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    My New Favorite Meme!

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    Domino's is leaving Italy.

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    Your Coffee Mug

    New school/old
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    question for guitar builders

    Not sure what your question Is but it could be how much bevel is on the fret ends. as it pertains to the strings not slipping off the fingerboard
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    Albums on which all the songs are good

    Got to this late,didn’t read all posts blood on the tracks after the gold rush astral weeks
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    When a former Motorcycle repairman went into guitar dealing, the infuriating case of Ed Roman.

    Going to east coast music mall was a nightmare
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    Hello from Cleveland, Ohio

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    Speeding behind cops

    Yeah go to south Egremont (AKA speed trap hell) where You get a ticket for 3 mph over the limit and the fishing expedition starts
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    Does 4/32" - 8/64" seem high to anyone else?

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been poked at in the learning process it how it goes. there are certian trades that use different measurements tire tread is in 32ths even if 4/32(1/8) go into a hardwood store and ask for 1” thick wood (4/4). as a woodworker all our tools are decimal so...
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    Does 4/32" - 8/64" seem high to anyone else?

    I prefer 15/128 ” its a fine line
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    All bodies on bikes.

    Looks like those bag of chips are getting more of a workout than the bike… jus’ sayin’ Jdog looks like those bags of chips get more of a workout than the bike… jus’ sayin’ Jdog
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    zee Germans make left and right FALKE
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    No name amp sounds good

    Found this at a rummage sale, I know it’s not a fender or Marshall but it sounds ok
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    Motorcyclists, bikers, and Harley enthusiasts, what do you think of this?

    Get this for 6k and really piss people off
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    Favorite Shoes

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    Thank me later

    Canaan CT. If your interested
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    Whether nurture or nature, I am putting to rest a big fear and suggest working on it.

    It’s easier being a come over and have a beer person than get off my lawn person
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    Guitar Shops and Day Trips Around Phoenix/Mesa

    Check out Roberto Venn school of luthiery
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    For Those Who Sing. Who Do Listeners Say Your Voice Sounds Similar To?

    Ouch! I’ve trodden on a thistle
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    Not even trying

    Lame stream marketing at its best
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    Birthday Blizzard

    I’m good
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    What brand of boots do you wear?

    + le chameau for the muckity muck