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  1. chris m.

    The DIY bicycle inner tube patch?

    100 psi is for tires with inner tubes or sew-ups (tubulars). Tubeless can run much lower pressures. There is also a movement towards higher volume tires-- 32c, 35c, 38c--which also allows for a bit lower pressure, even if running inner tubes.
  2. chris m.

    The DIY bicycle inner tube patch?

    I find 60 psi to be very comfortable. The Schwalbes are quite supple. I drop the pressure a lot if going off road.
  3. chris m.

    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    According to the Interwebs in theory you might be able to acquire a 2003 Beetle from Mexico if you could find a way to legally operate it in the USA. And you could get a 2006 Brazilian Kombi....with same legal operation challenges. Depending on the state you live in it might not be a big deal...
  4. chris m.

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    "If you gigging a ton, you make enough money to buy another one." Ha! Maybe if you're doing weddings, private parties, and corporate gigs. If you're like me-- mostly doing bar and brewery gigs as well as the occasional festival-- then the money isn't much at all. The only reason it works is...
  5. chris m.

    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    The cost of air-cooled Vee Dubs means they really don't make sense anymore, IMO, unless you're a real VW nut. Buy a restored camper? Why, when you could buy a used Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter conversion camper for the same $? Buy a restored Beetle? Why, when you could buy something like a...
  6. chris m.

    The DIY bicycle inner tube patch?

    Peel the foil off, glue the patch down, leave the clear plastic on top unless you can get it off without messing up the patch job. I usually just leave the clear plastic on. I run tubeless on my gravel bike with Schwalbe One tires, around 700x40c I think. On the road I run them at 60 psi. I...
  7. chris m.

    Anybody Into Old Volkswagens?

    I had an air cooled obsession for almost a decade. ‘67 Squareback, ‘60 Crewcab, and a ‘72 SuperBeetle were my rides in the 90s. All were tricked out and cool looking, and I enjoyed working on them. But eventually I decided not to spend so much leisure time wrenching and sold them off and bought...
  8. chris m.

    The DIY bicycle inner tube patch?

    Are you getting “snake bite” from running with insufficient tire pressure? Another possibility is your tires are balding so there’s too little rubber between the road and the tube. Unless you’re racing or a weight weenie you might consider buying tubes with slime in them. Or go tubeless if you...
  9. chris m.

    The DIY bicycle inner tube patch?

    The “glue” is actually supposed to vulcanize, aka, melt the patch to the tube. As long as you prep surfaces and use vulcanizing glue a piece of inner tube should work. When it’s wet or cold out then patching often fails because you don’t get vulcanization. At home I help the process with a heat gun.
  10. chris m.

    What Do You Use When You Want to go Bare Minimum???

    Eminence Red Fang
  11. chris m.

    What Do You Use When You Want to go Bare Minimum???

    Plug straight into my MusicMasterBass tube amp, dime the amp, go between clean and distorted using the guitar vol knob.
  12. chris m.

    Al DiMeola

    I can't argue with his chops, but I don't find his music particularly inspiring. Somewhat derivative, lots of noodling in phrygian mode. Pat Metheney is a counter-example of someone who is truly original and has a lot of interesting, creative ideas that go in many directions. Not that I'm a...
  13. chris m.

    Ovation owners - tell me about your experiences

    Years ago I played a shallow bowl model in GC. It sounded terrible unplugged, but really great plugged in. The laminate top prevented unwanted feedback. Nowadays the electronics you can buy for electrifying an acoustic guitar are so much better than they used to be. Ovation may have been one...
  14. chris m.


    Olympus OMD is sweet, and I own one, but I pretty much only use my iPhone 12 Pro these days. Lots of great YT videos on how to take advantage of the many hidden features. At this point for most applications other than sports photography I think the limitation is mostly the shooter at this...
  15. chris m.

    Egnater Rebel 30 head - do it?

    They are old enough to ask whether it's had a cap job. One may be needed. Unless modern electrolytics last a lot longer than the vintage ones.
  16. chris m.

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    The light weight is a huge factor. I picked up my band mate's TMDR and almost fell over it was so light. As long as the amp works for at least 10 years it's probably worth it even if at the end of that time it is totally obsolete and no longer supported in any way. You could always rip the...
  17. chris m.

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    The easiest way to prevent the problems you cite is to have separate head and speaker cabinet, and to not put the head on top of the cab. Combos are portable, but that comes at a price: rattles and vibrations.
  18. chris m.

    335 wiring...just kill me.

    There are some good YouTube videos on how to minimize the pain. Most of the tips have already been mentioned-- string or aquarium hose for the pots, a hanger with a hook on the end, soldering up the new harness using a cardboard template, etc.
  19. chris m.

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    Well, for one thing, the "50W" Tonemaster is not really 50W. It is a lot more than that. They call it "50W" to say that it will sound just as loud as the 50W tube amp it is emulating. Like most solid state amps, I suspect the Champion 50XL has a lot less dB output than just about any 50W tube...
  20. chris m.

    What this chord be ?

    OK, just to clear things up...ignore the tabbed chord and all related discussion. The opening chord around 0:57 sounds very dissonant to me. I think loopfinding must have it right: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- do...
  21. chris m.

    House of the Dragon on HBO

    I'm waiting for the season to finish and then figure I'll binge watch the whole thing. OTOH I thought I had canceled my HBO subscription and yet when I tried to open HBO on my Kindle Fire TV the other night, it opened up just fine. So maybe I've been paying after all for all these months...
  22. chris m.

    Unradiused Fingerboards Blasphemy

    Our band has two guitarists and a keyboard player, so I am usually playing no more than 3-note chords. I'm often playing interesting fingerings that emphasize the 3rd and the 7th or other color tones, high up the neck, usually arpeggiated, to complement the more standard chords the other...
  23. chris m.


    Spelling Bee is fun. I always try for "genius" level, and get it once in a while. Always key to hit the big word that uses all the letters.
  24. chris m.

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    OK, I stand corrected. The other guitar player in my band uses a TMDR. The line out emulation is messed up-- he should get it fixed under warranty, but I wager he won't get around to it. It gets louder and softer for no reason during gigs, so we've gone to old fashioned miking the speaker...
  25. chris m.

    Frustrated and stuck in second gear. Recommendations to learn next level guitar - getting from novice to advanced????

    A good teacher will combine learning songs with learning chords and scales so it all makes sense. Just as a good foreign language pedagogy will do the same-- combine rules of grammar with actual conversations. For example, my son is learning "Wish You Were Here". So I sat down last night and...