do you thin the herd?

    I’ve recently sold off quite a few I realized I had no need for. I suppose similar to Jake I just don’t get attached (unless it was one I made). When I buy a new one I always know that there’s a good chance I’ll sell or trade it down the road. Suppose it’s not very sentimental but I see...